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Season 2, Episode 7
Air date September 22, 2019
Written by Jonathan Glatzer
Directed by Becky Martin
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Kendall and Roman negotiate with their mother in the United Kingdom while Shiv attempts to extract answers from her evasive father; the Roy children grow increasing suspicious regarding Rhea's presence; Kendall confronts his last trip to the UK


Kendall Roy has snuck away from the lavish party his father is throwing and is on the phone in the bathroom talking with Naomi Pierce. She convinces him to send her a dick-pic, to which he awkwardly complies. Outside, Gerri Killman wants to confirm with Roman Roy if he was serious about their working relationship. He confirms he is. Logan Roy is standing beside Marcia Roy overlooking his party. Glad to see that the negative press stirred up by Sandy Furness and Stewy Hosseini has done nothing to damper his social standing and his stock market numbers.

Roman telling him she's out in the cold

Frank Vernon and Gerri Killman call for a private meeting with Logan, Ken, and Roman all upstairs to discuss their strategies. They need to make sure they have all the shareholders on their side and decide to fly to London to talk with everyone including his first wife Caroline Collingwood who has 3%. Logan decides to send his kids to make arrangements with her. Shiv Roy is purposely left out and downstairs talking with Tom Wamsgans. Rom comes down to confirm she has been left out in the cold.

The next day at work Tom's getting ready to be interviewed about the Cruise-line cases. He's assured it is all a formality but quickly discovers it is not. He is faced with some hard-hitting questions and even leaves to confirm with his wife that this it's all a formality. He once again asks her if her father would throw him under the bus, and she again says he would not. Shiv decides to go to London to confront her father. Meanwhile, Tom confronts Greg Hirsch about the papers he saved for himself, now demanding they also be destroyed.

Logan apologized to Roman

Logan and Roman share a car to the airport where Logan debatably apologizes for striking Roman at the conference days earlier. One onboard, they fine Ken and Rhea Jarrell. Logan decided to invite her since she was already going to London to see theater. Also confirming he could use her strategic mind.

While making meetings with shareholders in London England, the paper comes out with an article about Andrew Dodds. it is clear propaganda created by Stewy and Sandy. Alleging that Logan bullied the kid to death. Logan immediately sets up a meeting with the kid's family, and informs Ken he's coming along, and that Roman will be sent to negotiate with his mother.

Greg forced to hand the papers over to Tom

Tom finds Gregory at his apartment and demands the papers. Threatening him with violence. Gregory confirms the papers are still at Waystar Royco, and Tom informs him he will be staying the night and they will arrive at work together. The next day Gregory finally gives Tom the papers he was hiding in his desk. Tom confirms they will destroy them together. Later that day Gregory records himself in the bathroom, making sure his phone can pick up the conversation around him. While he and Tom are trying to burn the documents, the lighter will not ignite so Tom retrieve some matches. During his disappearance, Gregory grabbed a couple papers and stuff them in his back pocket. Tom returns and lights the rest of them on fire.

Shiv and Rhea having dinner

Shiv finally arrives in London, England only to find her father is not at his place. She eventually has dinner with Rhea who offers her, her old job with The Pierce Family. A trap she had laid out for the young woman, with the permission of her father. Shiv weighs her options.

Logan and Ken arrived at The Dodds's family home. They are greeted by a single photographer, as well as Andrew Dodds’s uncle. His parents are waiting inside. Logan insists Ken come in the house with him but allows him to wait outside the room. Logan wraps up matters with the family, apologizing his political rivals have dragged their son's name through the mud. They confirmed he was always an addict drug user, and don't place any blame on Logan himself. The two men leave together in silence. Later that night, Ken returns to drop cash into the mailslot.

Mother-Daughter hug

Shiv and Roman go to a convenience store to buy some junk food before visiting their mom. They arrive together and hug their mom. She is quick with her passive-aggressive behavior and is serving her children pigeon pie. She cuts to the reason they are there and asks how much money Logan is offering. Roman who was previously informed by his father he could go between 10 million but no more than 50 million. Caroline is immediately confident that was a lie. She demands the Summer Home, worth 120 million, or a simple 20 million but she gets the kids every Christmas. Claiming it will be Logan who decides. Wanting to make him choose.

Just a note

Ken arrives at his mother's place and confirms they were all be seeing her again for Christmas. Ken wants to open up and starts to bring up the topic with his mother, informing her it is a heavy topic weighing on him. She asks if they can discuss it in the morning over breakfast, and he agrees. The next morning Caroline had woken up even earlier than Ken, leaving a note, apologizing she had to leave to run errands. Both her sons are left alone in the house.

Shiv finally tracked down her father to ask where she stands in the company. Though he doesn't give her a clear answer, be demands to know why she was thinking about working with The Pierce Family. The rest of them go back to New York without her.


Caroline Collingwood: Ro-Ro!
Roman Roy: Hey, Mommy!
Caroline Collingwood: Thank you for coming down.
Roman Roy: Yeah, well, just following orders.
Caroline Collingwood: Like a Nazi.




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