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Safety briefing? Here’s the safety briefing: If you move against me, I’ll put a hole in the back of your f**king head.
Logan Roy[src]

Logan Charles Roy[1] is the founder and CEO of Waystar Royco and patriarch of the Roy family. He is the main antagonist of the show, being the main antagonist of the first three seasons and the overarching antagonist of the fourth and final season. He is portrayed by Brian Cox.


Logan Roy was a volatile, egocentric, and cunning self-made man who took great pleasure in "making them squeal." He was unafraid of emotionally damaging his opponents, often manipulating and berating them, even in the case of his children. Logan believed in an extremely patriarchal and conservative lifestyle and refused to evolve. Throughout the series, it's heavily implied that he was abusive to his children in their youth, while also having been abused as a child himself. His third and final wife was Marcia Roy.


Early life[]

Logan Roy was born into poverty (or so he claimed) in Dundee, Scotland.[Notes 1] His father passed away several years later from a brain hemorrhage.[2] During the war, he and his older brother Ewan were sent to live with their uncle Noah in Quebec, Canada. While en route to Canada, their ship was left adrift for two days and three nights after its engine failed. They were told that if they spoke, moved, or even coughed, the ship would be destroyed by U-Boats, leaving the children to speak only with their eyes.[Notes 2][3]

While Logan was away to boarding school, he and Ewan's baby sister, Rose, arrived in Canada. Logan detested boarding school, then eventually fell ill and begged to come home. Rose passed away from polio shortly after his return, which Logan believed he had given her. Noah and his wife did nothing to absolve Logan of his worries, and he continued to carry the guilt into adulthood. Ewan, however, insists that Logan need not blame himself for Rose's death.[3]

Logan claimed that Noah was ill-tempered and viciously abusive. Ewan has not explicitly confirmed these claims, but referred to his uncle as a "character." Logan is shown as an adult with several deep scars on his back, presumably resulting from his uncle's abuse.[4]

Career beginnings[]

While still in Canada and desperate to escape, Logan received inheritance from his father and began his first business, an advertising company named Royco Holdings. Logan convinced his brother Ewan to invest in the business as well, but Logan would later buy his shares and take full control of the company. Logan then expanded from billboards to newspapers and merged with American newspaper company Waystar, thus forming Waystar Royco.

In 1985, Logan needed cash badly for the expansion into parks, so he took out a loan through the family holding company, adding to the company's already considerate debt. Logan knew that besides Frank and Gerri, none of the other board's members would see what was happening.

At some point after moving to the United States, Logan then moved to America and later married his first wife, with whom he had his first son, Connor. Logan had Connor's mother sent to the "loony bin", isolating her from the rest of the Roy family. After their divorce, Logan married the British aristocrat Caroline Collingwood and had three more children: Kendall, Roman, and Siobhan, in that order. Logan and Caroline lived with their children in England until their eventual divorce. Logan eventually returned to America and married Marcia, his third and final wife.

Season 1[]

Logan Roy wakes up in the middle of the night disoriented and urinates in the corner of the room. Realizing his mistake, he allows his wife Marcia to take him back to bed. He later arrives at Waystar to have Kendall sign some last-minute "housekeeping", which Kendall signs without having read. He confirms to Kendall that he will be announced as his successor later that night.

Upon arriving in New York, Greg greets his great-uncle at the bottom of his apartment building with a present. Greg is then promptly slammed against the wall by Logan's body-man, Colin. He explains that it was his mother who suggested he come to the party, and Logan allows Colin to release him. Greg then rides the elevator with Logan up to his apartment, where they find that the rest of Logan's family has arrived. Logan absentmindedly thanks everyone, and introduces Greg. He greets all his children and grandchildren but refuses to open Connor's gift, even though he presents it to Logan several times. Eventually, Connor shows off the present: a container of sourdough starter, used to make traditional bread without yeast like back in Scotland.

Logan agrees to give Greg a job if he asks his grandpa, Logan's brother Ewan, to intercede with Logan first. Greg is aware that Logan and Ewan are not on the best of terms, but agrees anyway. He then calls for a meeting with his children and presents them with the same papers from earlier, stating that if they sign, Marcia will be entrusted with the company in the event of his death. He also announces he will not be stepping down from his position of CEO. Logan allows the other children time to consider it, while Kendall is upset with his father for lying to him. Fights break out between the siblings, but Marcia calls them to dinner and quiet ensues. Kendall then privately confronts his father, but Logan stands his ground and admits that he doesn't believe Kendall is ready for the position. While at lunch, Logan suggests that they have their traditional game of softball. While on their way, Roman agrees to sign the trust papers, but only if he is appointed to COO.

