Logan Roy
Logan Roy
Biographical Information
Real Name: Logan Roy
Title: CEO of Waystar Royco
Born: 1938
Age: 81
Originally From: Dundee, Scotland
Current Location: New York, New York
United States of America
Wife: Marcia Roy

Caroline Collingwood (Divorced)
First Wife (Divorced)

Parents: Unnamed Father †

Helen Roy (Mother)
Raised by his Aunt †
Uncle Noah †

Siblings: Ewan Roy (Brother)

Rose Roy (Sister) †

Family: Marianne Hirsch (Niece)

Greg Hirsch (Great Nephew)

Children: Connor Roy (Son)

Kendall Roy (Son)
Roman Roy (Son)
Shiv Roy (Daughter)

Affiliations: Waystar Royco

The Roy Family

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6 ½
Status: Alive (Married)
Character Information
First appearance: Celebration
Portrayed by: Brian Cox

"Fuck off" - Logan Roy

"I'm back." Logan Roy[source]

Logan Roy is the founder and CEO of the media conglomerate Waystar Royco and is the patriarch of The Roy Family.

Early Life Edit

Logan Roy was born into humble circumstances in Dundee, Scotland, shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War in 1938. Logan grew up in poverty, his widowed mother took the decision to send him to be raised in Quebec, Canada. There he was rasied by an Uncle Noah, with a print shop and a few advertising billboards and an aunt with a herd of cattle. Logan himself has made a decent way for himself over the next 60 years. He moved to the United States and started up what is now the fifth-largest media conglomerate in the world, Waystar Royco. He is now friends with prime ministers and presidents.

Later, in 1985, Logan needed cash badly for the expansion into parks, so he took out a loan through the family holding company. Logan knew that besides Frank Vernon and Gerri Killman none of the other boards members could see what was happening. And then he added that loan to the company's already considerable debt. It's secured against Waystar's stock and when the stock hits 130, they can pursue repayment in full.

Family Edit

We do not know much about Logan's early family other than his brother Ewan Roy, whom Logan had a falling out with. He was raised by his aunt and uncle in Quebec, Canada before moving to America.

At some point after moving to the United States Logan married his first wife, who gave birth to his first son, Connor. After their divorce, Logan married the British Caroline Collingwood, and had three more children: Kendall, Roman, and Siobhan (in that order). Eventually, Logan and Caroline divorced, and he married Marcia, his third and current wife.

Season 1 Edit

During Logan's 80th birthday party he confronts his four children and asks them to sign a contract instating Marcia as his primary successor, a document Kendall had already been tricked into signing at the office. He agrees to let them think about it. Logan agrees to give Greg Hirsch, his great-nephew, a job in the parks division of Waystar Royco. Logan pulls Kendall aside and informs him that he has decided not to step down as CEO and Chairman, blindsiding Kendall who was going to be promoted the very next day. After the birthday dinner, the family flies out to a baseball field where the family plays a traditional game. Logan talks to Roman who informs him that he wishes to rejoin the company as COO. Logan hands Frank Vernon, current COO of Waystar Royco and Logan's long-time friend, a letter firing him and promoting Roman to COO. Logan takes Connor, Shiv, and Roman in a helicopter, and as Shiv tells him that they do not want to sign the contract, Logan suffers a stroke. He's had a hemorrhagic stroke, a bleed in the deep right hemisphere that put pressure on the thalamus and the brain stem, and that's what caused a loss of consciousness. [1]

After waking up from his coma, [2] Logan has a delirious encounter with his daughter, and after learning that Kendall sold a large percentage of the company stock to Stewy Hosseini in order to save Waystar Royco from the debt Logan had put them in, he calls his son in to call him "a fucking idiot". [3] Despite not having fully recovered from his stroke, Logan returns to work and resumes his position as CEO, much to the chagrin of Kendall and Roman, who were running the company in his absence. At the annual RECNY Ball, Logan discovers that Kendall was planning to announce his retirement. Logan goes to speak in place of Kendall and announces "I'm back".

Upon Ewan Roy arriving at his brother's house, he is kindly greeted by his third wife and children. The two brothers have a cold exchange, but sit down to dinner with each other at a long table all the same. They mainly ignore each other for the rest of dinner.

