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Safe Room
Season 2, Episode 4
Safe Room.jpg
Air date September 1, 2019
Written by Georgia Pritchett
Directed by Robert Pulcini
Shari Springer Berman
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Tern Haven


Roman begins a six-week management training program in the Parks division and is irritated about spending so much time with “normals.” Logan brings Shiv in for a day at Waystar, raising suspicions with Kendall and Gerri. Connor and Willa attend the funeral of a family friend with a complicated past. Logan and Kendall arrange a covert meeting with PGM CEO Rhea Jarrell, as a controversy surrounding a star anchor leads to a day of chaos at ATN headquarters


Kendall Roy arrives early to Waystar Royco, where part of the building is under construction, where he makes his first contact with Rhea Jarrell. He calls her on her personal number, he received from their mutual family-friend Frank Vernon.

Shiv Roy and Tom Wambsgans are riding together to work on Shiv ’s first day at Waystar Royco. They are talking about the controversial employee, Mark Ravenhead. Tom says he's a young talented guy, and her father likes him, he is also one of the most popular anchors. Shiv’s worried he's a fascist after a video that was released about him from a long time ago. However, they are met by protesters, demanding Ravenhead stay at the news network after the media picked up the old video footage. Shiv exclaims how excited she'll be once she can start cleaning things up around Waystar.

Ken on the big screen

Roman Roy starts his six-week training program, and is dressed in more casual wear. The program starts with a video featuring his father and Ken. However, his speaking role is cut out. He quickly excuses himself to call Gerri Killman and find out why. She promises to look into it before Roman takes it back and hangs up on her.

Connor Roy and Willa Ferreyra are getting ready for Moe’s funeral. Connor is surprisingly very excited, as this will give him an opportunity to talk with investors, and make a few deals with big investors with big pockets.

Logan Roy celebrates his daughter finally coming to work with him at the company, as they share a glass of champagne. They are interrupted by Ken, who casually asks why she is in the building. They both play it off like it's no big deal before Logan leaves the room. Ken senses something is up. Shiv tells him there's nothing to worry about.

As part of his management training, Roman has to dress up like one of the characters from the parks. He finds himself dressed as a large turkey, and gives some unsolicited and rather rude comments to a couple that asks for their photo with him. Afterwards in that dressing room, he meets Brian and gives himself a fake name. All while continuing to text Girri throughout his first day of training.

Greg and Cyd

Greg Hirsch finds himself caught in conversation with Cyd Peach. He finds himself explaining his new job position of executive assistant to Tom. He jokes that he gets Tom his lattes all the time, only for Tom to overhear him and demand Greg go get him a latte before he enters the board room meeting.

Shiv overlooks her first board meeting, telling everyone she is not there. Once Logan arrives they start discussing Pierce Media merger. They also talk about Mark Ravenhead, and what they should do about his situation. As he recently got married at Eagle Nest, Hitler's retreat in Bolivia. Wanting to make sure they don't have a Nazi supporter on their hands, Tom finds himself having to personally talk with Mark to confirm such things.

Connor and Willa finally arrived at Moe's funeral. Only for Willa to call him Moe to his wife and children. Connor forgot his real name was Lester. He was given the nickname Moe, short for molester. Subjects thought to be true, their father never let them in the pool with him. Connor also brings up he's been asked by Maria to give a eulogy at his funeral.

Ken meets with Rhea

Shiv is having a work-related conversation with Gerri when they are interrupted by Jess Jordan who whispers something in Gerri's year. Shiv puts the clues together when she hears that Karolina Novotney and Colin are also involved. Gerri then admits Ken has been shoplifting, and they are running damage control. Kendall enters the room, and Shiv acts differently around her brother. Trying to ignore her, Ken makes his way down to the parking lot with Jess where they meet Rhea in private. She comments on the protesters out front, before they make their way upstairs to have a private meeting with just the two of them and Logan. She informs them that the Pierce Family is not interested in selling their company to him.

Roman is in class sitting beside Brian, who suspects something is suspicious with Roman. They are assigned to make up a ride for the company that would interest customers. Roman gets snarky with his high-life attitude, that ends up working with Brian on an idea together.

Tom has a sitdown meeting with Mark, about whether or not he is a possible Nazi supporter. He confirms he did name his dog Blondie after Hitler’s, but it's spelled differently. Tom, still trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, ask more details about his opinions on World Waar II. However, he sympathizes with the Germans, the Russians, in the Polish. All with a rather specific count of how many died. They are interrupted by a gunshot, and everyone scatters in different directions. Greg and Tom immediately meet up and stick together. They are directed towards a panic room by security.

