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I'm like a cog built to fit only one machine. If you don't let me do this... I mean, it's the only thing I know how to do.
Kendall Roy about being CEO[src]

Kendall Logan Roy is the main protagonist of the series as the heir-apparent, second-eldest son of Logan Roy. He is portrayed by Jeremy Strong.


Kendall Roy has spent his life priming to be his father's heir; however, he's yet to convince Logan of his worth. Despite his assertiveness and outward confidence, Kendall is anxious and riddled with doubt at his core, often abusing substances and engaging in erratic behavior for comfort. He juggles resentment towards his father with hopes to adopt his ruthlessness, manifesting in his many attempts to overthrow him. Due to his addiction, he's recently become estranged from his wife and children.

Kendall is notably quite boyish, with his love for hip-hop music, distinct sense of style, and frequent use of dated lingo. He seemingly enjoys flaunting his wealth, donning expensive jewelry and riding around on motorcycles, as well as hosting grandiose parties.


Early life[]

Kendall is the first born of Logan's second marriage, Roman and Shiv being his younger siblings and Connor his older half-brother. His mother is Caroline Collingwood.

Kendall went to the Buckley School and Harvard University alongside his friend Stewy, where they partied and did cocaine together.[2][3] He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a MSc in Business Administration from Harvard.[4] Kendall says that he was on the Harvard Lampoon business staff.[5] He also spent time in Shanghai learning the fundamentals of business with Nate Sofrelli.

At some point, he married Rava Roy, but has since separated from him due to his drug problems and his lack of good parenting to their two children: Sophie and Iverson. Kendall spent time in rehab, which Logan refers to as the "nuthouse", prior to the events of the show.[6]

In the series finale, Kendall reveals that at 7 years old, Logan told him that he would one day be CEO. Although Kendall admits that it was wrong of Logan to tell a child, it's shaped the way he's felt about the position all his life, and he believes that he is truly the only one fit for it.

Season 1[]

Kendall arrives early at Waystar Royco to finalize the deal with Lawrence Yee, although upon arriving, Lawrence refuses to sign the papers. Kendall runs after him, hoping he'll reconsider, but Lawrence stands firm in his distaste for Waystar. Kendall, however, remains unconvinced and decides to increase the offer. His father, Logan, confirms that Kendall is still set to be announced as his successor later that night.

Logan arrives to have Kendall sign some last-minute "housekeeping", which Kendall signs without having read.

Kendall arrives at Logan's 80th birthday party and speaks to his wife Rava, who previously left him due to his substance abuse issues. He persistently attempts to reconcile with her, but she politely declines.

Logan calls for a meeting with his children and presents them with the same papers from earlier, stating that if they sign, Marcia will be entrusted with the company in the event of his death. He also announces he will not be stepping down from his position of CEO. Logan allows the other children time to consider it, while Kendall is upset with his father for lying to him. Fights break out between the siblings, but Marcia calls them to dinner and quiet ensues. Kendall then privately confronts his father, but Logan stands his ground and admits that he doesn't believe Kendall is ready for the position. Kendall then goes to the bathroom and breaks down, even breaking things before quickly trying to fix them.

While at the family's traditional game of softball, Kendall proposes to Shiv and Roman that he become CEO and the two of them be appointed to co-COO, but they immediately decline. Kendall, upset, leaves the game and has one of his connections spread word of Logan's decline in health.

Kendall meets with Lawrence once again, and the two seemingly come to an agreement.[6]

Kendall arrives at the hospital in a panic to see his father, having received the news of his stroke from Lawrence. The Roy children question the medical staff and Kendall demands as many answers as possible, aggravating Shiv. They're then escorted out of the ICU and brought to a waiting area.