Before dessert is served, Ewan comes in the room to find Logan explaining his medals to Willa Ferreyra. All bought and paid for. They get into a heated argument, and Logan makes fun of him, insisting he only joined the Vietnam War to impress a girl in their town. Ewan is furious at his brother, who has never served a day in his life. Upon storming out he runs into his grandson Greg, and insist they start the 12-hour journey home right now. Greg is just got back from something and asks if he can eat first. Marcia said she can make arrangements for someone else to drive him, and he agrees. [4]

Logan arrives in Washington to meet with the President, but worries he's been snubbed following a last-minute cancellation at The White House as the President claims he has an act of terrorism to deal with. [5]

The night before the big vote, Kendall Roy has dinner with his dad upon the request of Marcia Roy. They eat burgers together in front of the TV. The next morning Ken flies out to Long Island to get a yes vote from Ilona Shinoy. He secures her vote but is unable to return back to the city. There is a lockdown and they are in a no-fly zone. Ken tries to make it back to the city but ends up stuck under the bridge, with no cell service. He eventually gets out of the car and begins running towards Waystar Royco's office building as it is already noon and the voting will begin soon. [5]

Logan's ambush with the vote, but refuses to leave the room. Strong-arming more people to vote with him, instead of his son Ken. Frank and a bunch of other people vote against Logan, but everyone else of votes for him. Including his son Roman. Logan stays and immediately fires everyone who voted against him, including his son.

By the end of the day the President calls back Logan, and the two have a private chat on the phone. [5]

After officially regaining control of the company Logan proposes a plan to buy a large collection of Local TV Stations, an idea immediately disliked by Kendall and Roman. After exhibiting a series of aberrant behaviors including urinating on the floor of Kendall's office, overflowing his coffee cup, and slapping Kendall's son at Thanksgiving Dinner, Kendall, Roman, Frank, and Gerri Killman decide he is unfit to run the company and decide to have a vote of no confidence.

At the eventual board meeting, Kendall, who is stuck in traffic, announces the vote over the phone. Logan becomes outraged and refuses to leave the room during the vote, ultimately influencing each of the board members. Kendall, Frank, Asha, and Ilona all vote in favor of firing Logan, while Ewan, Paul, Dewi, Datu, and eventually Roman vote against the vote of no confidence. Logan fires all four who voted against him on the spot and removes them from the board.

In an effort to fix his public image, Logan agrees to a weekend-long family therapy session at his son, Connor's New Mexico ranch, Austerlitz. Unbeknown to most of The Roy Family, he's arranged to have it double as a publicity stunt. Kendall has cut off communication with everyone and is suing his father and possibly his brother after being fired from Waystar Royco. He is invited to the weekend therapy long session but refuses to attend. Roman has surprisingly been the most cooperative with his father the entire weekend. The two even go to a small photoshoot together, where his father gives him more responsibility. [6]

By the end the first day everyone is at Connor's Ranch and mad at each other. Logan insults Tom, which upsets Shiv, and she leaves crying. Logan also knows about Shiv's meeting with Gil Eavis, a potential presidential candidate who goes against everything he stands for. Ken then arrived intoxicated, and picks a few fights, Ken and Logan almost get into a physical altercation, after Logan admits he planted the stories about his son's drug use. [6]

With everyone getting ready for Tom's epic bachelor party, Logan calls Greg Hirsch into his office. Greg originally thinks he's there for another reason, even brings up his request to work in a less hostile environment. Logan immediately realizes he's talking about Tom and is even surprised, as he always considered Tom to be a pussy. He promises Greg that he’ll look into it, as long as Greg keeps an eye on his son Ken during the big bachelor weekend. Both agree. [7]

Before the night is over, Shiv and Logan have dinner together. The two get into an argument and leave before they can eat. Later that night Marcia Roy calls Shiv, to tell her that Logan can no longer come to her wedding. Claiming that he is too sick. She is aware of the two events are clearly related. [7]

The Roy Family assembles at Eastnor Castle in England to prepare for Shiv and Tom’s wedding. Logan has decided to stay back in the United States, but after his team is unable to find a good enough reason for him to not attend his daughter's wedding, he changes his mind and decides to make the journey. Though it would appear, only for the good PR. [8]

Logan makes his grand entrance by helicopter more than halfway through the party. He has a light, but heated exchange with his daughter. And before going to bed, finds himself on the staircase along with her political ally, in his opponent Gil. The two men have an exchange of words before they separate.