The family arrives and players are divided into teams. Logan asks Shiv to consider leaving politics and instead work for him at the company, but she declines. Kendall proposes to Shiv and Roman that he become CEO and the two of them be appointed to co-COO, but they immediately decline. Kendall, upset, leaves the game and has one of his connections spread word of Logan's decline in health. Logan insisting that the rest of his children fly with him back to New York once the game is over. Before they leave, Logan fires Frank, current COO and his longtime friend.

While inside the helicopter, the siblings begin to argue with their father about the trust papers, demanding to know why Marcia should be involved in the company at all. The fight stops suddenly as Logan begins to have a stroke, falling over into Connor's lap. They then immediately reroute and head to the hospital.[5]

Logan is currently unresponsive. Kendall asks Roman what triggered the stroke, to which Roman blames Shiv's hardball tactics. Everyone at Waystar is already preparing for Logan's death, even drafting an obituary at ATN, and the boys are in charge of damage control. Connor has become fixated on the idea of cryogenics and preserving his father's body.

Gerri and Karl arrive and pull Kendall aside. They inform him that he will be CEO in Logan's absence, and that Roman had just been promoted to COO.

The doctor explains to Marcia and the children that Logan had a hemorrhagic stroke and that, at his age, surgery is not an option. Shiv suggests moving him to another hospital, but Marcia opposes the idea and insists that she make all decisions.

Gerri then takes Kendall to the roof and reveals that the company is $3 billion in debt. She tells him that in 1985, Logan took out a loan for their expansion into parks. The company had already been in considerable debt prior to the loan. She explains that the debt is secured against Waystar's stock, and once the stock hits 130, the bank can pursue repayment in full. If the bank decided to do this, it would eviscerate the company. Gerri jokingly tells Kendall to not jump off the building. The family then disperses from the hospital but Marcia stays by Logan's bedside. He then begins to wake up.[6]

Logan has returned home from the hospital. Shiv decides to visit him, Tom accompanying her. On their way in, they see two of Logan's caregivers leaving, one of which is crying. Shiv is insistent on seeing her father, but Marcia won't allow her, saying that Logan needs his rest. Kendall later attempts seeing their father, but Marcia again shuts the children out.

Shiv decides to make another attempt at seeing Logan, alongside Tom and Connor. Shiv pushes past her step-mother and heads upstairs. Shiv reveals to Logan that she and Tom are engaged and plan to live in New York permanently. Logan tells Shiv that he loves her, before grabbing her hand and moving it towards his crotch. Shiv, stunned, pulls her hand back. She returns downstairs to Marcia, who asks if everything is okay. Shiv tells her that it is. Marcia then calls Kendall and tells him that Logan wishes to see him.

When Kendall arrives, Logan is out of bed and watching the news. Kendall informs him of the stock situation, but that he's come up with a solution. Logan, unimpressed, insults his son by calling him an idiot. Kendall then leaves the room, hurt.[7]

Logan is working with two physical therapists in his apartment, as the muscles in his legs have weakened. Marcia is there to encourage him, but he grows irritated with her and the music she's playing. He snaps at her to turn it off, but she tells him to turn it off himself, before leaving the room.

Logan confronts Kendall about selling part of Waystar Royco, but Kendall stands his ground, arguing the debt caused by his father. Karolina informs Logan that Kendall will be announcing Logan's retirement at the company's charity gala, which further upsets him. Logan then wanders into Kendall's office and urinates on the floor. Logan confirms that he will be attending the event, worrying everyone due to his recent condition. Logan arrives and gets into a wheelchair. Connor speaks with his father to confirm that he's aware of Kendall's speech, but Logan says that he himself will be speaking instead.

Connor informs Kendall of Logan's speech, and in a panic Kendall consults with Gerri. Kendall is worried Logan may make a fool of himself, but Gerri insists that he'll do fine. Marcia helps Logan to the stage. Logan thanks Marcia and welcomes Tom to the family, following his engagement to Shiv. Regarding his own role, he announces that he is officially returning to the company, implying that he has no plans of retiring. Applause and a standing ovation follows, while the Roy siblings are shocked.[8]

Logan has been discussing acquiring local TV stations with Karl and Gerri. Kendall and Roman are avidly against the idea of "local news." Logan tells calls Roman a moron and calls the meeting over, all but Frank and Roman leaving. They then witness Logan pour himself coffee, overfilling the cup while seemingly unaware of it.

Logan arrives home and is greeted by his wife Marcia, who confirms that Ewan will be attending their Thanksgiving dinner. He doesn't initially believe her, but she adds that it's not good to have rifts in the family. Kendall begins plotting a Vote of No Confidence against Logan. Ewan arrives, and Logan greets his brother coldly before they all gather at the table.