Kendall asks Roman what triggered the stroke when Roman blames Shiv's hardball tactics. Everyone at Waystar is already preparing for Logan's death, even drafting an obituary at ATN, and the boys are in charge of damage control. Gerri and Karl arrive and pull Kendall aside to inform him that he will be CEO in Logan's absence, and that Roman had just been promoted to COO. Kendall informs Shiv and Roman that he will be taking over, but Shiv shuts down the conversation entirely. Kendall then calls Lawrence and angers him, which causes Lawrence to run negative press about the family. Frank declines coming back as COO per Kendall's request, and Gerri declines stepping up as CEO per Shiv and Roman's request.

Now four in the morning, Rava arrives at the hospital. He confides in her about all that's happened and she comforts him. Kendall gets an erection while Rava hugs him, then apologizes and claims he is just happy to see her.

Kendall and Roman come to an agreement of CEO and COO respectively, leaving Shiv out. This decision is confirmed.

Gerri then takes Kendall to the roof and reveals that the company is $3 billion in debt. She tells him that in 1985, Logan took out a loan for their expansion into parks. The company had already been in considerable debt prior to the loan. She explains that the debt is secured against Waystar's stock, and once the stock hits 130, the bank can pursue repayment in full. If the bank decided to do this, it would eviscerate the company. Gerri jokingly tells Kendall to not jump off the building.[7]

Gerri informs Kendall that the company's stock is plunging to dangerous lows. Kendall calls his wife Rava, but she is busy with their children and doesn't want to engage. She reminds him that he has parental responsibilities as well. Kendall then calls the bank but cannot control his temper while speaking to the manager, causing the bank to decline further negotiating. Roman and Gerri are both displeased with Kendall. Kendall meets with Lawrence and other division heads to discuss the stock situation.

Kendall meets privately with competitor Sandy Furness, who wishes him good luck and offers any advice if needed. He then goes to visit Logan, but Marcia turns him away, having done the same to Shiv earlier.

Later, Kendall contacts his old friend Stewy, who agrees to a minority stake in the company with voting stock in return. The Roy family would maintain control, and Stewy would also have a board seat, and in return keep word of the debt out of the news. Unfortunately for Kendall, the company still falls below 130 points. However, with this new deal, Waystar doesn't free-fall as forcefully.

Kendall has dinner with Rava and the two go back to his apartment. They have sex, but Rava's stance on their marriage has not changed. The next morning, Rava informs Kendall that she is already in touch with a divorce lawyer. Marcia then calls Kendall and tells him that Logan wishes to see him. When Kendall arrives, Logan is out of bed and watching the news. Kendall informs him of the stock situation, but that he's come up with a solution. Logan, unimpressed, insults his son by calling him an idiot. Kendall then leaves the room, hurt.[2]

Kendall then arrives back in New York and calls Rava, who declines his invitation to the annual foundation gala. Jess, Kendall's assistant, greets him with coffee and informs him that his father waits for him in his office. Logan confronts him about selling part of Waystar, but Kendall stands his ground, arguing the debt caused by his father.

Kendall reveals that he'd like to attend the gala with ATN broadcast personality, Anna. Logan is made aware that Kendall will be announcing Logan's retirement at the gala, which upsets him even further. Logan then wanders into Kendall's office and urinates on the floor. At the gala, Connor informs Kendall that Logan will be speaking instead, and in a panic Kendall consults with Gerri. Kendall is worried Logan may make a fool of himself, but Gerri insists that he'll do fine.

Kendall accuses his date of being cold and distant, when she informs that that she only agreed to accompany him in order to keep her job, to which he apologizes and allows her to leave. Everyone heads home, Kendall being alone.[5]

Frank calls Kendall, who grabs Roman, into their father's office. Logan has been discussing acquiring local TV stations with Karl and Gerri, but the boys are avidly against the idea of "local news." Later, Roman is exercising with his private trainer when he informs Kendall of the coffee incident. Roman suggests that, with Thanksgiving come up, they do their "family tradition" of destroying Logan. Kendall begins plotting a vote of no confidence against Logan. Later at dinner, Kendall informs Logan's brother Ewan of the vote. Kendall is shocked to hear that Ewan, despite their tumultuous relationship, will still back his brother on the matter.

