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Roman Roy
Roman Roy.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Roman Roy
Title: COO of Waystar Royco

Board Member of Waystar Royco

Born: 1987
Age: 34
Current Location: United States
Interests: Gerri Kellman, Grace, Tabitha, Brex, William
Parents: Logan Roy (Father)

Caroline Collingwood (Mother)

Siblings: Kendall Roy (Older Brother)

Siobhan Roy (Younger Sister)
Connor Roy (Oldest Half-Brother)

Family: Ewan Roy (Uncle)

Marianne Hirsch (First Cousin)
Gregory Hirsch (First Cousin Once Removed)
Thomas Wambsgans (Brother-in-Law)
Rava Roy (Sister-In-Law)
Iverson Roy (Nephew)
Sophie Roy (Niece)

Affiliations: Waystar Royco

The Roy Family

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6"
Status: Single
Character Information
First appearance: Celebration
Portrayed by: Kieran Culkin

Roman Roy is Logan’s youngest son. Roman exudes the bravado and cockiness his father desires from a Waystar executive, but his immaturity and lack of focus have kept him from advancing within the company.

Season 1[]

Roman shows up at Waystar Royco while Kendall Roy and his team are trying to salvage a deal. Ken ensures his brother stays out of the loop. That evening, Roman and the rest of his family celebrate Logan's 80th birthday and are introduced to Greg Hirsch. Logan calls the children for a meeting presents them with papers to sign, naming his wife Marcia Roy as Successor to the company. He also announces he will not be stepping down, before adding Ken already signed. Everyone else says they'll get their lawyers to look it. Ken is upset at what his father and a fight breaks out between the siblings. Ken confronts his father, but Logan stands his ground. They all stop fighting when Marcia calls them all for dinner.

While the Roy family enjoy their traditional game of baseball, Roman offers a kid $1 million if he can hit him a home run but loses, seemingly to Roman's joy as he subsequently tears the check up in front of him. Ken tries to negotiate with Roman and Shiv, but they both reject his proposal to make him successor with them as COO. Logan, as part of an agreement, fires Frank to make room for Roman, and instructs all his kids to fly in his helicopter. As they begin to argue, he sustains a stroke. [1]

After Logan's stroke the brothers are all trying to do damage control. Green lighting potential obituaries for the media to run, after the doctor informs them Logan had a hemorrhagic stroke and is currently unconscious, and unresponsive. When Gerri Kellman and Karolina Novotney arrived they still haven't decided who should become CEO in Logan's absence, information they need before the stock markets open. They at least agreed to go with the statement that nothing happened. All while Connor thinks they should sign the papers for their dad, everyone else disagrees. After hearing Greg is going back to the apartment, Roman tells him to look for the envelopes their father gave them earlier. During the next few hours; Shiv and Roman get into a physical fight, and Greig eventually returns with Logan's items, only to be scolded by Roman for forgetting the papers. Eventually, they decide Kendal will be CEO and Roman will be COO. [2] With Waystar Royco’s stock plunging to dangerous lows, but Roman is spending his working hours with his new personal trainer. A man who he later sends into a panic when he insists, he's going to sue him after he complains of a sore back. [3]

Roman has an aggravated morning with Grace as they bicker in the bathroom. Later at work, his brother calls them to complain about their father and Roman tells him to deal with it. He is immediately confronted with Frank in his office who his father has rehired to show him the ropes. He's obviously very annoyed by this and continuously insults the man. [4] Weeks later, Roman and Grace break up during Thanksgiving. [5]

Making a deal

With the Vote Of No Confidence approaching, Kendall and Roman get all their ducks in a row to ensure they have the majority vote. Roman attempts to sway neutral board member, Lawrence Yee, taking him out to dinner with his boyfriend to confirm they have his vote. He eventually agrees yes. The next day, Logan's ambush with the vote, strong-arming people to vote with him, including Roman. Logan wins and immediately fires everyone who voted against him, including Ken. [6]