Upon hearing gunshot sounds, Logan is immediately whisked away to a very private and secure safe room and immediately asks where Ken it. Shiv and Tom both get on the phone together, and she informs Tom she's entering the safe room now, only to find out he's not inside. Soon Rhea is ushered into the safe room with Logan and Shiv.

Connor and Willa at Moe's funeral

Connor informs Willa no one else will be coming to the funeral as they are currently in the middle of a lockdown. She informs overheard some odd stories about Moe from some of Logan's old buddies. Connor plays at off as they are all from an older generation, but Willa reminds him that Michelle Pantsil has joined the funeral, and convinces Connor to change his eulogy so as to not be mixed in with Moe later during his Presidential run. Before going up to the front, Willa re-writes a very basic and generic speech to give. Nothing too personal, for the author to use against Con later.

Tom and Greg are frantic, they are in the wrong safe room. Greg even has a little bit of a panic attack. Tom insists they go to the better safe room, but security declines, informing them it's dangerous. As things appear to have calmed down as time has gone on, Greg brings up to Tom that he wants to have what he calls “a business open relationship” as he no longer wants to work in ATN. This very much upsets Tom, and he begins throwing water bottles at the younger Roy.

Meanwhile, Roman is asked if he would like to leave the room, as there is been a shooting at his father's company. Roman uses the excuse to skip class while Brian presents. Later Brian finds him to let them know they won. Roman insists it was just the family name.

After wandering the building and property, Ken is eventually ushered into the private safe room with his father and Shiv. Rhea exclaimed she is finding it harder and harder to explain why she has to keep canceling appointments and meetings that she has been MIA for hours. Ken, Rhea, and Logan all get into the real reason why PMG won't sell their company. Ken begins to sweeten the deal with more money before an unofficial deal is made and confirmed.

Tom and Greg kind of makeup, before, Greg leverages information he has on Tom, from when Tom made him shred a bunch of documents during Thanksgiving. Tom is ultimately proud of him and agrees to let him go work in a different department.

Logan's sees Rhea off to her car, and she suggests a peace offering, like firing Mark Ravenhead for personally offending Nan Pierce. Logan is informed the shooter was actually a suicide victim. Leaving a note behind that there was bullying at ATN. Logan seems less than interested.

New glass

Later that night Roman calls Tabatha to talk to her about his first day. They make a small attempt at phone sex but Roman, in frustration hangs up the phone. He calls Gerri to ask if they can make his winning ride into a real ride for the theme parks. Gerri scolds him, for making such a dumb suggestion. Roman beginnings touching himself to her voice.

The next morning Ken again finds himself standing on the balcony, as he had during the shooting. Only this time there is glass, 10 feet high, stopping any potential employees from jumping.


Logan Roy: Your sister's just in for the day.
Kendall Ro: Oh, yeah? Okay. Whatever.
Shiv Roy: Just to observe.
Kendall Ro: Cool. Just to observe what?
Shiv Roy: It's not a big deal, Ken.
Kendall Ro: No, sure. Good point.

Shiv Roy: You seem to be mistaking me for someone you're in competition with.

Brian: I'm an enigma. You can't pigeonhole me. I'm there, then I'm gone. I'm intellectually promiscuous but culturally conservative. I work hard, but I do not play hard. I play easy.

Roman Roy: What do people like? What do everyday people like? Um, do Everyday? How the fuck should I know what everyday people like? I like booking out a suite at the Chateau, and snorting purified sertraline off women that don't know they're prostitutes yet

Greg Hirsch: Are you armed?
Guard: I'm not allowed to disclose that information, sir.
Greg Hirsch: If If he's the target maybe he should get his own room.

Rhea Jarrell: Money is not irrelevant, but but, how can I put it Relevant?
Kendall Ro: Nevertheless - 21.5.
Shiv Roy: Kendall! Is he allowed to just say numbers?

Tom Wambsgans: Are you. Are you attempting to break up with me, Greg?
Greg Hirsch: It's It's just (sigh) Dude, ATN, human furniture, like Verbal assaults, physical humiliations, Nazi stuff, shooters, I just don't love it, like I, I just, I don't really love it, and I wanna go explore...

Tom Wambsgans: You fucking, Look at you! Where are they, those papers?
Greg Hirsch: I'll never tell.

Gerri Killman: We are not building a ride that you came up with on your first day of management training, Roman.



Rhea Jarrell: Well, that was exciting. Smuggled in like Cleopatra in the carpet
Cleopatra was secretly smuggled across Egypt in a rug while covered in gold chains to see with Julius Caesar in a surprise meeting. She was rolled out naked before him and slipped the key to her chains though her lips to his when they kissed.



Recurring Cast


  • Zach Cherry as Brian
  • Zack Robidas as Mark Ravenhead
  • Scott Nicholson as Colin
  • Patch Darragh as Ray
  • Juliana Canfield as Jess Jordan