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Oh, hello? Is this the Replicant Department? Yeah, my meat-puppet has stopped working.
Shiv to Tom Wambsgans[src]

Siobhan "Shiv" Roy is the tritagonist of the show as the youngest child and only daughter of Logan Roy. She is portrayed by Sarah Snook.


Shiv Roy initially prefers to separate herself from the family's right-wing conglomerate, opting to work in liberal politics. However, upon receiving an irresistible offer from her father, she chooses to sacrifice her political career and finds herself in the shadow of her equally power-hungry brothers. Though seemingly assertive and confident, Shiv is at her core a damaged and conflicted woman. She is married to Tom Wambsgans, but their marriage is undermined by Shiv's infidelity and manipulation, as well as Tom's desire to be on Logan's "good side."


Early life[]

Shiv grew up alongside her siblings, but left for America when Logan divorced their mother, Caroline. Shiv was likely favored by Logan, who gave her the nickname "Pinky" during her childhood. She began working as a political consultant for Joyce Miller. She attended Yale and majored in Political Science.

Shiv had just gone through a rough period when Tom Wamsbgans flew to France to be with her. There, the two presumably began to fall in love.[1]

Season 1[]

While everyone is preparing for Logan's 80th birthday party, Shiv and her boyfriend Tom Wambsgans are out birthday shopping for him. Tom wants to get him the perfect gift, though Shiv warns him that he won't care, as he "doesn't like anything." They ultimately decide on an expensive watch.

That evening, while celebrating, Logan presents her and her brothers with papers to sign, which will leave Marcia as the successor to the company. Shiv and everyone else says they'll have their lawyers look into it.

While playing softball as a family, Kendall tries to negotiate with Roman and Shiv but they both reject his proposal and decide against giving him the role of COO. Logan then, once again, privately asks Shiv that she drop politics and join him in his company but she declines. Before they leave the field, Logan asks Shiv, Connor, and Roman that they fly with him back to New York City. While in the plane, another fight breaks out but stops as soon as Logan begins having a stroke. The plane lands and they head to the hospital.[2]

The Roy children arrive at the hospital, following Logan's stroke. Kendall asks Roman what triggered the stroke, to which Roman blames Shiv's hardball tactics. Roman pulls Shiv aside into an empty auditorium. He tells her that he feels guilty about not signing the papers, as its what their father wanted. Roman asks her to sign them, but Shiv declines and the two begin slapping each other and tussling on the ground. Kendall then informs Shiv and Roman that he will be taking over as CEO during their father's absence, but Shiv shuts down the conversation entirely. She and Roman then ask Gerri if she would step up as CEO, but she declines.

Tom then decides to unofficially propose, and Shiv, although aware of the bad timing, agrees. Kendall and Roman come to an agreement of Ken as CEO and Roman as COO, leaving Shiv out. This decision is confirmed.[3]

Shiv decides to visit Logan at his home, Tom accompanying her. Shiv is insistent on seeing her father, but Marcia won't allow her, saying that Logan needs his rest. Shiv meets with fellow political advisor and ex-boyfriend Nate Soffreli. Shiv has grown increasingly suspicious of Marcia and asks for some background information on her, as Nate "knows a guy."

Shiv decides to make another attempt at seeing Logan, alongside Tom and Connor. Shiv pushes past her step-mother and heads upstairs. Shiv reveals to Logan that she and Tom are engaged and plan to live in New York permanently. Logan tells Shiv that he loves her, before grabbing her hand and moving it towards his crotch. Shiv, stunned, pulls her hand back. She returns downstairs to Marcia, who asks if everything is okay. Shiv tells her that it is. Marcia then tells her to feel free to ask any questions about herself, implying that she's aware of the background check.[4]

Tom and Shiv are having breakfast when Roman calls Shiv with news. Pictures have surfaced of the husband of Shiv's political candidate's anus online, and ATN is already prepared to broadcast the news. Logan thanks Marcia and welcomes Tom to the family, following his engagement to Shiv.[5] Weeks later, Tom and Shiv have coffee together, and Tom notices some papers on the table. Shiv tells him that it's a prenuptial agreement, and that it's not necessary that he read it, just sign. Tom refuses to look at it, and Shiv is unamused. After a bit of bickering, Tom agrees to have his lawyer review it.[6]

Shiv explores her options in D.C with her ex-boyfriend Nate. He and presidential candidate Gil Eavis have offered for her to work with them, although Eavis is heavily forbidden by her father. The two spend the night together, but in separate rooms. The two are seemingly flirtatious with each other, despite both being engaged.[7]

