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Which Side Are You On?
Season 1, Episode 6
Episode 6.jpg
Written by Susan Soon He Stanton
Directed by Andrij Parekh
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I Went to Market




Roman and Kendall attempt to sway the board, while Shiv explores her options in D.C.


Gerri & Frank.

With the Vote of No Confidence against Logan Roy approaching, Kendall Roy and Roman Roy must get all their ducks in a row to ensure they have the majority vote. Roman attempts to sway neutral board member, Lawrence Yee, taking him out to dinner with his boyfriend to confirm they have his vote. He eventually agrees yes.

Logan arrives in Washington to meet with the President, but worries he's been snubbed following a last-minute cancellation at The White House as the President claims he has an act of terrorism to deal with.

Shiv having dinner with Nate

Shiv Roy explores her options in D.C with her ex-boyfriend Nate Sofrelli and is considering working with her father’s political nemesis, possibly getting him into the White House. Shiv and Nate spend the night together, but in separate rooms. Nate is trying to start up a relationship with her, even though they are both engaged.

Tom Wambsgans decides to reward Greg Hirsch for helping him deal with shredding all those documents over Thanksgiving weekend. Tom decides to take him out on a extremely fancy dinner. He opens up to the younger Roy family member, telling him he understands how hard it can be. He sincerely offers his help in the future, and promises to show Greg how the rich live.

Before Greg can go to dinner with Tom, he reluctantly has to have dinner with his grandfather, Ewan Roy who is still in town. He tries to get out of eating the very unappetizing food, but his grandfather insists he eats all of it. He also informs Greg he is in town for the vote of no confidence. He says he doesn't have any intention of informing his brother beforehand, and suggests his grandson stay out of it as well. While at dinner with Tom, Greg is having a hard time finishing two meals. He informs Tom that he previously had dinner with his grandfather. He brings up the vote of no confidence to Tom, who immediately calls Ken to inform him what's happening.

The night before the big vote, Kendall Roy has dinner with his dad upon the request of Marcia Roy. They eat burgers together in front of the TV. The next morning Ken flies out to Long Island to get a yes vote from another board member, Ilona Shinoy. He secures her vote but is unable to return back to the city. There is some sort of security lockdown and the city is now a no-fly zone. Ken tries to make it back to the city, but ends up stuck in traffic under the bridge, with no cell service. He eventually gets out of the car and begins running towards Waystar Royco's office building as it is already noon and the voting will begin soon.

Ken during the Vote of No Confidence

Logan's ambushed by Frank with the no confidence vote and asked to leave the meeting. Frank tries to stall until Kendall can arrive, but Logan refuses to leave the room and strong-arms people to vote for him, instead of his son Ken. Frank Vernon and some other people vote against Logan, but everyone else sides with him, including his son Roman. Gerri, Lawrence Yee and Stewy Hosseini abstain from voting as to not take sides in what they consider a family matter. Logan stays, and immediately fires everyone who voted against him, including his son Kendall. Kendall is escorted from the office and the building by several security guards who will not allow him to retrieve anything from his office. By the end of the day the President calls back for Logan, and the two have a private chat on the phone.




Recurring Roles


  • David Patrick Kelly as Paul Chambers