Kendall's ex-wife, Rava, and children, Sophie and Iverson, arrive late. Iverson prefers not to join the family at the table, and is seen playing in another room with Rava. This upsets Logan and he demands his grandson join the rest of the family. Greg has arrived at Waystar and is reconsidering the legality of this task. He then calls Tom, who hangs up on him. Greg then decides that while shredding, he will make copies of the most important documents. After dinner, Logan shows Willa his collection of WWI memorabilia. Ewan is upset by this and the two begin arguing, quickly escalating. Ewan expresses his embarrassment of ATN and his brother's political beliefs while the rest of the family sits quietly and observes. Ewan then admits that he was told Logan was ready to apologize, which comes to Logan's surprise. Ewan then storms out, and Logan shrugs the whole encounter off.

Marcia later suggests that the family play a memory game called "I Went to Market". During Logan's turn, he goes blank and cannot remember what to say. Logan tries once more, but Iverson insists that Logan has lost and his turn is over, while trying to pry the can of cranberry sauce out of Logan's hands. Logan becomes enraged. Whether accidental or not, Logan hits Iverson in the face with the cranberry sauce to the horror of his parents and the dinner party as a whole.

After the party, while alone with Marcia, Logan is able to repeat the "I Went to Market" line from earlier. Marcia is very proud of him.[9]

Per the request of Marcia, Kendall and his father have dinner before the night of the big vote, and the two eat burgers while watching TV.

As Kendall rushes to the building, Frank calls the board meeting and asks Logan to leave the room. Frank attempts to stall the vote until Kendall can arrive. Logan refuses to leave the room, and instead berates numerous board members, including Roman, into voting in his favor. Lawrence and Stewy abstain from the vote, while Ewan sides with his brother despite his indifference towards him and his company. Frank and several others vote in favor of Kendall, but the majority goes to Logan. Kendall finally arrives at the boardroom but Logan immediately fires him, along with everyone else who voted against him, including Frank. Kendall is then escorted out of the building by security, not even being allowed time to gather his things.[10]

Logan agrees to a weekend-long family therapy session at Austerlitz, Connor's ranch in New Mexico. Without most of the family's knowledge, Logan has had it arranged to double as a publicity stunt.

The first day of therapy seems to be going nowhere, as Logan is uninterested and snaps at anyone who calls him out on it. Logan decides to allow Roman more responsibility and puts him in charge of overseeing an upcoming satellite launch out of Japan.

Therapy has ended prematurely, after the therapist is hospitalized from diving head-first into a shallow pool. Logan insults Tom and confronts Shiv about meeting with his rival, causing her to leave in tears. Kendall, intoxicated, begins picking fights. He and Logan nearly have a physical altercation after Logan admits to planting the stories about his son's drug use, but Marcia separates them.

The next morning, Logan goes for a swim with only Marcia there to encourage him, revealing deep scars across his back, seemingly from his uncle's abuse.[4]

Logan calls Greg into his office, and Greg brings up his wish to work in a less hostile environment. Logan immediately realizes he's referring to Tom as hostile and is surprised, as he didn't think Tom was capable of such. He promises Greg that he’ll look into it, so long as Greg keeps an eye on Kendall during the big bachelor weekend. Both agree.

While at the bachelor party, Kendall and Roman begin arguing, and Roman decides to confront him about being locked in a cage and forced to eat dog food when he was four years old. Kendall insists that Roman enjoyed it. When Kendall mentions this to Connor, Connor also confirms that Roman asked to be put in there, and that the dog food was only chocolate cake. Roman claims the incident led him to start wetting the bed, which resulted in their father sending him to military school. Again, Connor claims that their father sent him away because Roman begged to go, yet later admits to Kendall that their father did it because he viewed Roman as "the weaker dog."

Shiv and Logan then have dinner together, which quickly becomes an argument and the two leave before they can even eat. Later, Marcia calls Shiv and says that Logan can no longer come to her wedding, claiming that he is too sick. Shiv is aware that the two events are related.

Kendall makes an agreement with Sandy and Stewy to undermine his father's company for a takeover.[11]

The Roy family assembles at Eastnor Castle in England to prepare for Shiv and Tom’s wedding. Logan wishes to hang back, but his team is unable to find a good excuse for him so he decides to go, seemingly for the good PR. Logan makes his grand entrance by helicopter in the second half of the party. He has a quick, heated exchange with his daughter, and before going to bed, finds himself on the staircase beside Gil. The two men have an exchange of words before they separate.[12]

Kendall meets with Logan privately to inform him of the situation. His father asks if this is a bear hug, which Kendall confirms. Furious, Logan kicks him out. Logan's wife Marcia comes in as Logan is fishing out papers he threw in the toilet. He demands to get everyone on the phone, including Karl and Gerri.