While at a weekend-long family therapy, Shiv leaves to meet with presidential candidate Gil Eavis, far-leftist who avidly disapproves of Logan and his company. His campaign advisor, as well as Shiv's ex-boyfriend, Nate Sofrelli, has been trying to convince Shiv to work alongside him and Eavis. Shiv considers the idea, and she and Nate hook up in his car. Back at the therapy, Logan insults Tom and confronts Shiv about meeting with his rival, causing her to leave in tears.[8]

Tom is excited to do "whatever he wants" at his bachelor party, after being given the green light by Shiv. Greg later asks what this means, and if Shiv is allowed to do whatever she wants as well. Tom becomes uncomfortable at the thought, and begins to have second thoughts. He calls Shiv and she tells him not to worry about it, as that she is busy working with Gil. She leaves out that her ex-boyfriend, Nate Sofrelli, is there as well. While Shiv is with them, Nate persistently flirts with her, and eventually the two are in bed together. Shiv, however, doesn't seem to think of this as cheating, considering she and Tom both have the green light and he is likely doing the same.

Shiv and Logan then have dinner together, which quickly becomes an argument and the two leave before they can even eat. Later, Marcia calls Shiv and says that Logan can no longer come to her wedding, claiming that he is too sick. Shiv is aware that the two events are related.[9]

The Roy family assembles at Eastnor Castle in England to prepare for Shiv and Tom’s wedding. Logan wishes to hang back, but his team is unable to find a good excuse for him so he decides to go, seemingly for the good PR.

Shiv later talks with Tabitha, but quickly leaves when she sees that Tom and Nate, with whom she's been having an affair, are talking. Nate has introduced himself to Tom, and informs him that he and Shiv used to date. Tom has pulled Shiv away to talk when she says that Nate is just an old friend and former business partner of Kendall's. Shiv then quickly changes the conversation to Tom's cover up of the cruise files. She asks for more details, to which Tom reluctantly agrees.


Marcia confronting Shiv

Shiv and Nate have a conversation outside and Greg spots them, then growing suspicious. Logan makes his grand entrance by helicopter in the second half of the party. He has a quick, heated exchange with his daughter. After, Logan's wife Marcia has some choice and rude words for Shiv.

Towards the end of the night, Shiv, Kendall and Roman meet at the docks like old times, before realizing they forgot to invite Connor. They all get a bit high and talk. Later, Shiv meets with Gerri to reveal some information she has on Tom. She says she has no problem with the current discourse about Gil, but once they reach the final round of the election, all negative press must stop. In addition, she is also angling to have Tom either promoted or moved away from his current position at Waystar, to ensure that he isn't hurt by the cover-up of cruise-line allegations.

The next morning Shiv is preparing for her wedding, while Tom does the same. Shiv gets into a classic antique white car with her father comforting her. He seems content, and shares some sweet words with her.[10]

It's finally the day of Shiv and Tom's wedding, and both families have gathered around to take photos. Shiv asks that Connor's girlfriend, Willa, be left out of the photos, but Connor insists until Shiv complies. The reception starts, and everyone except Kendall is at the front of the room with the bride and groom. All members of the Roy family give a nice speech to them, including their mother and father. Logan then subtly migrates all his children into one room, after informing them of Ken's plan of takeover. All three siblings are very mad at their brother, and after a couple of minutes, Logan walks in. He confirms that everything is true, then informs them of his battle plan.

Tom and Shiv sneak away from the reception to be alone in their suite. Shiv confesses her affair with Nate Sofrelli to Tom. She also suggests that she may be better fit for a non-monogamous relationship, and although Tom is reluctant, complies. Tom asks if he can kick Nate out and Shiv agrees. Tom leaves to do so immediately, as well as threatens him to stay away from Shiv and even demands he pour his wine back into the bottle before leaving. Nate, intimidated and a little drunk, obeys Tom.[11]

Season 2[]

Tom and Shiv are honeymooning on the Roy's yacht while watching Kendall's interview. Roman, who's in Japan, and Shiv are on the phone together, observing and discussing possible repercussions following the interview. Tom and Shiv then ultimately decide to cut their honeymoon short and visit her family in the Hamptons.


Logan brings his children into his office one by one to discuss the future of the company with them. Shiv is brought in second and Logan is quick to inform her that he wants his daughter to run the company. She agrees, and they both decide to keep things quiet for now until more details can be sorted out. Once she goes outside, she tells Tom that her father has agreed to move him to Chair of Global Broadcast News at ATN, but says nothing of her new position.[12]

Shiv meets with her father to discuss his offer of CEO to her, but Logan says it will take three years for this to happen. His requirements for her to become CEO are: Spend six months working beside Gerri, six months beside Karl, another 12 months in Hong Kong, partake in a 6-week management training program, and finally, spend 12 months alongside himself.

