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Stewy Hosseini
Biographical Information
Real Name: Stewy Hosseini
Title: Investor
Current Location: New York, New York
United States of America
Interests: Kendall Roy
Affiliations: Waystar Royco (formerly), Sandy Furness
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Lifeboats
Portrayed by: Arian Moayed

Early Life[]

Kendall Roy describes Stewy Hosseini as his "third oldest friend."[1] They went to Buckley School and Harvard University together, and used to party, and do cocaine together.[2][3]

Season 1[]

After Logan Roy fell into a coma, [4] Kendall Roy sold a large percentage of the company stock to Stewy Hosseini in order to save Waystar Royco from the debt Logan had put them in. Stewy doesn't generally take a minority stake in a public company, agreed buy in, but wanted voting stock. The Roy Family would maintain effective control, and Stewy would also need a board seat, in return, he would keep the debt out of the news.[2]

Jess is backstage with Ken and Stewy setting up a meeting between them and artist. Stewy asked Jess to remind the band that Ken is their boss's boss. [5]

Logan's ambushed with The Vote, but refuses to leave the room. Strong-arming more people to vote with him, instead of his son Ken. Frank Vernon and a bunch of other people vote against Logan, but everyone else votes for him. Including his son Roman. Logan stays and immediately fires everyone who voted against him, including his son. [5]

In an effort to fix Logan's public image, and posibly put his plans on hold to buy new network stations, Gerri Killman, Stewy and Karolina Novotney convince Logan to take a weekend-long family therapy session at his son, Connor's New Mexico ranch, Austerlitz. Unbeknown to most of The Roy Family, he's arranged to have it double as a publicity stunt.[3]

Everyone is getting ready for Tom's epic bachelor party. The party is put together by Roman Roy. Who originally wanted it to be in Prague, but appears to have dropped the ball. The whole gang meets in the middle of nowhere along with Connor Roy who flew in and two of Tom's friends. Ken shows up late and possibly on drugs. Roman insist the party is inside an old railway bridge building. Once they are inside they must leave their phones and enter an underground party with many rooms. It appears everything goes, and, within reason, you can do whatever you want. [1]

Ken and Stewy began making some arrangements. Stewy even brings up that his boss Sandy is willing to buy Ken out of his portion of Waystar Royco for half $1 billion. Ken is very much considering this but immediately asked to meet Sandy Furness himself.

While all of this is going on, and the sole reason for Roman having brought everyone to this underground party is to meet with Sandy himself. Before the end of the night, he finally finds the man and offers him a preposition. Roman wants to land a deal for local TV stations with his father’s longtime nemesis. Sandy agrees, after the other Roy brother leaves, Sandy tells Stewy to just yank his chain for a while before dropping him.

The night ends with everyone rounding up, and Tom informing Greg he just got a blow job from a girl. Who, after she kissed him, put his own cum back inside his mouth for him to swallow. It doesn't take long for everyone to hear about this news, and to make fun of Tho while they all wait for their car together.[1]

The Roy Family assembles at Eastnor Castle in England to prepare for Shiv and Tom’s wedding. Kendall Roy meets with Stewy inside an old English pub to finalize their discussions about the takeover. Luckily, with the exception of her father, everyone from Waystar Royco is attending Shiv and Tom's wedding. [6]

During the big party before the wedding, Shiv Roy has a couple of conversations with Gil Eavis. at one point even her brothers Ken and Roman come over. Roman tries to start some drama, but no one is taking the bait.

Ken is informed by Stewy and Sandy Furness that the hostile takeover will be moved up to this weekend. And is going to take place tomorrow, on Shiv’s wedding. As it is the perfect time with Logan out of the country. Ken begs them to reconsider, as he says there isn't enough time to get everything together. Though un-said, he most likely doesn't want to ruin his sister's wedding. [6]

While wedding photos are still going on, Kendall Roy has finished up his part in the photographery and has quarantined himself away with Stewy and Jess Jordan. They manage to fast-track everything for it to be ready, with the final documents being printed. Unfortunately, Jess isn't sure where they were sent, and everyone quickly starts looking for them. [7] During this time, Stewy and Ken decide to do more cocaine, and Stewy says Ken has to tell his father of the takeover. He reluctantly agrees. [7]

After being berated by his family, Kendall goes back to his room with Stewy. He asked for more cocaine but his friend tells them they have to be on the ball as they are going to be giving updates every two hours. Ken asks again for more cocaine but Stewy he simply says he's all out. They both know he's lying. [7] By the end, the partnership falls through as unbeknownst to Sandy and Stewy, as Kendall is involved in the accidental car crash with Andrew Dodds. He is coerced by his father into rejoining his side.

Season 2[]

Days after his accident, Kendall Roy is flown from Iceland (after his therapy and rest) to New York in order to make a news channel appearance for the world to watch, with his go-to line being “I saw their plan that his father's was better.” [8]

Logan Roy and Kendall are set to have a private meeting with Stewy and Sandy Furness, but Logan calls to tell Ken he's not coming in and will have to conduct the meeting himself. Ken asks if there's any way out for the two sides to come together, and when they decline, Ken gives a very powerful speech about how his father well bury them. [8] Stewy berates him for what he's done, but Sandy remains calm and unsurprised.

The Roys gather around to listen to Stewy's TV interview, using the previous talking points Ken knew they would hit. Claiming that Logan is too old, and out of the loop to run his business. Logan agrees to go with Shiv's proposal of immediately firing back at their opponents that day. [9]

The Roy Family finally arrives at the conference, and Kendall makes a quick visit with Stewy and tells him to distance himself from Waystar Royco because something big is going to go down. The nest day, a magazine claims Mo asked dancers for sex in order to keep their contracts renewed for the following year. One girl declined and was fired, and blacklisted from other events. The family makes their way across the court, while Logan is informed how many people are canceling on him. Ken tells Jess to hang back when he sees Stewy approaching. He has some harsh words for Ken, but the two both continue walking. [10]