The next morning Shiv is preparing for her wedding, while Tom does the same. Shiv gets into a white old car with her father, who is a now comforting her. He is much kinder and even has some sweet words for her. [8]

The day of Shiv and Tom's wedding has finally arrived. Both of their entire families have gathered around to take photos. Afterwards, Ken meets with Logan in his private rooms to inform him of the takeover of Waystar Royco. His father ask if this is a bear hug, and Ken confirms it is. Furious Logan kicks him out. Marcia Roy comes in as Logan is fishing out the papers he threw in the toilet. He demands to get everyone on the phone, including Carl and Gerri. [9]

Logan comes down to join everyone while trying to keep his composure. A waiter asks if he would like more champagne, to which he absentmindedly agrees, but gets champagne poured on his hand and arm. He immediately overreacts and fires the young lad, demanding he's kicked out immediately. Colin is ready and waiting with a pen and paper for him to sign along with a severance package. Ken later approaches the waiter and asks him to score him some "powder" which they do together. The waiter obtains Ketamine instead and Ken drives the waiter's car to another dealer for coke. On the way, Ken swerves to avoid hitting a deer and drives off the road into a pond. Ken is able to get out of the car and swim to shore, but the waiter drowns. Ken begins running back to the castle reception, breaks into the building and his room, and after cleaning himself up and changing clothes, joins the family at the reception.

The reception finally starts, and everyone except Ken is at the front of the room with the bride and groom. All ofThe Roys give a nice speech to them, including their mother and father.

Before long, Logan very subtly had all his children gathered in one room and informed of Ken's decision for the takeover of their family company. All four siblings are very mad at their brother, and after a couple of minutes, Logan walks in. He confirms everything is true, then informs them of his battle plan.

While the immediate family is gathered around talking, Connor reveals he wants to run for president sooner rather than later. Everyone is both surprise and uninterested. Assuming he will give it up before long.

The next morning at breakfast, Ken is called into his father's library. Logan makes a mock display of asking if anything was stolen as his key card was found on the fired employee. Logan has everyone leave the room and he informed his son he knows what happened with Andrew. He promises to cover up everything for him, but he has to tell Sandy Furness and Stewy he's out. Ken cries in his father's arms but obliges. [9]

Season 2 Edit

Kendall Roy is at the rehab facility, but Logan calls him away to be flown back to New York early in order to make a news channel appearance for the world to watch. He is met with Karolina Novotney who prepare him. With his go-to line being “I saw their plan that his fathers is better.” [10]

Back in New York City, Ken has another sit-down with his father, Logan and Karl. They discuss what there'll rival team knows, and Ken tells Logan the basics. Ken discloses that he told Stewy Hosseini and Sandy Furness his father's medications as well as a couple more personal incidences.

Logan has a private meeting with his banks will inform Logan to pick a successor for the Waystar Royco, and on the business fundamentals, he should make a deal and sell.

After arriving in The Hamptons, the disgusting smell is finally discovered, as a dead possum is fished out of the fireplace. Logan demands all the food be thrown out as it has been sitting around in that odor, and pizza is ordered. Food is served, but before anyone eats a squabble breaks out. The Roy children demand to know why Ken is allowed so easily back into the family fold of things & in the business. Roman is also upset to find out he now has to share his position with his older brother as well. Logan that genuinely asks his family what you should do with his company, buy, or sell it.

Shiv is brought into Logan's study second, where Logan wastes no time in informing her that he wants his daughter to run the company. She agrees, and they both decide to keep things quiet for now until more details can be sorted out.

Logan confronts the man he paid over the winter to do some the stable work. Accuses him of being disappointed when Logan set a 200K ceiling so he stuffed a bag of live raccoons, to rot in his chimney. Logan agrees pay 100 grand, even though it's 300-grand owed. The man declines, and Logan says if he wants any money he'll have to sue him.

The family is back together for dinner, But Logan cuts out early and brings Ken with him by helicopter from the Hamptons back to New York City, and are going to be having a private meeting with Stewy Hosseini and Sandy. Logan tells Ken to go on ahead, and tell the other men he's taking a call and will be in shortly. Once inside, Logan calls to tell him he's not coming in and will have to conduct the meeting himself. [10]

Everyone is at Waystar Royco celebrating Ken's daughter's birthday. Shiv, Roman Roy and Kendall Roy are all called away for a quick impromptu meeting with Logan. The Roys gather around to listen to Stewy’s TV interview, using the previous talking points Ken knew they would hit. Claiming that Logan is too old, and out of the loop to run his business. Logan agrees to go with Shiv's proposal of immediately firing back at their opponents that day. [11]

That night Shiv visits her father to talk company strategy. Marcia takes note of how Logan finds a reason for her to leave the room, while they talk in private. Logan wants Shiv to come in for six months to work with Gerri, another six months in Hong Kong, and 12 months with him, along with other strategy projects, that would take up to three years before Logan feels she's ready to come in. Shiv wants to fast-track it.