Logan agrees to a weekend-long family therapy session at Connor's New Mexico ranch. Unbeknown to most of The Family, he's arranged to have it double as a publicity stunt. Roman, who surprisingly, with the exception of a few less than tasteful jokes, has been the most cooperative with his father the entire weekend. The two even go to a small photoshoot together, where his father gives him more responsibility. On the second night, Roman picks up his intoxicated brother, Ken from a party. Soon everyone is mad at each other. Ken picks a few fights, even insulting Willa Ferreyra. [7]

Morning after

Everyone is prepared for Tom's bachelor party but Roman has dropped the ball and change the venue to an underground party inside an old railway station. While outside they meet Connor and two of Tom's friends as well as an already intoxicated Ken. Roman claims he allegedly forgot to include Tom's friends who can't get in. Tom promises they'll come back for the boys once inside. The sole reason for Roman having brought everyone is to meet with Sandy Furness himself. Before the end of the night, he finally finds the man and offers him a preposition. Roman wants to land a deal for local TV stations with his father’s longtime nemesis. Kendall and Roman get in an argument, and Roman confronts Kendall about him, Connor, and Shiv locking him in a cage when he was four years old and forcing him to eat dog food. Ken insists Roman enjoyed it. When Kendall brings up the dog cage with Connor, Connor also confirms it but says that Roman asked to be put in the cage and that the dog food was chocolate cake. This incident apparently caused Roman to start wetting the bed and caused their father to send him to military school. Connor claims their father sent Roman to military school because Roman begged to go. But later admits to Ken their father sent Roman to military school because he was "the weaker dog." The night ends early in the morning. Roman overhears Tom tell Greg a girl made him drink his own cum, and makes fun of him for it. [8]

The Roy family assembles in England for Shiv and Tom’s wedding. The Roy children all meet with their mother, Caroline Collingwood outside of the wedding venue. Caroline has a rather dark sense of humor and is not afraid of stepping on anyone's toes. Even alluding to the fact that Greg's father is gay. During this time, it also becomes apparent that Roman is dating Tabitha from Tom's bachelor party. The same Tabitha that Tom had a sexual encounter with. During the big party before the wedding, Shiv has a couple of conversations with Gil Eavis. at one point even her brothers Ken and Roman come over. Roman tries to start some drama, but no one is taking the bait. After the party, Roman is talking to Tabitha as they are getting ready for bed. He tells her how much he likes her, and then proposes to her. She declines, citing that they never had sex and that the relationship isn't "real". Later he is seen staring longingly at her as she sleeps. [9]

Shiv & Tom's Wedding

Both families gather around to take photos after the wedding. During the reception Roman finds a place to watch his space launch go off in Japan. Roman watches it alone in a small bathroom, only to watch the entire spaceship explode. He immediately turns off his phone and literally washes his hands of it, telling no one. Gerri confronts Roman about his spaceship launch in Japan. Pretending to be baffled, he is shocked to hear about the explosion. Gerri immediately begins going over any legal ramifications with him. And he confesses that he had the launch moved up so that it would be on his sister's wedding day. She tells him he is looking at corporate manslaughter if anyone dies.

Logan gathers his kids in a separate room to inform them of Ken’s takeover of the company. He leaves them to bully their brother before entering again himself. Ken is excused and they discussed their own battle plan. Later, Gerri informs Roman that no one has died in Japan. The details are still being sorted out, but it looks like two people have lost their thumbs and a third might have to get their arm amputated. Roman is overjoyed to not receive any major consequences and carries on his talking with Tabitha [10]

Season 2[]

In Japan

Roman is in Japan to make an appearance at a conference panel about his shuttle that blew up, and visit the men in the hospital. After him and Gerri are on the phone with Shiv and Tom discussing Ken’s news appearance. After making it back to the States, he flies out to his family's vacation home in the Hamptons. Later that afternoon the rest of the siblings meet up, and Roman demands to know what changed Ken’s mind about betraying the family. Ken says nothing. At lunch, after this food is replaced with pizza once a dead raccoon is discovered. The rest of the family demands to know why Ken is allowed back into the family fold so easily. Roman and him now even share the position of COO. Logan ignores them and asks if he should keep or sell the company. They all begin to voice their opinions, before Logan decides to have them brought into his office one by one with an explanation behind to their reasoning. On the last night at dinner Logan abruptly takes off early and brings Ken with him. and they fly back to to New York. [11]

