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Nobody is Ever Missing
Season 1, Episode 10
Episode 10.jpg
Written by Jesse Armstrong
Directed by Mark Mylod
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The Summer Palace


Logan finds himself in crisis mode as news of a hostile takeover breaks.


The day of Shiv and Tom's wedding has finally arrived. Both of their entire families have gathered around to take photos. There is a small squabble when Shiv Roy and Tom Wambsgans ask for Willa Ferreyra to not be in the sibling / partner photo, however Connor Roy says he is prepared to make a scene, so they allow it.

Family photo

While photos are still going on, Kendall Roy has finished up his part in the photographer and has quarantined himself away with Stewy Hosseini and Jess Jordan. They have fast tracked everything for it to be ready today, with the final documents being printed. Unfortunately, Jess isn't sure where they were sent, and everyone quickly starts looking for them.

During this time, Stewy and Ken decide to do more cocaine, and Stewy says Ken has to tell his father of the takeover. He reluctantly agrees. Ken meets with Logan Roy in his private rooms to inform him of the takeover of Waystar Royco. His father asks if this is a bear hug, and Ken confirms it is. Furious Logan kicks him out. Marcia Roy comes in as Logan is fishing out the papers he threw in the toilet. He demands to get everyone on the phone, including Karl and Gerri.

Shuttle explodes

During the reception Roman Roy finds a place to watch his space launch go off in Japan. Roman watches it alone in a small bathroom., only to see the entire spaceship blow up before his eyes. He immediately turns off his phone and avoids all responsibility, telling no one.

Connor is talking with Willa, and informs her, he wants to run for President of the United States. Promising they will do everything to cover up her sordid past. Logan comes down to join everyone, while trying to keep his composure. A waiter asks if he would like more champagne, to which he absentmindedly agrees, but gets champagne poured on his hand and arm. He immediately overreacts and fires the young lad, demanding he be kicked out immediately. Colin is ready and waiting with a pen and paper for him to sign an NDA with a cash settlement.

Gerri Killman confronts Roman about his spaceship launch in Japan. She demands to know why he hasn't been doing anything, and he lies, saying he had no idea what happened. Pretending to be baffled, he is shocked to hear about the explosion. Gerri immediately begins going over any legal ramifications with him. And he confesses that he had the launch moved up so that it would be on his sister's wedding day. She tells him, he is looking at corporate manslaughter if anyone dies.

The reception

The reception finally starts, and everyone except Ken is at the front of the room with the bride and groom. All of The Roys give a nice speech to them, including their mother and father. Before long, Logan very subtly had all his children gathered in one room, and informed of Ken's decision for the takeover of their family company. All four siblings are very mad at their brother, and after a couple of minutes, Logan walks in. He confirms everything is true, then informs them of his battle plan.

After being berated by his siblings Ken goes back to his room with Stewie. He asked for more cocaine but his friend tells them they have to be on the ball as they are going to be giving updates every two hours. Ken asks again for more cocaine but Stewie he simply says he's all out. They both know he's lying.

While the immediate family are gathered around talking, Connor reveals he wants to run for president sooner rather than later. Everyone is both surprise and uninterested, assuming he will give it up before long. Gerri informs Roman that no one has died in Japan. The details are still being sorted out, but it looks like two people have lost their thumbs and a third might have to get their arm amputated. Roman is overjoyed to not receive any major consequences.

Greg and Ken

Greg and Ken run into each other on the balcony while both are having a smoke. Greg says he is proud of Ken and wishes him good luck. Ken asks him if he has anything like cocaine on him, but he only has smokes. Greg brings up how Tom had him destroy evidence regarding the cruise line mishaps, but he kept copies of all the major important documents. In return all he wants is a better position at work. Ken agrees.

Tom and Shiv sneak away from their own reception and are in their private rooms. Shiv informs Tom she's not sure if she wants a monogamous relationship. She also confesses of her affair with Nate. Before consummating their marriage, Tom asks if he can kick Nate out and Shiv agrees. Afterwards Tom immediately goes down to kick out Nate Sofrelli. He confirms he knows about the affair, and even demands Nate pour his wine back into the bottle before leaving.

Ken is looking for cocaine still, and runs into Andrew Dodds, the kid his father fired earlier. They both smoke and it doesn't take Ken long to ask him for cocaine. After Andrew does a line of ketamine he says he can't drive, so Ken does. On the drive Ken talks about how rich his family is, and the kid jokes if he should kidnap him. Before crossing a bridge, a deer is in the road and Ken swerves them off into the water. The car immediately sinks but Ken is able to make it out. He makes multiple attempts to save the kid before giving up. He begins the long walk home. Once back to his room, Ken realizes he has lost his key, so breaks in. He showers off and changes only to return to the party, as if nothing's happened. He makes sure to make appearances with everyone.

Ken and Logan

The next morning at breakfast, Ken is called into his father's library. Logan makes a mock display of asking if anything was stolen as his key card was found on the fired employee. Logan has everyone leave the room and he informed his son he knows what happened with Andrew. He promises to cover up everything for him, but he has to tell Sandy Furness and Stewy he's out. Ken cries in his father's arms, but obliges.


(Wanting to take a group wedding photo with Willa)
Connor Roy: But if you don't allow it, I'm gonna punch Tom in the face and I'm gonna rip my shirt open, I'm gonna take a fuckin' dump on the ground. I'm gonna go apeshit, because she's the woman I love.

Kendall Roy: I am fuckin' loaded beyond your wildest imagination.
Andrew Dodds: Should I kidnap you?
Kendall Roy: Yeah, if you can fuckin' walk, you should kidnap me.
(Both laugh)
Andrew Dodds: I know a house.
Kendall Roy: Oh, you know a house? Like a place to fuckin' keep me?
Andrew Dodds: Yeah. It's got a cow shed. I could keep you in there. It's only got a corrugated iron roof, so it's gonna be fuckin' cold.
Kendall Roy: Hey, I mean, what do you care?
Andrew Dodds: Ha! Yeah, exactly.


  • [[Caroline Collingwood|Caroline Collingwood's]] husband's name is Rory.



Recurring Roles


  • Director: Mark Mylod
  • Writers: Jesse Armstrong & Susan Soon He Stanton
  • Producers: Jesse Armstrong, Ron Bozman, Jon Brown, Maria Cerretani, Maeve Cullinane, Will Ferrell, Jonathan Filley, Jonathan Glatzer, Callie Hersheway, Amy Hodge, Adam McKay, Kevin J. Messick, Mark Mylod, Lucy Prebble, Georgia Pritchett, Frank Rich, Tony Roche, Dara Schnapper, Jane Tranter & Daniel Zelman
  • Composer: Nicholas Britell
  • Cinematographer: Patrick Capone
  • Editors: Ken Eluto & William Henry
  • Casting: Douglas Aibel & Henry Russell Bergstein
  • Production Designer: Stephen Carter
  • Art Directors: Andrew Bennett & Mark Harris
  • Set Decorator: Sophie Newman
  • Costume Designer: Michelle Matland
  • Makeup Department: Christen Edwards, Michelle Johnson, Sara Kramer, Megan Long, Claus Lulla and Patricia Regan
  • Production Managers: Frank Covino, Mark Somner, Radha Subramaniam & Andy Surry
  • Second Unit Director & Assistant Director: Sam Barry-Parker, Mary Boulding, Lucy Cover, Simon Downes, Michelle Flevotomas, Christo Morse, Andrij Parekh & Ben Quirk
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