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Season 3
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Start Airdate: October 17, 2021
Final Airdate: December 12, 2021
Cast: * Brian Cox
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Season 3 of Succession was confirmed on August 20, 2019.[1] The season began airing on October 17, 2021, and concluded on December 12.

Production on the season was originally slated to begin in April 2020 with filming in New York,[2] but it was delayed by HBO due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[3]

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The season consisted of nine episodes, one less than the previous two seasons.

Title Directed by Written by Original Air Date Production code
Secession Mark Mylod Jesse Armstrong October 17, 2021 301
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Picking up immediately after Kendall's press conference, Logan decides to split his inner circle into two teams: he, Tom, Karl, Frank and Hugo station themselves in Sarajevo (which has no extradition treaty with the U.S.) while Roman, Gerri and Shiv are sent back to New York. Logan informs his team that he intends to temporarily step back as CEO; the family and company management debate who should take his place as a figurehead. Kendall, meanwhile, sets up a temporary base of operations at Rava's apartment, and hires two PR consultants to help steward his public image. He makes calls to most of Waystar's inner circle, hoping to sway more of the senior cadre to his side, but is only able to reach Frank. Shiv attempts to acquire legal representation for Waystar from Lisa Arthur, a high-profile New York attorney and personal friend, but realizes Kendall has already contacted her. In light of Shiv's perceived failure, Gerri is named interim CEO.
Mass in Time of War TBA Jesse Armstrong October 24, 2021 302
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Shiv, Roman and Connor covertly meet with Kendall to understand his motives against Logan, as well as potentially getting him to back down. Kendall refuses to compromise and attempts to persuade his siblings to join him. However, the discussion falls apart when Kendall declares that he will be CEO under their new arrangement. Seeing no personal benefit from siding with Kendall, the three siblings ultimately decide to remain aligned with Logan. Kendall additionally meets with Stewy and Sandi Furness (Sandy's daughter) to propose a partnership ahead of the company's shareholder meeting, but they remain skeptical. Greg, fearing legal reprisals for making copies of the cruises documents, consults with Ewan, who hires his personal attorney to represent Greg. Logan has Marcia flown in to Sarajevo after his legal team advises that the two publicly appear reconciled. Marcia, disgruntled over Logan's infidelity, demands several assurances from the company to ensure her cooperation. Logan returns to New York and names Shiv President of Domestic Operations at Waystar, assuring her she is under Gerri's protection.
The Disruption Cathy Yan Ted Cohen & Georgia Pritchett October 31, 2021 303
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Both Kendall and Logan take steps to boost their respective public profiles. Logan refuses to cooperate with the Department of Justice's impending investigation, and attempts to pressure White House aide Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven into granting him favors from the President. Tom offers to take the fall by allowing himself to be incarcerated, but privately contacts a lawyer. Against the advice of his legal counselors, Kendall forces himself into Waystar's offices and finds that most of his security privileges have been revoked. He then sabotages Shiv's speech at a company town hall intended to allay employee grievances by blasting Nirvana's "Rape Me" from a speaker; an irate Shiv retaliates by publishing an open letter personally attacking Kendall and calling his mental health into question. Kendall prepares to make an appearance on a late-night comedy show that has been disparaging him, but backs out at the last minute after Shiv's letter goes online, deeply shaken by its contents. The FBI raid Waystar's offices, forcing Logan to cooperate.
Lion in the Meadow Directed by Written by November 7, 2021 304
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With the company under increased scrutiny after the FBI raid, Logan asks Shiv to get ATN to cover the White House more critically, in the hopes that it will pressure the President into granting Logan favors. Shiv manages to strongarm anchor Mark Ravenhead into pivoting on his editorial position. However, she finds that she is receiving little respect or support either from within the company or from Logan. Tom begins to unravel over his growing fear of going to prison, as well as the emasculation he feels at having to report to his wife. Greg informs him he has signed an agreement with Waystar's legal defense team after meeting with Logan. Shareholder Josh Aaronson requests a meeting with Logan and Kendall, worried that their conflict will endanger his investment, and leads them on a walk around his private island to hear each side's arguments. However, Kendall and Logan fail to present a united front, and Logan suffers from exhaustion on the walk back to Josh's mansion, refusing help until he nearly collapses. Kendall is later informed that Josh has lost confidence in Waystar's current leadership, and witnesses him meeting with Stewy.