Logan comes down to join everyone at Shiv and Tom's reception, trying to keep his composure. A waiter asks if he would like more champagne and he absentmindedly agrees, but the champagne is accidentally poured on his hand and arm. He snaps and fires the young boy, demanding he be kicked out immediately. Colin is ready and waiting with a pen and paper for him to sign an NDA with a cash settlement.

Logan then subtly migrates all his children into one room after having informed them of Kendall's plan to take over. All three siblings are angry with their brother, and after a couple of minutes, Logan walks in. He confirms that everything is true, then informs them of his battle plan.

The next morning at breakfast, Kendall is called into his father's library to speak about the accident. Kendall pretends to be ignorant regarding the situation, only having just been informed by Greg. Logan reveals that they found Kendall's key card near the site of the accident. Marcia and Logan suggest that maybe the waiter broke into Kendall's room and took the card and he plays along, not saying much and seemingly a bit nervous. Logan then asks for the others to leave, so he can be with Kendall privately. Logan reveals that he knows the truth and Kendall begins to cry, and Logan insists that Kendall drop out of his previous plan and go to rehab. They both know that if anything were to come out, Kendall's career and life would be destroyed. Logan then promises to have everything covered up. Kendall cries in his father's arms, but obliges.[13]

Season 2[]

Kendall is whisked away from rehab and told that he must return to New York and appear on television for an interview. Kendall is being asked to revoke the claims made against Logan and suspend the takeover attempt. At Waystar's HQ, Logan watches the interview and says this is "the first f**king thing [Kendall's] ever done right in his life."

Kendall then sits down with his father and Karl. Logan wishes to know what information the rival team has and how they plan to use it. Karl excuses himself from the room, allowing them more privacy. Ken admits that he told Stewy and Sandy of his father's medications and more personal incidences, such as his father peeing on the floor and overpouring his coffee. Logan excuses his son and tells him he has an office ready for him.

Logan has a private dinner with his banker Jamie Laird. He recommends that Logan sell the company, otherwise the fight could last months or even years. Jamie says that the use of traditional news media (newspapers, TV outlets, etc.) is declining, and he speculates that only a few, if any, companies will survive. However, Jamie realizes that there is too much animosity between Logan and Sandy for Logan to make the reasonable decision to sell.

Ken arrives early at the family's cottage in the Hamptons, greeted by a horrible stench. Shiv, Tom, Roman, Logan, Marcia, and Colin also arrive and comment on the smell. Logan instructs Kendall to help him locate the source of the smell. The source of the smell is finally identified as a bag of dead raccoons stuffed in the fireplace. Logan insists all the food be thrown out and they order pizza instead. Logan believes someone planted the bag intentionally.

Food is served but before anyone can eat, an argument breaks out. The Roy children demand to know why Kendall is allowed back into the family's routines and business so easily. Roman is also upset to find out that he now has to share his position with his brother. Logan then asks his family what he should do with the company: buy, or sell it. Connor wants his father to keep the company, as it will look better for him when he runs for president. A few others voice their opinions, but Logan returns to his office and brings the children in one by one to speak to them about the matter individually.

Shiv is brought in second, and Logan informs that he wants her to run the company. She agrees, and they both decide to keep things quiet for now until more details can be sorted out.

Logan confronts the man who worked for him over the winter, doing stable work. Logan accuses him of being dissatisfied with Logan's pay of $200k. then stuffing the bag of rotting raccoons in his chimney, Logan agrees to pay $100k, even though it's $300k owed. The man declines, and Logan says if he wants any money, he'll have to sue him.[14]

The Roys congregate to watch Stewy Hosseini's interview on PGM, where he claims that Logan is "too old" and out of touch to properly run the company. Shiv suggests they retaliate and fire back immediately, to which Logan agrees. Logan tasks Kendall and Roman with scrutinizing Vaulter, which is becoming a burden to Waystar's financial state. Shiv then meets with her father to discuss his offer of CEO to her, but Logan says it will take three years for this to happen.