Days later at Ken's daughter's birthday, three of the siblings are called away for an impromptu meeting with their father. They watch Stewy’s TV interview, insisting that Logan is too old and out of the loop to run his company. They discuss how to counter attack, and go with Shiv's proposal to immediately fire back a statement that day. [12]

Conner's party

Connor and Willa Ferreyra host a soiré to mark their return to New York. The night takes an unexpected turn when Tom and Shiv agree to have a double date with him and Tabitha. The next day Ken announces to Lawrence Yee that Waystar Royco will be doing a routine check of his new company, and it will be conducted personally by him and Roman. Ken spends 36 hours lost in paperwork, while Roman takes the easy way out and get staff members drunk for information. They both inform their father of their findings, Kendall wants to keep the company but Roman warns they want to unionize, and most of them do nothing. Logan agrees with Romans, and scraps the company. The siblings double date takes place at Roman's apartment. Things started off slightly awkward, with Tabitha coyly reminding Tom of how they met while their partners are in the other room. The dinner begins slow but picks up when the siblings start making fun of Tom. He quickly shuts it down, and the atmosphere at the dinner is brought down. [12]

Logan is impatient for a solution to his Sandy Furness problem. He informs everyone they will be taking over a media-giant PGM, and bringing Frank Vernon back on to ensure a smooth transition. A few board members voiced their concerns, beut are quickly shut down. Kendall agrees with his father, and Roman knocks him for. Later, Tabitha and Roman are looking over Connor Roy's presidential campaign video. He wants to get rid of taxes and threatens the government to try and sue him for not paying his. Roman also asks his girlfriend if she can get him in contact with Naomi Pierce. [13]

Hunting 12.png

On the plane ride to Hungary, Karolina informed Logan Michelle Pantsil has a close source from inside his camp. Furious Logan to commands to find out who. Once they land, they quickly prepare to go hunting. Ken and Roman team up in search of the freshly released pig, but Roman steps away for private phone call. Someone makes a kill and they take a group photo before the boar is prepared for dinner. Part way through dinner, Logan confronts the room demanding to know who tipped off Naomi Pierce, and who has been talking to a book editor about him. He first accuses Frank, and then Karl, before making him stand in the corner. He is accompanied by Tom and Greg. He berates them and forces them to eat sausages, before Ken discovers Roman was the mole after he steals his phone to check his logged calls. Ken also confesses the team doesn't think that PGM merge is a good idea. Logan is going to go ahead with it anyway. Logan is furious and calls him a moron. The next morning, Gerri convinces Roman to take the 6-week management course. [13]

Roman starts his six-week training program, and immediately calls Gerri upset he wasn't featured in the promotional video. She mocks him for being sensitive and he abruptly hangs up. After being forced to dress up as one of the company's characters he befriends Brian in the locker room, all while under his fake persona, and texting cherry throughout the day for emotional support. He teams up with Brian for an assignment to design company ride, but is soon escorted away by security when xxx is under lockdown from gunfire. He really uses it as an excuse to skip class. Brian informs him they won the class contest, but Roman things it's just because of his family name. That night he calls Tabatha to discuss his first day, and after a failed attempt at phone sex he calls Gerri, wanting to turn his class project into a real ride. Gerri scolds him for making such a dumb suggestion. Roman first jokes about jerking himself off, then actually starts to. Gerri plays along, continuing to insult and degrade him until he ejaculates. [14]

Logan officially informs his family they will be binding Pierce Media. However, before any deals can be made. The Pierce Family wants to ensure they are selling to good people, and he demands a sharp and crisp image from everyone. They helicopter in, and greet the family outside before making their way inside. Both families are mingling and Logan even gives a speech after Nan Pierce encourages him to. Logan soon heard his entire family into a small room, telling everyone to do better. He scolds Shiv for her rude joke, and tells Connor to stop talking politics, and reminds Ron to be more polite before he ushers everyone back out. That night at dinner everyone is having rather cordial conversations. Roman is trying to come across as classier and lies about a book he's reading. Only to get caught when Mark asks him the author and what it's about. The question of who will succeed Logan comes up, but he declines to answer. Shiv announces she will be taking over the company. Her brothers are all rather surprised, and her father in a spout of anger quickly shuts-down the conversation. An awkward silence ensues until Nan Pierce suggests everyone go for a walk. While everyone is stargazing, Roman and Tabitha are arguing in their room. She agrees to have sex with him for the first time, but it goes poorly and after he's given up. Later while having sex, Roman protests because Tabitha is acting like she enjoys it, and Roman wants to fantasize that she's a dead body, insisting it's okay if it's consensual. Tabitha isn't into it. He goes to Gerri's room, and it soon results with him behind a locked door while she insults him, and he touches himself. [15]