Ken and Roman have a meeting with their father to tell him what they found about the company. Ken suggests they keep it as they have a lot going for it, but Roman brings up how they want to unionize, and most of the employees do nothing. Logan goes with Ron suggestion, and get rid of the company. [11]

Logan has a meeting with his doctor who reminds him to take it easy, Suggesting he sit out the company retreat in Hungary. Logan puts off seeing his dying friend Mo, and goes into a board meeting, demanding to know why no one has found a problem to his solution with Sandy. He then informs everyone, their company will be taking over media-giant PGM. He asks if anyone has issues with getting involved with Naomi Pierce, even deciding to bring Frank back on the team for how close he is with Naomi. The few board members make negative comments about the deal and are immediately shut down. Kendall Roy agrees with his father on the issue, while Roman Roy makes fun of him for. [12]

While on the plane, Karolina Novotney informs Logan finds out that Michelle Pantsil has a source from inside his private camp. He demands Sam find out who, after accusing his son Ken, who quickly denies it.

Once in Hungary, Frank arrived at the million-dollar house to greet the rest of the company. Ken, Logan, and Frank have a quick meeting to discuss how taking over PGM would work. They are interrupted by Roman and then informed they are about to go hunting, after a quick safety meeting about guns.

Everyone gathers around to shoot pigs that are released before them as they stand up on high towers with their rifles. One of them eventually shoots a pig and they all gather around for a photo before having dinner, with boar as the main course. Before dinner, Gerri and Carl tried to pressure Tom to tell Logan, that PGM is a bad idea. Meanwhile, Logan finds out that someone tipped Pierce off, and he is furious, demanding to find out who.

Not long into dinner, Logan confronts all his staff members, demanding to know who informed Naomi Pierce. He also wants to know who has been talking to the woman trying to sell a book about him. He first insults Frank, demanding to know why he took his job back. Then Asks If Karl’s white knows about all his visits to the whorehouse. Logan makes Karl stand in the corner, followed by Tom and then Greg. Though he spares Gerri. He then berates them and embarrasses them, and has everyone else join in, before making them fight over sausage, the loser would be considered the mole. They are fighting it out physically, Ken discovers it would his brother Roman who was going to take a sit-down with Naomi Pierce. Logan is furious and calls him a moron. Ken informs his father, no one backs him on the PGM deal. Logan plans to go ahead with it anyways.

The next morning at breakfast, everyone is still surprised and taken back by the nights before. Logan finds out Mo was the one who talked to Michelle Pantsil and passed away the night before. Logan calls his daughter Shiv to bring her into Waystar Royco the next day to shadow him, and Gerri convinces Roman to take the 6-week management corse. [12]

Logan celebrates his daughter finally coming to work with him at the company, as they share a glass of champagne. They are interrupted by Ken, who casually asks why she is in the building. They both play it off like it's no big deal before he leaves the room. [13]

Shiv overlooks her first board meeting with her dad. Once Logan arrives they start discussing Pierce News merger. They also talk about Mark Ravenhead, and what they should do about his situation. As he recently got married at Eagle Nest, Hitler's retreat in Bolivia. Wanting to make sure they don't have a Nazi supporter on their hands.

Rhea makes their way upstairs to have a private meeting with Ken and Logan. She informs them that the Pierce Family is not interested in selling their company to him. Upon hearing gunshot sounds, Logan is immediately whisked away to a very private and secure safe room and immediately asks where Ken it. Shiv and Tom both get on the phone together, and she informs Tom she's entering the safe room now, only to find out he's not inside. Soon Rhea is ushered into the safe room with Logan and Shiv.

Ken is ushered into the private safe room with his father and Shiv. Ken, Ray, and Logan all get into the real reason why PMG won't sell their company. Ken begins to sweeten the deal with more money before an unofficial deal is made and confirmed.

Logan's sees Rhea off to her car, and she suggests a peace offering, like firing Mark Ravenhead for personally offending Nan Pierce. Logan is informed the shooter was actually a suicide victim. Leaving a note behind that there was bullying at ATN. Logan seems less than interested. [13]

Logan gathers everyone at his place to announce they will be buying Pierce Media. But before the family will agree to anything, they are going to be spending the weekend with them. He demands a sharp and crisp image from everyone. Logan tells Roman, he's so proud of him finishing his business trading, but not to bring it up because it's embarrassing. [14]

Tern Haven 2

Frank and Nan hug

The family fly company helicopters to meet the Pierce family. The entire family is waiting for them. Rhea Jarrell greets Logan and gives him the family's interpretation of how they hope the weekend to go. They are surprised to see Naomi Pierce who flew in from Marine, who has made a special trip just for this weekend. But she doesn't think it a good sign.

