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Sad Sack Wasp Trap
Season 1, Episode 4
Episode 4.jpeg
Written by Anna Jordan
Directed by Adam Arkin
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I Went to Market


With the company’s annual foundation gala approaching, and his dad out of the picture, Kendall Roy polishes up his speech while enlisting an on-air personality from the Waystar’s ATV Networks to accompany him. Shiv tries to minimize damage from a sordid photo that threatens a client’s political future. Tom inherits a “virus” from his predecessor in the parks and cruises division and shares a disturbing file with Greg. Logan makes a mark on his return to the office. At the benefit, Connor shows why he’s better off avoiding stressful situations.


Logan Roy has two medical care workers who were helping him out with walking, as the muscles in his legs have weakened. Marcia Roy encourages him to walk across the room to turn off the music he is so annoyed about.

Kendall Roy arrives back in New York City by plane, only for Rava Roy to decline to go with him to the annual foundation gala. He is then informed by Jess Jordan that his father is in his office waiting to talk. His dad confronts him about selling part of Waystar Royco, but Kendall stands his ground by saying they were only in a freefall because Logan put them in so much debt.

Roman Roy has an aggravated morning with Grace as they bicker in the bathroom. Later at work, his brother calls them to complain about their father who had a moment of incontinence at work and Roman tells him to deal with it. He is then immediately confronted with Frank Vernon in his office who his father has rehired to show him the ropes. He's obviously very annoyed by this and continuously insults the man.

Shiv Roy and Tom Wambsgans start their morning talking about the charity event they are going to that night. Tom informs Shiv this will be his first time being allowed to attend. While on her way to work, Shiv is informed that the husband of one of her political clients, future Senator Miller, posted a photo of his anus to social media. Shiv then spends the rest of her day trying to do damage control. However, the main rival news company insists on running the story as it is such a scandalous one.

Tom receives his new job title and is also informed of all the legalities that come with it from Bill Lockheart. This includes how the previous title holder had all the terrible crimes of rape and sexual assault on the cruise ship covered up. The information presented confirms that their company knew what was happening and did the bare minimum to fix the problems. He confides this to both Greg Hirsch and Shiv before the charity ball.

Connor and Wila

Connor Roy is preparing for the charity event and is rather neurotic about it all. He is further agitated, when Willa Ferreyra shows up, and even has a tantrum over the butter. That night, Ken is accompanied by the woman he has a crush on, whom Gerri set up for him to attend the gala with. He is supposed to make a grand speech, only Connor discovers that the prompter has been changed to announce Logan's retirement. Connor immediately tells his father who gets in front of the situation. Before Kendall can make his speech, Logan makes his own. He announces very proudly to the audience that he is back to run his company. He then threatens Kendall if he ever tries to do anything like that again. Ken is dumbfounded at what has happened. He is also informed by his lady friend that she has zero interest on making any advances on him, though she hints she was strongly pressured into doing so earlier. Kendall is once again dumb-founded and insists that was never his intention.

Gerri thanks Greg

While at the charity event Gerri Killman gets word, that Tom wants to hold a press conference to come clean about everything about the cruise ship scandal to try to get ahead of the story, but she confirms it's a horrible idea and Tom agrees to scrap it. Angry, Tom grabs Gregory by the shoulders and demands to know who he squealed to. Greg insists he did nothing, and Tom comes to the conclusion that it must've been Shiv whom he had told earlier. Later, Greg talks with Gerri about it, confirming he had been the one to talk.


(about his father)
Roman Roy: He didn't apologize when he hit our au pair with his car. "It was her fault for being too short," he said.




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