Retired Janitors of Idaho Directed by Written by November 14, 2021 305
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At the Waystar RoyCo annual shareholder meeting, both Kendall and Logan's factions attempt to broker a settlement with Stewy and Sandi (largely negotiating on behalf of her ailing father), realizing that going to a vote would almost certainly deprive the Roys of their majority stake in the company. Logan, who is suffering from a urinary tract infection, initially refuses Sandy's terms, but he becomes increasingly incoherent, forcing the other children and senior management to negotiate on his behalf. The vote is stalled while Shiv and Sandi manage to reach a deal offering either side an additional board seat; the two sides agree on the terms without waiting for an incapacitated Logan to approve. Karl announces the decision to the shareholders, but Kendall interrupts his speech to make an impromptu statement in support of the cruises' victims. The President calls the Roys to announce that he will not be seeking a second term amid the blowback from ATN's attacks, jeopardizing Waystar's political survival. Ewan decides to donate his entire estate to Greenpeace, leaving Greg with no inheritance. Logan cuts off contact with Kendall.
What It Takes Andrij Parekh Will Tracy November 21, 2021 306
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Kendall prepares to submit the documents he has retrieved on the cruises scandal to the Department of Justice. However, his testimony goes poorly, and Lisa warns that the documents are insufficient legal ammunition to win his case against Waystar. An unsatisfied Kendall dispenses with Lisa's services and hires new attorneys. Meanwhile, the rest of the Roys travel to Richmond, Virginia to attend the Future Freedom Summit, a conservative political fundraiser for potential presidential candidates in the upcoming election. While there, Roman learns that Caroline is getting married in Tuscany to Peter Munion. Kendall arrives in Virginia and privately meets with Tom in an attempt to sway him to his side, but Tom is not confident in Kendall's ability to succeed against his father. Among the presidential candidates, Shiv supports Congressman Rick Salgado, a traditional conservative who suggests to Shiv that he can make her Waystar's CEO, while Roman takes a liking to Jeryd Mencken, a controversial figure with fascist leanings. Logan decides to back Mencken despite Shiv's protests.
Too Much Birthday Directed by Written by November 28, 2021 307
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The company receives word that the DOJ investigation is weakening and will likely end in a settlement. Tom is deeply relieved to be avoiding prison time. Logan, who has been working to acquire streaming giant GoJo, discovers that its CEO, Lukas Matsson, declined to meet him personally. Shiv and Roman attend Kendall's lavish 40th birthday party to negotiate with Matsson, who is in attendance. Roman delivers his and Logan's gift to Kendall: an offer to buy out his shares in Waystar for $2 billion. Shiv is angered when she learns she has been excluded as a beneficiary. Roman meets with Matsson alone and proposes that Waystar buy GoJo without Matsson ever having to report directly to Logan, an offer Matsson expresses interest in. Kendall, feeling hurt by the buyout offer and upset at the hollowness of the party, has an emotional breakdown while searching for his children's gift and has Naomi take him home.
Chiantishire Directed by Written by December 5, 2021 308
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After a tense board meeting to discuss acquisition of Matsson's GoJo, Roman shares his suspicions about their mother's new beau with Shiv. As a luxe family wedding gets underway in Italy, Gerri draws a line in the sand with Roman, the Waystar team grows increasingly concerned about Matsson's rogue tweets, and Shiv and Caroline have a heart-to-heart, of sorts.
All the Bells Say Directed by Written by December 12, 2021 309
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Roman and Logan scramble to make some semblance of a deal with GoJo work out, but a different proposition begins to start moving. Kendall returns, and has a realization with Roman and Shiv, uniting them once again, and sparking a dangerous idea.


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