Once inside, the Pierce family mansion the two families start to mingle more. Not long after, Logan heard his entire family into a small room for a quick meeting. He tells everyone to do better, scolds Shiv for her rude joke, and tells Connor to stop talking politics. He reminds Ron to be more polite before he ushers everyone back out. Marcia Roy informs him, she is less than impressed with his antics.

Tern Haven 11

Dinner conversations

That night at dinner everyone is having rather cordial conversations. The topic of Tom's work at ATN comes up, and everyone begins to insult him. He smiles and takes it like a champ. Marcia is offered more wine, but Logan declines for her. Marcia insists on another cup and insults Logan's preference for wine. The question of who will succeed Logan comes up, but he declines to answer. He is continuously pressured until Shiv announces she will be taking over the company. Out of anger he quickly shuts-down the conversation. An awkward silence ensues, so the head of the household Nan suggests everyone go for a walk as Mark points out the constellations.

Tern Haven 16

Ken waking up alone

At breakfast, Rhea announces that Pierce family all had a private meeting earlier and will be having another private meeting between Nan and Naomi and they want Logan, Shiv, and Ken to meet them after breakfast. They all are gathered in a small room, they agree to let The Roy Family buy their company, but have a list of conditions. Logan doesn't like some of them but agrees anyway. Until they demand that Shiv be announced as his successor the same day they announced his merger. Logan disagrees and says the deal is off. The family leaves soon after by helicopters. However, once they land home, Logan gets a phone call, the Pierce family has changed their mind.

Back at the estate, Greg Hirsch arrives to celebrate the good news. The family gather around and all cheer champagne, but Logan never takes a sip. Instead, he heads up to his room alone, and in silence. [14]

The company's jet is suspended in the air and has been circling for an hour. They, along with many other billionaires are all waiting to land at the same airport. The entire team is waiting to arrive at the world conference in Argestes. Logan demands more information about The Pierce Family settlement and what's taking so long. Kendall agrees to go in and talks with them. The Roy Family finally arrives at the conference, and soon meet up with Tom and Gregory. Logan is talking to them when he sees Sandy Furness across the room. He uses them as cover to discuss him and their ongoing lawsuit. They are interrupted, as Colin ushers Logan, Gerri, and Ken into another room. They are informed a magazine has been tipped off about the cruise-line scandal and is going to publish it within 36 to 48 hours. They get on a conference call with Shiv, and all begin discussing what to do. Logan decides to go with Ken’s more aggressive idea, and the two agreed they need to get the Pierce family contracts all wrapped up sooner rather than later. They also agree they need a white knight, and Gerri suggests Roman, while Logan asks Shiv to fly down. [15]

Aware the cruise-line story is about to hit the internet, Logan tells his wife, Marcia things might get nasty, and she's going to hear some awful things in the media. She reminds him she's with him no matter what, and she knows who he is. Logan wants to sign the Pierce family agreement and asks Rhea Jarrell what's taking so long. She assures him that Nam is flying in for them to have private conversations with. They are both aware of the cruise ship scandal and want to get the deal over and done with.

Nan and Rhea finally arrives and have breakfast with Logan and Ken. They are trying to subtly rush the agreement and even inform the ladies they have papers to sign in the other room, but Nan declines to have breakfast first. Unfortunately, Ken finds out the story has broken, and the two quickly make their exits to do re-con. In a private room, Logan has the article printed and brought to him, while everyone scans it on their phone. The magazine didn't like how they were being treated, claiming the Roy's were bullying them and have decided to move the story up. The magazine claims Moe asked dancers for sex in order to keep their contracts renewed for the following year. Roman arrives and all the kids disagree on how this looks. They ask Shiv to be on the panel, but she says she's not involved. Gerri also declines thinking it will send a bad message to have a lawyer speaking. They decide on Roman and Ken.

Everyone makes their way across the court, while Logan is informed how many people are canceling on him. Logan sits down to have lunch but vomits while Shiv and Gerri cover for him. A possible combination of the situation along with that altitude sickness he'd been feeling.

Not long before presentation Shiv shows up to tell her family she wants in on the panel. Everyone argues and they try to knock Roman off. Gerri shakes her head indicating Roman fight to stay on. Logan eventually decides all three of them will go on the panel together. They are waiting behind curtains while Tom finishing up his speech. All three are on stage and Shiv and Kendall dominates the conversation. Romans says very few words through the entire thing, all while Logan and Marcia are watching in the audience. Shiv acknowledge that this is very serious while also repeating it happened a long time ago, while Kendall says these accusations are horrible and they will be dealing with them swiftly. Shiv makes a joke about her father being a dinosaur, as times are changing. After the conference, they all get into a fight, where Romain makes another smart-aleck comment only to be struck in the face by his dad, knocking out a tooth.