The next morning at breakfast Roman jokes that he was with Gerri while he masturbated in the other room. After breakfast Nan and Naomi have a private meeting with Logan, Shiv and Ken, but end up leaving empty handed. Once they arrived back in New York, the Pierce family has changed their minds and agree to the terms. Everyone celebrates over champagne. [15]

Logan demands his staff continue obtaining information about the PGM settlement while they wait to land at a tiny airport along with many other billionaires for the world convention in Argestes. Once on the ground, Gerri informs him, he needs to secure a position with Eduard Asgarov. That night he finds Eduard in the bathroom after following him in. Eduard agrees to give them money if they agrees to quietly propaganda about his home country Azerbaijan and the city of Baku. Roman, again reluctantly agrees. He later asked Gerri how legal that was for him to do, but she isn't too worried about it. Roman also propositions Gerri that they should work together more. Insinuating she is brilliant, but no one pays attention to her, and she needs him because he's willing to be the loudmouth rockstar. [16]

In a private room everyone goes over the information on their phones. The magazine moved their story up after being bullied by the family. The article informs how Moe demanded sex in order for the dancers to keep their jobs, and if they declined were fired and blacklisted from other events. Roman arrives and all the kids disagree on how this looks. They ask Shiv to be on the panel, but she says she's not involved. They decide on Roman and Ken. Not long before presentation Shiv shows up to tell her family she wants in on the panel. Everyone argues and they try to knock Roman off. Gerri shakes her head indicating Roman fight to stay on. Logan decides all three of them will go. Once onstage, Shiv and Kendall dominates the conversation. Shiv acknowledge how serious the situation is, while also repeating it happened a long time ago, and makes a joke about her father being a dinosaur. Kendall agrres the accusations are horrible and will be dealt with swiftly. After the conference, they all get into a fight, where Roman makes another smart-aleck comment and is struck in the face by his dad. Knocking out a tooth. Ken immediately stands up for his brother, yelling at his father to never do that again. [16]

Roman telling him she's out in the cold

At the lavish party his father is throwing, Gerri wants to confirm with Roman if he was serious about their working relationship. He confirms he is. Frank and Gerri call for a private meeting with Logan, Ken, and Roman upstairs to discuss their shareholders and decide to fly to London to reassure everyone, including Caroline Collingwood who holds 3%. Shiv is left out and downstairs, and Ron confirms she has been left out in the cold. Logan and Roman share a car to the airport where Logan debatably apologizes for striking Roman at the conference days earlier. One onboard, they fine Ken and Rhea. While making meetings with shareholders in London, the paper comes out with an article about Andrew Dodds. Logan immediately sets up a meeting with the kid's family, and Roman will be sent to negotiate with his mother. [17]

Shiv and Roman meet up in London and buy junk food before visiting their mom. Caroline is quick with her passive-aggressive behavior and is serves them pigeon pie. She cuts to the reason they are there and asks how much money Logan is offering. Roman who was previously informed by his father he could go between 10 million but no more than 50 million. Caroline is immediately confident that was a lie. She demands the Summer Home, worth 120 million, or a simple 20 million but she gets the kids every Christmas. Claiming it will be Logan who decides. Wanting to make him choose. They spend the night and the next morning she has taken off before saying goodbye. Before diner, the family gathers for a small meeting over drinks.