Shiv brings up her proposition to have an open marriage to Tom, excited. Tom doesn't say much, simply complying with his wife's wishes. At work, Shiv talks with Nate Sofrelli, who asks not to disclose their affair to anyone as he is married. Shiv disregards him, telling Nate that it's not her problem. Gil Eavis then tells Shiv that he plans on promoting her to Chief of Staff if elected president.

Connor and his girlfriend Willa host a soiree celebrating their return to New York, though Connor takes it as an opportunity to quietly announce his political campaign. Tom and Shiv then agree to a double date with Roman and Tabitha. Shiv then takes Tom back to their apartment and informs him that Logan has offered her the company. Tom was under the impression that he could be Logan's successor, so this disappoints him. Shiv adds that she's unsure she even wants the position. Tom must attempt to remain supportive.

Shiv and Tom meet with Roman and Tabitha at Roman's place for a double date. While their partners are in the other room, Tabitha slyly reminds Tom of their first interaction during his stag party. Shiv and Roman begin mocking Tom’s taste in clothes and mannerisms. Tom grows irritated and aggressively shuts down Shiv’s teasing, causing tension at the table. Later, Shiv asks Tom for advice on choosing between Eavis or Logan, both of which have offered her significant opportunities. Tom warns her that Logan's offer could be a ploy and that he may turn on her.[13]

Shiv tells her brother Connor not to use his no-tax message as the base for his presidential campaign. He says he’ll think on it, and then offers his sister a position to work with him. Shiv decides to tag along with Willa while she goes out for drinks with her girlfriend, hoping to subtly let her know her opinion of Connor's campaign and convince her to talk to him. Shiv then meets a handsome man, who's cast in Willa's future play, and decides to bring him back to her place. Connor, against his family's wishes, proceeds with the release of his campaign video. The next night, Logan informs Shiv that it's finally her time to be welcomed into the company, and will shadow him tomorrow.[14]

Shiv rides with Tom Wambsgans to her first day on the job at Waystar. They discuss the controversial ATN employee, Mark Ravenhead. Tom says he's a young, well-liked and talented guy, but Shiv worries he may be a fascist since coming under fire for old video footage. However, they are met by protesters, demanding Ravenhead stay at the news network. Shiv exclaims how excited she'll be once she can start cleaning things up around Waystar. Shiv skips her first board meeting.

Shiv is having a work-related conversation with Gerri when they are interrupted by Jess Jordan, who whispers something in Gerri's ear. Once she hears that Karolina and Colin are also involved, Shiv pieces the clues together. Gerri then admits Ken has been shoplifting, and they are running damage control. Kendall enters the room, and Shiv acts differently around her brother.

Upon hearing gunshot sounds, Shiv and Tom are on the phone together when she informs Tom she's entering the safe room now but does not see Tom.[15]

The Roys are visiting the Pierce family home. Shiv and Tom are talking to Mark, who proudly announces that he will be getting a second PhD. Shiv makes what she thinks is a clever joke, which Logan later scolds her for. Later at dinner, Logan is continuously pressured until Shiv announces she will be taking over the company. Her brothers are all rather surprised, and her father, in a spout of anger, quickly shuts down the conversation. While everyone else is outside, Shiv is panicking in front of Tom, as she is well aware that she angered her father. She's looking for any drugs or alcohol, but there are none to consume. Tom tries to keep her calm, but she mostly ignores him.

The next morning, Logan, Shiv, and Kendall to meet with the Pierce family after breakfast. As they all are gather in a small room, they agree to let the Roy family buy their company, but have a list of conditions. Logan dislikes some of them but agrees anyway, until they demand that Shiv be announced as his successor on the same day as the merge of companies. Logan gets upset and storms off. Once they arrive back in New York, the Pierce family alter them that they have changed their minds and agree to Logan's terms. Everyone celebrates over champagne.[16]

Shiv is in New York and shadowing Frank Vernon for the day, although she quickly becomes uninterested and slips away.

Colin ushers Logan, Gerri, and Kendall into another room. They are informed that a magazine has been tipped off about the cruise-line scandal and is going to publish it within 36 to 48 hours. They get on a conference call with Shiv and begin discussing a course of action. Ken suggests they go at them hard and fast, leaving them hopeless then threatening to sue. Shiv thinks they should opt for a much less aggressive approach and cooperate with the magazine before burying them. Logan decides to go with Ken’s idea, and the two agree that all contracts with the Pierce family contracts must be wrapped up soon, rather than later. They also agree that they will need a "white knight" and Gerri suggests Roman, while Logan asks Shiv to fly down.