They finish off the weekend at a comedy roast special. The comedienne sees Logan's family enter, and lays into them about the sexual assault allegations on the cruise-line. Nan Pierce is at the back of the room and immediately leaves. Logan follows her out with Rhea. He asks if everything is all great and if the deal is still good to go. She says it's not and fires Rhea. Nan accuses Rhea of working against her and she no longer wants any part of it. Logan loses his temper and followed her out to her car yelling at her to come back. [15]

Return 3

Logan apologized to Roman

Logan is standing beside Marcia overlooking his party. Glad to see that the negative press stirred up by Sandy and Stewie has done nothing to damper his social standing and his stock market numbers. Frank and Gerri call for a private meeting with Logan, Ken, and Roman all upstairs to discuss their strategies. They need to make sure they have all the shareholders on their side and decide to fly to London to talk with everyone including his first wife Caroline who has 3%. Logan decides to send his kids to make arrangements with her. Shiv is purposely left out and downstairs. [16]

Logan and Roman share a car to the airport where Logan debatably apologizes for striking Roman at the conference days earlier. One onboard, they fine Ken and Rhea. Logan decided to invite her since she was already going to London to see theater. Also confirming he could use her strategic mind.

While making meetings with shareholders in London England, the paper comes out with an article about Andrew Dodds. it is clear propaganda created by Steely and Sandy. Alleging that Logan bullied the kid to death. Logan immediately sets up a meeting with the kid's family, and informs Ken he's coming along, and that Roman will be sent to negotiate with his mother.

Return 33

Logan wants Ken to come inside

Logan and Ken arrived at The Dodds's family home. They are greeted by a single photographer, as well as Andrew Dodds’s uncle. His parents are waiting inside. Logan insists Ken come in the house with him but allows him to wait outside the room. Logan wraps up matters with the family, apologizing his political rivals have dragged their son's name through the mud. They confirmed he was always an addict drug user, and don't place any blame on Logan himself. The two men leave together in silence.

Shiv finally tracked down her father to ask where she stands in the company. Though he doesn't give her a clear answer, be demands to know why she was thinking about working with The Pierce Family. The rest of them go back to New York without her. [16]

The entire Roy family plus staff are on a private plane to Dundee, Scottland. Caroline brings up a disgruntled employee from the cruises, who has information and will not go away. Logan confirms to offer 5 million and willing to go up to 10. Logan is riding shotgun with Marcia and Connor as he passes through his old hometown. It is clear his memories are not all good ones, though he doesn't voice most of them verbally. [17]

Dundee 11

Marcia confirming she know what's going on

Before making their way to another meeting, Colin interrupts Logan wishing to talk to him in private. Upon Logan's return, Marcia makes her exit, while Logan and Rhea talk more business.

The family is gathered for a small meeting over drinks, while everyone is gathered around drinking champagne, Shiv motions for the waiter to poor up Rhea's drink, only to verbally stop him, saying out loud “no she doesn't drink” knowing this would stir up more drama, accompanied by her remark that she is also a liberal. Knowing both these things would upset her father. This along with her speech that bringing up his mother and their dead sister, something Kendall had advocated for her to do, further upset Logan.

Later everyone is standing outside an old brick building, commenting on despite what their father said growing up. Logan has the window rolled down, and upon looking at his family in front of his old house, deciding to leave.

Dundee 20

Ken admit to being a dick

While on a tour of Logan's print building, with all its state-of-the-art technology for newsprint. Outside Logan is confronted by his older brother Ewan Roy. Their disdain for each other remains and Ewan brings up how Logan used to lie about the birds he saw growing up. And how he's never changed. Logan leaves with Colin, and Ewan tells Greg if he doesn't quit working at Waystar Royco he will be cut off from his inheritance. And will give his $2.5 million to Greenpeace.

Logan is on his way with Marcia, informing her, he intends to leave early after the soup and salad. Rhea gathers everyone to be quiet as Logan is arriving, they all shout surprise, and Logan immediately does a 180 outside. He is surprised to find around 200 people when he was only expecting 20 - 30. Marcia calms him, and they are escorted back inside by Colin, where everyone again shouts out 'Surprise'. Having gathered himself, Logan thanks everyone and begins shaking hands.

