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Nate Sofrelli
Nate Sofrelli.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Nathaniel Sofrelli
Title: Political Strategist
Current Location: New York, New York
United States of America
Wife: French Doctor
Interests: Shiv Roy (Ex)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Status: Alive (Engaged)
Character Information
First appearance: Lifeboats
Portrayed by: Ashley Zukerman

Nate Sofrelli is a political strategist and former romantic partner of Shiv Roy.

Early Life[]

Not much is known about Nate, other than he used to work with Kendall Roy and eventually for Gil Eavis. He also met Shiv, Kendall's sister. Both started a relationship before they broke up but both still worked as colleagues under Gil.

Season 1[]

Shiv Roy is still upset with Marcia Roy for pulling rank and not letting her see her own father and hires an old paramour, Nate Sofrelli to conduct a background check on Logan’s third wife. [1]

Shiv Roy explores her options in D.C with her ex-boyfriend Nate and is considering working with her father’s political nemesis, Gil Eavis possibly getting him into the White House. Shiv and Nate spend the night together but in separate rooms. Nate was trying to start up a relationship with her, even though they are both engaged. [2]

Shiv is considering reconciling with Nate, both romantically and on a business deal. Shiv takes a meeting with Gil Eavis, a potential presidential candidate who goes against everything her father stands for. After the meeting, they have a sexual encounter in his car. [3]

During Tom's bachelor party, Shiv is working alongside Gil and Nate, who is constantly trying to start up a relationship with her again. She always declines but allows continuing flirting and touching. Eventually, the two are in bed together, but Shiv doesn't seem to consider this cheating, as both her and Tom Wamsgans have the green light. [4]

The Roy Family assembles at Eastnor Castle in England to prepare for Shiv and Tom’s wedding. Shiv is talking with Tabitha, but quickly leaves when she sees Tom and Nate are talking. Nate has introduced himself to Tom and informed him that he used to date Shiv. Tom Pulls Shiv away to talk.

Shiv and Nate then have a conversation outside and are seen by Greg Hirsch, who overhears the entire conversation and learns of the affair. [5]

The day of Shiv and Tom's wedding has arrived. The reception finally starts, and everyone gives a nice speech to the couple, including Shiv's mother and father. [6]

Hours later, Tom finds Nate to kick him out. Tom confirms he knows about the affair, and even demands Nate pour his wine back into the bottle before leaving. [6]

Season 2[]

Talking to Shiv

At work, Shiv Roy talks with Nate and he asks for her not to say anything about their affair because his wife doesn't know. Shiv doesn't care, telling Nate it's not her problem. After a meeting, Gil Eavis tells Shiv he is promoting her to Chief of Staff for his political campaign. Days later, Shiv makes a joke about Gill wanting to sanitize his hands after shaking someone's hand. It ends up in an argument, and Shiv quits just as Gil informs her she is fired. [7]

Tom Wamsgans is the first Waystar Royco employee to be called to the stand and is quite nervous. He is confronted by Gil, who questions him about Lester’s nickname Moe. In his panic when confronted about missing documents over Thanksgiving, Tom claims to not know who Greg Hirsch is . This leaves everyone in the boardroom, along with Greg who is sitting in the audience, stunned and confused. [8]

Logan reading a statement to Congress

Shiv goes alone to meet with Gil and Nate and tries to broker a deal with them, but Gil is uninterested. Shiv promises Bill Lockheart, but soon finds out they have a witness. Logan and Ken make a joint appearance, Logan reads his well prepared statement , but immediately defers all questions, directing them towards Kendall. Surprisingly, Kendall has no problem answering these questions. [8]

Gregory is in the courtroom before Congress testifying. He is notably very nervous answering questions while talking to Gil. It appears he is one of the last members to testify, as everyone else's on their way to celebrate with a quick holiday on the family's extravagant yacht. [9]


  • Kendall Roy and Nate used to work and travel together in Shanghai. [5]