Roman recording a message for his dad

Everyone is gathered in upper East New York to watch the opening night for Sands written by Willa. The next day, Roman is doing a voice recording for his father's upcoming 50th anniversary in Scotland. In the waiting rooms Shiv brings up her distrust of Rhea, but her brothers aren't overly interested. Later that day, Roy family take a private plane to Dundee, Scotland. Once at the hotel, Roman and Gerri discuss their working relationship, Rome possibly proposes marriage before abruptly leaving. The family is gathered for a small meeting over drinks. Rhea was talking with him, telling him how she always thought he was the most intelligent, with so much potential, before Tom interrupts them, with his awkward flirting. While everyone is gathered around drinking champagne, Shiv motions for the waiter to poor up Rhea's drink, only to verbally stop him, adding she is also a liberal. Knowing it would upset her father. [18]

The next day, what was supposed to be a tour of Logan's childhood home, ends abruptly when he only rolls down his window from the car before leaving moments later. Everyone is rather underwhelmed. In a pub, Roman meets with Eduard Asgarov and talk about money, and both agree to buy a soccer team together. Before the big party, all the siblings are gathered in a room and Shiv brings up her distrust of Rhea, however, none of her brothers believe her.

Rhea quiets everyone for Logan's arrival. He is very surprised and immediately leaves the venue only to return minutes later. Logan thanks everyone and begins shaking hands. Everyone is seated for speeches, and Ken surprises everyone with a rap, and Roman finds out he bought the wrong team for did da. Logan announces Rhea as his new successor. [18]

DC 2.png

Logan and the men in the family watch the news for whose names will be pin-pointed out for the Cruise Line Sex Scandal. Moe’s, Gerri’s and Tom’s names are all mentioned. Logan takes himself and is soon joined by Roman in the hallway. Wanting to help his father, he agrees to go on a business trip for him, with Eduard Asgarov. [19]

Eduard meets with Roman in Turkey to discuss a business deal regarding Waystar Royco. They are accompanied by two of Romans colleagues, Karl and Jamie Laird while watching the soccer team they had purchased together weeks earlier in Scotland. They make their way up to their private hotel-suite when men with guns entered their room. Eduard immediately realizes what is happening, and calmly informs Rome they are being held hostage by terrorists. It appears they are simply a bargaining chip, as no one is harmed. After being moved to the dining room, Eduard and Roman begin to talk business once again as Eduard walks back between him and his partners. They soon agree upon a deal, before Roman is taken away by the terrorists. [19]

bad news

Not long after they've cast off Roman arrives from another boat. Everyone jokes about his ordeal, but it is clear, he has been changed. The Roy siblings and Tom are able to chit-chat while sunbathing. After Logan arrived by helicopter, he immediately calls all three former hostage survivors inside to discuss what business deals they made in Turkey. Despite what Laird thinks, Roman insists they have no deal. Laird is upset when he is called out by Roman, as well as when no one will take his advice and decides to depart from the trip early. While everyone is relaxing, Logan mysteriously tells everyone to continue relaxing and he'll see them at dinner. Knowing there is a scapegoat, Roman begin stirring the pot. Telling Gerri, he thinks Frank, within earshot of Frank. [20]

This Is Not For Tears 29.png

The next day at breakfast Logan finally announces they need a blood sacrifice. He doesn't say who, but asks for ideas on what to do, promising whoever did volunteer would be taken care of. Everyone tippy-toes about, giving up another's name after theirs has been called. Everyone begins to slowly talk more and more poorly about each other, and soon Connor sacrifices himself. Logan thanks him, but confirms he isn't a big enough fish. Before a real argument starts, Logan breaks it up. Telling everyone it's enough conversation for now. That night at dinner Logan announces that Ken will be taking the fall and going to prison. The rest of the dinners remains very quiet.


  • Roman Roy is made COO of Waystar Royco. [2]
  • Ken took legal action against his brother Roman, who, as a board member failed to fulfill his fiduciary duty and breached their employment contract in the vote of no confidence against their dad, Logan. [7]
  • Roman planned Tom's bachelor party with the sole intention of getting time with Sandy Furness. [8]
  • Roman is dating Tabitha from Tom's bachelor party. [9]
  • Roman proposed marriage to Tabitha. [9]
  • Roman and Gerri Kellman were in Japan together, visiting the workers from the shuttle explosion, before taking a press conference. [11]
  • Attended and finished the 6-week management training. [13] [14] [15]
  • Roman buys the wrong soccer team for his father. [18]