Kendall and Roman attend a meeting with their father, regarding the results of their routine check of Vaulter. Kendall claims that Vaulter shows potential and he believes they should keep it. Roman, however, offers a contrasting opinion. He cites his discovery of systemic low-productivity, in addition to efforts underway by the workforce to unionize; an action that, in his opinion, would only reinforce the existing negative behaviors exhibited by the employees. Ultimately, Logan commits to Roman’s suggestion, and moves forward with his decision to dissolve Vaulter. Kendall is tasked with shutting it down, and reluctantly complies.[15]

Logan sees his doctor, who reminds him to relax and suggests he sit out of the company retreat in Hungary, although he does not. Logan puts off seeing his dying friend Moe and instead goes to a board meeting. He first scolds them for not yet finding a solution to the Sandy Furness problem, then informing everyone that Waystar Royco will be taking over media-giant PGM. He asks if anyone objects to being involved with the Pierce family, yet the few negative comments made are immediately shut down. He also decides to bring rehire Frank Vernon, as he is personally close with Nan Pierce, head of PGM. Kendall agrees with his father on the issue, while Roman mocks him for it.

Logan wants Shiv to talk with her brother Connor about his anti-tax campaign, as it could jeopardize several of Logan's important connections. While on the plane, Karolina informs Logan that Michelle Pantsil has a source from his inner circle. Logan first accuses Kendall, who quickly denies it. He then demands Sam investigate.

Before dinner, Gerri and Karl try to pressure Tom into changing Logan's mind about PGM. Meanwhile, Logan is furious upon discovering that someone tipped the Pierce family off and informed them of his plans.

Not long into dinner, Logan confronts his staff members, demanding to know who had been in contact with the Pierce family, as well as with Pantsil. He first insults Frank, then asks Karl if his wife knows of all his visits to the whorehouse. Logan proposes that they a play a game called "boar on the floor", and has Karl, followed by Tom and Greg, stand in the front of the room. They're then instructed to get on their hands and knees and fight over sausage, the loser being considered the mole. While doing so, Logan berates and shouts at them, and has everyone else join in. Meanwhile, Kendall discovers that it was Roman who had been in contact with Naomi Pierce. Roman claims that he was just trying to help his father, but Logan is furious and calls him a moron. Logan then asks the room who backs him on the PGM deal and Kendall sees that Logan is alone, yet he plans to go ahead with it anyways.

The next morning at breakfast, with everyone still in shock from last night's events. Logan finds out that Moe spoke to Michelle Pantsil, prior to passing away just the night before. Logan considers the issue resolved. That night, Logan informs Shiv that it's finally her time to be welcomed into the company, and will shadow him tomorrow. Gerri convinces Roman to take the 6-week management course, believing it will impress his father. Before arriving back home, Frank informs Logan that Pierce's CEO, Rhea Jarrell, emailed him and is interested in meeting.[16]

Upon hearing gunshot sounds, Logan is immediately whisked away to a very private and secure safe room and asks where Kendall is.

Kendall, Rhea, and Logan then delve into the real reason why PMG won't sell their company. Kendall begins to sweeten the deal with more money before an unofficial deal is made and confirmed. Logan sees Rhea off to her car and she suggests a peace offering, like firing Mark Ravenhead for personally offending Nan Pierce. Logan is informed the shooter was actually a suicide victim who blamed "bullying" within ATN. Logan seems less than interested.[17]

Logan announces to everyone that he will be buying Pierce Media, but before the family will agree to anything, they must spend the weekend with them. He demands a sharp and crisp image from everyone, reminding them of the two-drink maximum.

Not long after arriving at the Pierce family home, Logan herds his family into a small room for a quick meeting. He tells everyone to do better, scolds Shiv for her rude joke, and tells Connor to stop talking politics. Last, he reminds Roman to be more polite before ushering everyone back out. His wife, Marcia, informs him that she is less than impressed with his antics.

That night at dinner, Marcia is offered more wine, but Logan declines for her. Marcia insists on another glass and insults Logan's preference for wine. The question of who will succeed Logan comes up, but he declines to answer. Logan is continuously pressured until Shiv announces herself that she will be taking over the company, much to the surprise of her brothers. Logan, in a spout of anger, quickly shuts down the conversation.

Rhea announces that Pierce family had a private meeting earlier and that Nan and Naomi invite Logan, Shiv, and Kendall to meet with them after breakfast. As they all are gather in a small room, they agree to let the Roy family buy their company, but have a list of conditions. Logan dislikes some of them but agrees anyway, until they demand that Shiv be announced as his successor on the same day as the merge of companies. Logan gets upset and storms off. Once they arrive back in New York, the Pierce family alter them that they have changed their minds and agree to Logan's terms. Everyone then celebrates the good news. The family gather around and all cheer champagne, but Logan never takes a sip. Instead, he heads up to his room alone and in silence.[18]

Logan demands more, better information about the Pierce family settlement. Kendall agrees to go in and scold them.