Connor is talking to Logan asking him if he wants to invest in Willa's play, as the reviews are in and it is sure to be a hit. They are interrupted by Ken and Jennifer. Logan smiles at them throughout the introduction, before he makes his exit. He finds Siobhan, and they both agreed to call a truce for the night. She presents him with his gift, a scrapbook of all the places they have lived, but are interrupted by Gerri.

Dundee 43

Logan and Greg

In the bathroom, Logan is cornered by Greg, who informs the older man he has absolutely love working alongside him, and hopes he has brought something to the table but unfortunately must resign. Admitting his grandfather will cut him off if he does not. Logan promises his brother has always been a coward, but he must do what he feels is right.

Dundee 49

Ken rapping for his father

Everyone is seated and gathered for speeches. Where Ken surprises everyone with a rap, showing off his jersey underneath his dress jacket, much to the surprise and enthusiasm of the crowd. During all his children's video speeches, Logan is interrupted multiple times. By both Conor and then Shiv. Siobhan gives her father the go-ahead to not be so sentimental and named someone else as his successor. Logan makes his way to the stage and announces Rhea as his new successor. Much to the shock and surprise of everyone. [17]

Marcia is upset with Logan and leaves, only for his brother Ewan to take his place. He once again confronts his brother on being a horrible human being, and can't wait for his empire to crumble. Logan makes his way to center stage, where he unveils his plaque for being a businessman for the last 50 years. [17]

Logan takes a walk by himself through Central Park, as Colin walks behind him. Not long after he, and along with all his son and the rest of the men in his family, sit around the television watching to see whose’s names will be racked across coles in the cruise line sex scandal. Moe’s name is brought up, but so is Gerri’s and then Tom’s. They are all making comments at the TV, while his staff are in the other rooms watching and taking notes. The tv interviewer asks about the secret logs for ‘No Real Person Involved’. Meaning, it's a sex worker or a migrant worker at a foreign port, not involving a guest or a permanent member of staff. Logan takes himself out of the room and is soon joined by Roman in the hallway. Wanting to help his father, he agrees to go on a business trip for him, and try and make a deal with Eduard Asgarov. Later, Rhea joins the party rather late, and after a quick appearance in a feeble attempt to rally the troops, departs again. [18]

DC 16

Getting ready to 'Kill Bill'

The next day, Logan and his staff are working from a boardroom with in the government buildings before, and during all the proceedings before Congress. Tom is the first one to be called and is confronted by an aggressive Gil, who continuously questions him for all his actions, while they watch from the boardroom. In his panic, Tom even claims to not known, who Greg is when confronted about missing documents over Thanksgiving.

DC 42

Logan reading a statement to Congress

Logan is being prepped to go before Congress, he sends the two women to go talk to the witness. Logan rather calmly reads his statement before Congress, but when he asked a tough question, debatably, pushes Ken in front of the bus to answer any tough questions. Surprisingly he pulls through very smoothly.

DC 45

Shiv talking to the witness

Shiv coerces the witness into agreeing to backing out as a witness, with the promise of millions and more importantly, she will personally put a stop to the men that were involved in the cruise-line scandals, Logan giving her a kiss and a nod of acknowledgment for helping them win the case. During their celebration party, Rhea takes Logan aside and informs him she no longer wants to be part of a business like his. She no longer wants to be CEO and walks away. While Logan and shiv are watching TV together later that night, he confirms they must have a blood sacrifice in order to make Congress happy and to get rid of the wolves at their door. [18]

This Is Not For Tears 0

Grey being sworn into Court

Logan is on his way in the back of the car beside Huge. He is debating who to use as a blood sacrifice and has a number of names circled, even seemingly adding himself to the list. When asked, Huge even suggests Karolina Novotney. Logon is interrupted by a call from Phillipe Layton, and is inconvenient to receive bad news. [19]

This Is Not For Tears 10

bad news

Logan arrived by helicopter he immediately calls all three of the hostage survivors inside to discuss what business deals they made in Turkey. Despite what Laird thinks, Roman insists that Laird was being shady and that they have no deal. Laird is upset when he is called out by Roman, as well as when no one will take his advice and decides to depart from the trip early as Logan and Ken watch. Meanwhile, Connor comes to his father to ask for more money to help Willows play stay afloat. Something he'd been trying to ask his father about for a while, but his dad kept avoiding the question. The two of them are able to talk, Logan agrees to give him a couple million dollars, provided he drops his campaign to become president. Connor reluctantly agrees.

