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Rava Roy
Biographical Information
Real Name: Rava Roy
Current Location: New York, New York
United States of America
Husband: Kendall Roy (Separated)
Family: Logan Roy (Father-in-Law)

Caroline Collingwood (Mother-in-Law)
Roman Roy (Brother-in-Law)
Siobhan Roy (Sister-in-Law)
Connor Roy (Brother-in-Law)

Children: Iverson Roy (Son)

Sophie Roy (Daughter)

Affiliations: The Roy Family
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Status: Alive (Separated)
Character Information
First appearance: Celebration
Portrayed by: Natalie Gold

Rava Roy is the wife of Kendall Roy. Though she cares for her estranged husband, she has remained separated from him while being the primary caretaker of their children.

Early Life[]

Season 1[]

While everyone is preparing for Logan's 80th birthday. Logan Roy and Greg Hirsch ride the elevator together. They are greeted by his entire family when they come out, while Logan absentmindedly thanks everyone, and introduces Greg, greeting all his children and his grandchildren. [1]

Kendall Roy has a brief conversation with his estranged wife Rava about the kids. He is continuously trying to reconcile, while she politely declines

Logan calls for a meeting with all his children, soon Marcia Roy calls them all for dinner. Everyone enjoys dinner until they decide to have their traditional game of baseball. They all get in their cars and drive to the helicopters. The family arrives at a baseball field where employees are ready for them to play. After the game, Logan begins to have a stroke. They immediately head to the hospital. [1]

Ken calls Rava for advice and comfort while his father is in the hospital. [2]

Amid dealing with Waystar Royco, Kendall tried to get back with Rava. They hook up, but ultimately, she declines. [3]

Kendall arrives back in New York City by plane, only for Rava to decline to go with him to annual foundation gala. [4]

After being fired, Kendall has cut off communication with everyone and is suing his father. Ken finds himself on the phone with Rava who reminds him of his parenting duties. She asked if he's been using as there were rumours in the tabloids of his behaviour. He insists they are nothing more than rumours that he is sober before angerly hanging up on her .[5]

The Roy Family assembles at Eastnor Castle in England to prepare for Shiv Roy and Tom’s wedding. Ken runs into Rava. She politely offers an ear if he ever needs one, but also encourages him to nudge his lawyers along. This sets Ken off who is just finished a line of coke in the bathroom, but before he can berate her anymore, Rava leaves. [6]

The day of Shiv and Tom's wedding has finally arrived. Both of their entire families have gathered around to take photos. There is a small squabble when Shiv and Tom ask for Willa to not be in the sibling/partner photo, however, Connor Roy says he is prepared to make a scene, so they allow it. [7]

The reception finally starts, and everyone except Ken is at the front of the room with the bride and groom. All of The Roys give a nice speech to them, including their mother and father. Rava doesn't see Kendall again until the end of the night. Their kids were asking for him, and they finally all join together on the dance floor as the party keeps raging. [7]