Logan then spots Sandy Furness across the room and uses them as cover to discuss him and their ongoing lawsuit. They are interrupted as Colin ushers Logan, Gerri, and Kendall into another room. They are informed that a magazine has been tipped off about the cruise-line scandal and is going to publish it within 36 to 48 hours. They get on a conference call with Shiv and begin discussing a course of action. Kendall suggests they go at them hard and fast, leaving them hopeless then threatening to sue. Shiv thinks they should opt for a much less aggressive approach and cooperate with the magazine before burying them. Logan decides to go with Kendall's idea, and the two agree that all contracts with the Pierce family contracts must be wrapped up soon, rather than later. They also agree that they will need a "white knight" and Gerri suggests Roman, while Logan asks Shiv to fly down.

Aware that the cruise-line story is about to hit the internet, Logan warns his wife Marcia that it may get nasty and she will hear some awful things in the media. She reassures him that she'll be with him no matter what, and knows who he truly is.

Logan is informed that many people are abandoning him, following the newsbreak of the cruise-line scandals. Logan sits down to have lunch but vomits, possibly due to a combination of stress and altitude sickness, while Shiv and Gerri cover for him. Logan decides that Shiv, Roman, and Kendall should all be on the panel together, and watches in the audience with Marcia.

Their weekend concludes at a comedy roast special. The comedian sees Logan's family enter, and lays into them about the sexual assault allegations on the cruise-line. Nan Pierce is at the back of the room and immediately leaves. Logan follows her out with Rhea. He asks if everything is alright and if the deal is still good to go. Nan says the deal is off and fires Rhea as well, accusing her of working against them. Logan loses his temper and continues following Nan out to her car, yelling for her to come back.[19]

Amid the cruise-line's sexual misconduct allegations, Logan Roy has decided to throw a big party. Logan is stood with Marcia overlooking his party, glad to see that the negative press perpetuated by Sandy Furness and Stewy Hosseini has done nothing to damper his reputation.

Upstairs, Frank and Gerri call for a private meeting with Logan, Ken, and Roman to discuss their strategies and ensure that all shareholders are on their side. Logan then decides to, while in London, send his children to make arrangements with his ex-wife, Caroline, who has 3%. Shiv is downstairs talking with Tom when Roman comes to confirm she has been left out in the cold.

Logan and Roman share a car to the airport where Logan "apologizes" for striking Roman at the conference days earlier. Once onboard, they find Kendall and Rhea Jarrell. While Rhea was already headed to London to see theater, Logan invited her as well, thinking he could use her strategic mind.

While in London and arranging meetings with shareholders, an article about Andrew Dodds is released in the paper. Obvious propaganda created by Stewy and Sandy, it alleges that Logan bullied the kid to death. Logan immediately sets up a meeting with the kid's family and informs Kendall that he'll be joining him, while Roman is to be sent to negotiate with his mother.

Logan and Kendall arrive at the Dodds family home. They are greeted by a single photographer, as well as Andrew's uncle. His parents are waiting inside. Logan insists Kendall come in the house with him but allows him to wait outside the room. Logan wraps up matters with the family, apologizing that his political rivals have dragged their son's name through the mud. They confirmed he was always an addict drug user and say they don't place any blame on Logan himself. Logan and Kendal then leave together in silence.[20]

Logan is riding shotgun with Marcia and Connor as he passes through his old hometown. He seems visibly uncomfortable throughout the ride, implying that not all of his memories are pleasant ones.

Shiv, intending to upset her father, motions for the waiter to pour up Rhea's drink. She then stops him by announcing that Rhea doesn't drink, accompanied by a remark that she is also a liberal. This, along with her speech that involved Logan's late mother and sister, which Kendall also advocated for her to do, further upset Logan. Later, while everyone is standing outside of Logan's old home, Logan arrives and upon looking at his family, decides to leave. Logan is confronted by his older brother Ewan Roy. Their disdain for each other remains and the two insult each other, as well as bring up their childhood.

Logan is on his way to the gala alongside Marcia, informing her that he intends to leave early after the soup and salad. Rhea gathers everyone to be quiet as Logan is arriving, they all shout surprise, and Logan immediately does a 180 and heads outside. He is surprised to find around 200 people when he was only expecting 20-30. Marcia calms him, and they are escorted back inside by Colin, where everyone shouts once again. Having gathered himself, Logan thanks everyone and begins shaking hands.

In the bathroom, Logan is cornered by Greg. Greg tells Logan that while he has absolutely loved working alongside him and hopes he has impressed him, he unfortunately must resign. He then admits his grandfather will cut him off if he does not, to which Logan promises that Ewan has always been a coward but he must do what he feels is right.