This Is Not For Tears 28

Looking for a sacrifice

Everyone is again relaxing around the yacht, puts Logan tells him to enjoy themselves and be ready for dinner soon. Everyone is slightly on edge at his odd comment. Logan is surprised when Ken insights Naomi's stay. He promises she understands the business going on, and won't be around for any avid. Logan confesses he didn't realize things were so serious between the two, and they both briefly talk of marriage between them.

This Is Not For Tears 29

The next day at breakfast Logan finally announces that someone needs to go and they need a blood sacrifice to give to the wolves. He doesn't say who, but asks for ideas on what to do, promising whoever did volunteer would be taken care of. Everyone tippy-toes about giving up another's name after theirs has been called. Someone suggests Jerry, the Logan confirms no one has ever been more enjoyable than her. Tom's name is brought up, and Shiv kind of agrees much to his surprise. Everyone begins to slowly talk more and more poorly about each other, and soon O'Connor sacrifices himself, volunteering to do prison time for his father. Logan thanks him, but confirms he isn't a big enough fish. Before a real argument starts, Logan breaks it up. Telling everyone it's enough conversation for now.

This Is Not For Tears 36

Metting in Greece

Ken tells his dad if they need help, Stewy's in Greece, but he declines. Later Logan final asks Ken to get in contact with Stewy Hosseini. They take a boat to meet him, but Stewy shuts them both down. On the drive back, Ken is steering the boat while Logan sleeps in the back.

Shiv finds her dad & the two have a quiet conversation in his room. She brings up Tom and if he will be thrown to the sharks, Logan says he is not after him. She also asks why she wasn't good enough, but Boca doesn't really give her a solid answer. The two makeup and Logan apologizes for not having more faith in her.

This Is Not For Tears 43

Ken agrees

Logan finds Kan working out, and interrupts his cardio to have conversation. Doesn't take long before he preaches the reason he's there and asks Ken to take the fall. Calmly as ever, asking his son to go to jail for the cruise line scandals. Ken ultimately agrees. before he goes he asked his father if he ever was going to make him CEO, and if he ever thought he was good enough to run the company. Logan admits he didn't have much faith in him.

That night at dinner everyone's gathered around and Logan announces that can will be the one taking the fall and going to prison. everyone is shocked and surprised, but Ken tells everyone not to worry and that they should all do enjoy themselves for him. The rest of the dinners remains very quiet.

This Is Not For Tears 49

Ken changes his mind

The next morning Greg and Ken back to New York to announce that he will be falling on the sword. While on tv, Keen suddenly decides to change his mind, and immediately throws his dad under the bus. Telling all the news reporters that his dad was in full compliance and knew exactly what was going on the entire time this. Ken then rips up his speech and leaves, followed up by Jess. Logan and share them left in dead silence. [19]


  • Logan had a hemorrhagic stroke, a bleed in the deep right hemisphere that put pressure on the thalamus and the brain stem, and that's what caused a loss of consciousness. [1] [2]
  • Logan collects War Meddles. [4]
  • If Ewan Roy volunteered to join the Vietnam War, and Logan didn't then they were both probably living in Canada between 1955 – 1963. (The war ended in 1975) As they would have been too young when the war started in 1955, and by 1963, Logan wouldn't have been an ideal candidate at 25 years old. [4]
  • Both Logan and Ewan Roy were Scottish Citizens and then became Canadian citizens. [4]
  • Logan became an American citizen later in life, he would have had to renounce one of his other citizenships. According to his brother, he renounced both. [4]
  • Logan admits he planted stories about Ken's drug use. [6]
  • In a fight, his children brought up how he would refer to his uncle as 'evil Uncle Noah'. [6]
  • Logan claims he is too sick to attend his daughter, Shiv's wedding after they get into a fight. [7]
  • Logan's plan for Shiv was; Six months with Gerri, six months with Karl. Hong Kong for, say, another 12. Uh, Berlin, or London. Management training program for six. Come back, spend 12 months alongside me. And when you're ready, He'd step aside.
  • Shiv and Tom previously had a plan for Tom to move up and eventually get Waystar Royco. [11]
  • Shiv Roy is being brought into Waystar Royco to start her hands-on training with Logan Roy. [12]
  • Shiv Roy was brought into Waystar Royco for her hands-on training with Logan Roy. [13]
  • Kendall Roy shoplifting is an open-secret to Gerri, Logan, Shiv, Jess, and Colin. [13]

It's unknown what happened to Rose, beyond the fact that she is a very sensitive topic and Logan has blamed himself for her death. [17]


  • Logan Roy's actor, Brian Cox was also raised in Dundee, Scotland.

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