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Shit Show at the Fuck Factory
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date June 10, 2018
Written by Tony Roche
Directed by Mark Mylod
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Shit Show at the Fuck Factory is the second episode of Season 1 of Succession. It aired on June 10, 2018.


Logan’s incapacitation sets off a heated succession debate among his children.


Kendall Roy arrives at the hospital in a panic to see his father, having received the news from Lawrence earlier. His entire family is there, and Logan Roy has been moved to a more private recovery room. All the children greet each other and discuss the situation. The doctor comes in and informs them Logan had a brain hemorrhage stroke and is currently unconscious, and unresponsive.

A debate breaks out on whether they should move Logan to a more private and secure hospital. Shiv thinks it would be a better idea, but she is overruled by Logan's wife Marcia Roy. Meanwhile, all the Roy children are discussing what to do. Connor Roy thinks it would be a good idea if they sign the papers for their dad as it would be a nice surprise when he wakes up. Shiv Roy and Kendall Roy disagree; if their father passes, that would give Marcia a majority control of Waystar Royco.

Greg Hirsch calls his mother, Marianne Hirsch to ask for advice on what to do about Logan, as he had confirmed a job offer but there was no one there to witness

The brothers are all trying to run damage control specifically Ken. They are looking over a possible obituary for their father if he passes as the media will want to know what they can air. Gerri Killman and Karolina Novotney come in to help run damage control and ask who is in charge. The family hasn't decided on what kind of story to go with, and they need to pick a temporary CEO to tell the media before the stock markets open. They decide to go with the statement that nothing happened, and both Colin and Gerri are on board. But they need to make sure the rest of the family will agree to it as well. They also need to run damage control as Logan had fired Frank Vernon hours earlier.

Ken tries to get Shiv on board, but she refuses to make any decisions until more results from their father's test are revealed. During the next few hours; Shiv and Roman get into a physical fight, and Connor brings his girlfriend Willa Ferreyra whom the family does not approve of. Meanwhile they sent Greg to Logan's place to collect some clothing and the papers Logan wanted signed. But Greg gets orders from Shiv to not bring the papers. He eventually returns with Logan's items, only to be scolded by Roman for forgetting the papers. Ken tries to make both Gerri and Frank the CEO however, both declined. Tom Wambsgans proposes to Shiv, and she ultimately accepts. Eventually, Kendall is offered CEO and Roman becomes COO. They finally get it confirmed as all the siblings agree. Gerri takes Kendall to the roof to inform him that Logan is $3 billion in debt. In another room, Logan wakes up.


  • Shiv Roy and Tom Wambsgans are unofficially engaged.
  • Frank Vernon declined to come back as COO to Waystar Royco.
  • Gerri Killman declined to be promoted to COO of Waystar Royco.
  • Kendall Roy wanted to take temporary charge as CEO and Chairman. Leaving, Roman Roy as a board member and Shiv Roy as a shareholder.
  • Logan Roy had a hemorrhagic stroke, a bleed in the deep right hemisphere that put pressure on the thalamus and the brain stem, and that's what caused a loss of consciousness.
  • There's a three billion debt in Waystar Royco. In 1985, Logan needed cash for the expansion into parks, so he took out a loan through the family holding company. He added that loan to the company's already considerable debt. It's secured against Waystar's stock and when the stock hits 130, they can pursue repayment in full. Which, if the bank decided to do that, would eviscerate the company.



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