Shiv arrives that night and finds Tom flirting with others. She gives him more information about the cruise-line incident and Tom is worried they are going to scapegoat him. He says the trail started with Moe, Bill helped cover things up, and Tom was in charge for the last couple of months, even having Greg shred documents. Shiv reassures him that he will be fine.

Shiv reluctantly meets with Rhea to discuss what's going on with the Pierce family, admitting that she wishes for the deal to go through. Rhea also convinces Shiv that she'd do well on the panel, and Shiv agrees. Not long before presentation, Shiv arrives and tells her family that she wants to be on the panel.

All three are on stage, with Shiv and Kendall dominating the conversation. Roman says very little, all while Logan and Marcia are watching in the audience. Shiv acknowledges that this is very serious while also reiterating that it happened a long time ago. Kendall says these accusations are horrible and they will be dealing with them swiftly. Shiv then makes a joke about her father being a dinosaur, as times are changing. After the conference, they all argue.[17]

Shiv finally arrives in London only to find her father is not at his place. She then has dinner with Rhea, who offers her her old job with The Pierce Family, a trap Rhea had set for Shiv with the permission of her father. Shiv weighs her options. Later, Shiv tracks down her father to ask where she stands in the company. Though he doesn't give her a clear answer, he demands to know why she was even considering working with The Pierce Family. The rest of them leave for New York without her.[18]

The Roy family are on their way to Dundee, Scotland. Shiv brings up her father's and Rhea's possible affair with Marcia, hoping to create some conflict, but Marcia does not bite. Once at the hotel, Shiv confronts Rhea about her move in attempt to take the company.

The family is gathered for a small meeting over drinks when Shiv tries to convince Tom to go flirt with Rhea. While everyone is gathered around drinking champagne, Shiv, intending to upset her father, motions for the waiter to pour up Rhea's drink. She then stops him by announcing that Rhea doesn't drink, accompanied by a remark that she is also a liberal. This, along with her speech that involved Logan's late mother and sister, which Kendall also advocated for her to do, further upset Logan.

Shiv then brings up her distrust of Rhea to the rest of the Roy siblings, yet all her brothers dismiss her as being over-emotional and dramatic. Instead of considering Shiv's word, they admit that they quite like Rhea. Shiv argues with Tom about the subject as well.

Gerri finds Shiv and brings her into a miniature company meeting, consisting of themselves, Hugo, Cyd, Frank, and Karolina. They discuss the whistleblower from earlier, who refuses Shiv's previous offer of $20 million, as it appears he has every intention of going public with his information. Shiv decides to keep her father out of the loop, letting him enjoy tonight before they inform him tomorrow.

During all his children's video speeches, Logan is interrupted multiple times, by both Connor and then Shiv. Siobhan gives her father the go-ahead to not be so sentimental and name someone else as his successor. Logan makes his way to the stage and announces Rhea as his new successor, much to the shock and surprise of everyone.[19]

Shiv, alone, tries to make a deal with Gil and Nate, but Gil is uninterested. Shiv promises that if they go after Bill it will be an easy win, but she soon discovers that there is a witness. Arriving back at the board room, she learns that Rhea has joined them and is greeted by her. While Logan is being prepped to go before Congress, he sends the two women to speak with the witness, Kira.

Once Shiv and Rhea arrive to speak with her. Rhea refuses to get out of the car, claiming moral-high ground and that it doesn't feel right. Shiv goes alone and greets Kira. She says that if she tells the world she was raped, she will first be praised for her courage, but then the lies and stories people create about her will follow her forever. She coerces the woman into agreeing to backing out as a witness, with the promise of millions of dollars. More importantly, she claims she will personally put a stop to the men that were involved in the cruise-line scandals and ensure that they're a safe and secure operation from then on. The woman agrees for her child's sake, and Shiv is cheered a hero briefly, with her father giving her a kiss and a nod of acknowledgment for helping them win the case.

While Logan and Shiv are watching TV together later that night, he confirms they must have a blood sacrifice in order to make Congress happy and to get rid of the wolves at their door.[20]

Following the testimony, the Roys decide to vacation on their yacht. Shiv arrives with Tom and suggests that the two of them to have a threesome with a female yacht employee, though Tom is clearly uncomfortable with the idea.