During his children's video speeches, Logan is interrupted multiple times, by both Connor and then Shiv. Siobhan gives her father the go-ahead to not be so sentimental and name someone else as his successor. Logan makes his way to the stage and announces Rhea as his new successor, much to the shock and surprise of everyone. Marcia is upset with Logan and leaves, and Ewan takes her place. He once again confronts his brother, accusing him of being a horrible human being and claiming that he can't wait for his empire to crumble. Logan makes his way to center stage, where he unveils his plaque for being a businessman for the last 50 years.[21]

Logan takes a walk by himself through Central Park as Colin walks behind him.

While Logan is being prepped to go before Congress, he sends the two women to speak with the witness. Logan rather calmly reads his statement before Congress, and when he is asked any tough question, pushes Ken in front of the bus. Surprisingly, he pulls through very smoothly.

During their celebration party, Rhea takes Logan aside and informs him that she no longer wants to be part of a business like his. She gives up her position as CEO and walks away. While Logan and Shiv are watching TV together later that night, he confirms they must have a blood sacrifice in order to please Congress get rid of the wolves at their door.[22]

Greg is called to testify before Congress and fumbles his way through the testimony, seemingly nervous in front of Senator Gil Eavis. In the car, Logan watches the testimony with Hugo as they discuss who will be the scapegoat. Logan then receives a call from a high-profile shareholder of Waystar's, who suggests that Logan take responsibility for the crimes.

Following the testimony, the Roys decide to vacation on their yacht. Connor asks Logan for money, admitting that his campaign is robbing him and he can't cover the loss of Willa's play. Logan agrees, so long as Connor suspend his presidential campaign. Logan then asks Kendall to make Naomi leave the yacht, claiming that she enables his drug abuse.

Logan is disappointed to wake up to no sign of Marcia, as he was hoping she'd join them on the yacht. At breakfast, Logan nonchalantly offers himself as the scapegoat, but the others deny and begin debating other options, relieving Logan. Connor volunteers, asking for cash in return, which amuses Logan and he thanks Connor for the gesture. Logan then leaves to reflect, before he and Kendall travel to a Greek island in attempt to enlist financial aid from Stewy, who denies them.

Out of spite, Tom eats some of Logan's food in front of him, and Shiv goes to speak with her father. She does not initially reveal her intentions of speaking to him, but quickly begins begging him not to get rid of Tom. Shiv is then asked to choose between her husband and her brother Kendall, and although pained by it, motions for Kendall to speak with their father.

Logan informs Kendall that he will be the blood sacrifice. Kendall suggests that he deserves punishment for what happened to Andrew Dodds, which Logan dismisses as a case of "No Real Person Involved", but not this. Kendall, disappointed, asks if he was ever considered for the position of CEO. Logan admits that he wasn't, saying "You're not a killer. You have to be a killer." Kendall kisses Logan on the cheek and the two leave to inform the others of the decision. Roman is appointed to COO and Frank will be responsible for cleanup.

The next morning, Logan watches Kendall's press conference from the yacht, Shiv by his side. Kendall, in front of the press, begins to explain his role as scapegoat, but suddenly deviates and begins blaming Logan. He states that his father is a "malignant presence, a bully, and a liar" and has been aware of the events for many years but made efforts to cover them up. Additionally, he informs the reporters that he has brought documents proving his father's guilt, which Greg seemingly has on hand. The speech shocks the reporters, Karolina, and the rest of the Roy family except for Logan, who bears a faint smile.[23]

Season 3[]

Immediately after Kendall's bombshell newsdrop, Logan and his team go to Sarajevo: with Frank, Tom, Karl and Hugo rendezvous, and Gerri, Roman and Shiv going back to New York. He tries to make amends with Kendall over the phone, who promptly refuses and angers Logan. He decides to step back as CEO, with Roman offering to promote himself to his father's position (and vouching for Gerri if he fails), a move that Logan dismisses to his team. He decides to hire Layo Upton, a lawyer who rivals Linda Arthur, who is Shiv's friend and attorney (but has already declined Shiv's advances due to Kendall stepping in to representing him first).

Later on, Logan decides to fly Marcia to Sarajevo, Logan, as his legal team advises that they both must publicly appear reconciled. Marcia, already feeling betrayed and humiliated over Logan's affair with Rhea, with some requests from the company to ensure her cooperation: namely, her role in the family trust finalized, job security for her son Amir, financial compensation for her daughter, and hefty improvements to her own financial position. He decides to return to New York to handle family issues, landing the following morning. In the ride home, he names Shiv with the title of President at Waystar. Shiv believes the position to be meaningless, but Logan says she will be his "eyes and ears" inside the company, assuring her she is under complete legal protection while Gerri acts as CEO.