At breakfast the next morning, Logan is taking suggestions for who should be sacrificed following the cruise-line scandals. Roman suggests Tom, saying that he is the logical choice due to his previous involvement with the cruise-line. Several others, including Shiv, agree that Tom is the most viable option, although Kendall adds that he might not be "big enough".

While relaxing on a beach, Tom confesses to Shiv that he is unhappy in their marriage. He confesses that he's not sure it was ever a good idea, but wishes to salvage it. Shiv, taken aback but feeling guilty, wishes to salvage it as well. Back at the yacht, she goes to speak with her father. She does not initially reveal her intentions of speaking to him, but soon begins begging him not to get rid of Tom. Shiv is then asked to choose between her husband and her brother Kendall, and although pained by it, motions for Kendall to speak with their father.

The next morning on the yacht, Shiv sits by Logan's side as he watches Kendall's press conference.[21]

Season 3[]

While on the plane, Logan states that he plans to temporarily step down from his position as CEO and debates whether Shiv, Roman or Gerri would be a suitable replacement. Tom discreetly calls Shiv to inform her of Logan's statement and has her confirm that she is still interested in leading the company. However, Shiv soon learns that Kendall and Roman have also been informed of these plans. Kendall, meanwhile, calls most of Waystar's senior management, hoping to recruit more members to his side; Frank, feeling indifferent, listens to his offer while Shiv hangs up on him.

In New York, Shiv meets with Lisa Arthur, a high-profile attorney and personal friend, with the intention of hiring her to represent Waystar, which Lisa previously declined. Shiv confides in Lisa about her conflicting loyalties between Logan, Kendall, and her own personal ambitions, and asks that Lisa act as her legal advisor; when Lisa refuses, Shiv realizes Kendall has already spoken to her and storms out. On her way to Waystar, Roman, via phone call, informs Shiv that Gerri has been named Waystar's interim CEO, apparently due to Shiv's failure with Lisa. Shiv hastily decides to reroute her vehicle and take another course of action.[22]

Shiv s03e02

Shiv in "Mass in Time of War"

Greg reports to Tom that Shiv plans to meet with rival Kendall, and Tom decides not to disclose this to a paranoid Logan.

Shiv and Roman then arrive at Rava's apartment to meet with Kendall. The siblings then speak privately in Kendall's daughter's bedroom. Kendall cites both Waystar's declining cultural relevance and historic complicity in sexual misconduct as arguments in his favor, but his siblings remain unconvinced. Back in Rava's living room, they admit that if they were to support Kendall, it would ensure the desired downfall of their father. Shiv, concerned, states that Logan's removal would jeopardize their chances of retaining control over the company at the upcoming shareholder vote. Kendall then proposes that he become CEO to ensure security, which receives immediate disapproval from the others.

Shiv calls Tom and confides in him that she's worried her inexperience at the company hurts her chances of becoming CEO, though she would like the position.[23]


Tom Wambsgans[]

Main article: Tom and Shiv
With Open Eyes

Shiv and Tom in the series finale

Shiv and Tom began dating and fell in love, initially meeting in France, sometime before the events of the series begin. While her father is in the hospital, he proposes to her, to which she reluctantly says yes. On the night of their wedding, Shiv reveals that she would like to open up their marriage, having recently been unfaithful to him. Tom, although uncomfortable with the idea and oblivious of her infidelity, complies with her wishes. Shiv, although feeing frustrated with the concept of love, insists that she does love Tom. Soon thereafter, their marriage is challenged by her infidelity and Tom admits to being unhappy. Shiv, ultimately afraid of losing him, desperately attempts to fix their marriage. Tom, however, begins to resent her and acts on his feelings by manipulating and double-crossing her, their marriage eventually falling completely apart. Tom attempts to reconcile her, but Shiv cannot shake off his betrayal. Throughout their marriage, Tom deeply wishes to be a father, though Shiv has no plans of bearing children. In the final season, Shiv is revealed to be pregnant and Tom is appointed CEO; thus, the two decide to repair their marriage or at least tolerate one another.

Logan Roy[]


Shiv seems to have a positive relationship with her siblings, but is closer with Roman and Kendall than with Connor. When not involved in the power fight for the succession, Shiv likes to have fun with them and mess around doing some jokes particularly with Roman, with who usually act childish to the point of even engaging in physical fights. Despite the fact she loves her siblings, Shiv is not above lying or betraying them in order to get what she wants. Nevertheless everytime one of them is facing a harsh time she is always there for support, like when she and Roman comforted Kendall when was suffering from a serious depression, or when in Logan's funeral Roman had a breakdown she and Kendall approached and comforted him.

Nate Soffrelli[]




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