Season 4[]

Six months after rendering his children powerless to vote in the company, Logan holds another birthday party at his home in New York, 48 hours before the GoJo acquisition is settled. Connor is the only one of his children present (with his presidential campaign polling at 1 percent), and asks Frank and Greg to roast him. Tom then informs Logan that the Pierces are interested in a business deal, and unsuccessfully asks Logan to reassure about his position at Waystar if he and Shiv divorce. Unhappy with the party, Logan leaves to get dinner with his bodyguard Colin, where he talks to Colin about economic value of people, mortality, and the possibility of an afterlife. He later returns to his apartment and summons Tom and the rest of his team to his study to finalize the deal with the Pierces; where Karl informs him that his children have also launched a competing bid as well.

Over the phone call, Logan assumes the Pierces will accept $6 billion offer. The siblings, meanwhile, offer $8 billion, but are told by Naomi that Nan still wants more "upside". Unable to reach Logan directly, Shiv calls Tom and provokes him into admitting that Logan's price ceiling is $12 billion, which is same as theirs. The siblings decide on $10 billion, knowing Nan cannot refuse the offer, she ultimately accepts and forcing Logan to angrily yield. Dispirited, he watches ATN's nightly news broadcast alone, and calls network head Cyd Peach to chastisise her over the declining quality of its contents.

The following morning, Logan goes to ATN newsroom and delivers a strong speech to employees, declaring he will reinvent the ideas and brand of the company, which is welcomed with applauses from everyone there, including Tom, Greg and Cyd. He also advises Tom in meeting various divorce attorneys across New York, this information angers Shiv because she had no pre-knowledge of the discussion beforehand. Logan also blocks his children from taking the helicopter to attend a rehearsal Connor and Willa's wedding, which causes Connor doubt on the marriage as the four siblings go out drinking.

Meanwhile, Kerry decides to become an anchor for the ATN network: her audition tape leaks to the public, and is mocked by lots of people such as Hugo, Gerri and even the siblings who are embroiled with the PGN deal. Tom tells Logan that Kerry is unfit to be an anchor; Logan orders Tom to secretly reject Kerry's audition tape, Greg is then sent to deal with the matter. After hearing the siblings are in cohorts with Sandi and Stewy, he arrives at a karaoke bar hoping to persuade them about the GoJo deal coming through. Kendall and Shiv reject his peaceful advances, lambasting Logan's abusive parenting and demand he apologize. Shiv refuses to believe Logan's words on Matsson rejecting the deal, and Kendall does not reveal more after having an earlier phone call with the latter. Frustrated, he upsets everyone by saying they are "not serious people" and leaves. Outside the bar, Logan tells Kerry to arrange a meeting with between himself, Matsson and his Waystar team with the exception of Gerri. He calls Roman privately to his house and asks him to be the one in negotiating with Matsson, also offering him the position of head of ATN.

Before flying to Sweden with his team to meet Matsson, Logan calls Roman saying that he will attend Connor's wedding, and Gerri will be fired for mismanagement of the cruises scandal. Prior to boarding, Logan also tells Tom that Cyd will also be fired. During the flight, Logan repeatedly complains of chest pains and a shortness of breath. He then isolates himself in the bathroom, and is later heard collapsing by a bystander. The crew forces their way into the bathroom and find him unresponsive. Although the hostesses perform chest compressions continuously for 30 minutes, Logan doesn't survive, and is pronounced dead upon arrival at Teterboro airport. His complaints of discomfort were later confirmed to be symptoms of an undiagnosed pulmonary embolism, identified as the cause of his eventual cardiac arrest. Despite their estranged relationship, his children are absolutely devastated by Logan's death.[24]


  1. It's unclear when exactly Logan Roy was born, though most likely in 1936 or 1938.
  2. Logan and Ewan were four and five years old, respectively, at the time of this incident.


Marcia Roy[]


Ewan Roy[]

I loved him, I suppose, and I suppose some of you did too, in whatever way he would let us and we could manage.
Ewan in his eulogy for Logan.[src]
Ewan and logan

Ewan and Logan

Ewan is the moral, political, and theological opposite of his brother Logan. Being that he is staunchly anti-capitalist and pro-environment, he prefers to distance himself from the family company and own a ranch in Canada, where he and Logan grew up. Though, more than they'd like to admit, Logan and Ewan are similar to one another, showing most in their stubbornness. Ewan and Logan shared a troubled childhood, often leaning on each other for support. Despite their long history of grievances, Ewan displays an undying love and care for his brother and refuses to actively work against him. Logan, however, seems to not care much for his brother, but sometimes expresses a desire to talk to him, such as through Greg.


You're not serious figures. I love you, but you are not serious people.
Logan to his children.[src]


  • Brian Cox, who portrays Logan, was also born in Dundee, Scotland.



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