Marcia later suggests that the family play a memory game called "I Went to Market". During Logan's turn, he goes blank and cannot remember what to say. Logan tries once more, but Iverson, Kendall's son, insists that Logan has lost and his turn is over, while trying to pry the can of cranberry sauce out of Logan's hands. Logan becomes enraged. Whether accidental or not, Logan hits Iverson in the face with the cranberry sauce to the horror of his parents and the dinner party as a whole. Kendall immediately snaps and screams at Logan, while still trying to comfort his son.

Later, Kendall is out on the balcony when Gerri approaches him. She assures him that if he truly plans on moving against his father, she will not assist him in doing so.[8]

With the vote of no confidence against their father approaching, Kendall and Roman must ensure that everything is set for them to win the vote. Roman attempts to sway a neutral board member, Lawrence.

Per the request of Marcia, Kendall and his father have dinner before the night of the big vote, and the two eat burgers while watching TV. The next morning, Kendall flies out to Long Island to meet with board-member Ilona Shinoy. He secures her vote, but is unable to return back to the city due to being on lockdown and in a no-fly zone. Kendall desperately tries to make it back in time for the vote via car, but is stuck in traffic with no cell service. He eventually gets out of the car and begins running towards Waystar.

As Kendall rushes to the building, Frank calls the board meeting and asks Logan to leave the room. Frank attempts to stall the vote until Kendall can arrive. Logan refuses to leave the room, and instead berates numerous board members, including Roman, into voting in his favor. Lawrence and Stewy abstain from the vote, while Ewan sides with his brother. Frank and several others vote in favor of Kendall, but the majority goes to Logan. Kendall finally arrives at the boardroom but Logan immediately fires him, along with everyone else who voted against him, including Frank. Kendall is then escorted out of the building by security, not even being allowed time to gather his things.[9]

Kendall has cut off communication with his family and plans to sue his father, as well as his brother Roman, following his expulsion from Waystar. Over the phone, Rava confronts him about his alleged relapse and Kendall insists that is sober, despite what the tabloids say.

Kendall is invited to a weekend-long family therapy session at Austerlitz, Connor's ranch in New Mexico, but initially refuses to attend. He later arrives in New Mexico, but first meets some locals at a pub, drinks, and joins them for a cocaine and methamphetamine binge. Kendall is then picked up by a concerned Roman who takes him to the ranch, where they find their family in a heated argument. Kendall, still intoxicated, begins picking fights and insults Willa, who then leaves and is followed by Connor. Kendall and Logan nearly have a physical altercation after Logan admits to planting the stories about his son's drug use, but Marcia separates them.[3]

Kendall and Frank meet two young artists, once of which, Angela, has an idea for a new app that would find and promote small artists to people with larger pockets. Though they are in it for their love of art and helping people, Kendall is clearly in to make money.

He then arrives to Tom's underground bachelor party late and on drugs. Kendall is informed by Frank that Angela has decided to work with someone else, which angers Kendall. He spots her at the same party and decide\s to confront her. Angela then insults Kendall, and admits that due to his family name and ruthless ego, they were never going to agree to sign with him. Kendall attempts to explain himself but Angela angrily rebuffs him. Greg, keeping close watch, finds Kendall about to snort four more lines of cocaine. Kendall taunts Greg that he may overdose, and Greg feels pressured to snort the last two lines. Never having done cocaine before, he becomes paranoid and thinks he may die. Kendall runs into his old buddy Stewy and they begin talking about business. Stewy mentions his boss Sandy Furness, who is willing to buy Kendall's portion of the company for $250 million; Kendall is interested but only if he can meet with Sandy personally.

The next morning, Kendall calls Fred to spread word on the artists who dropped him, claiming that they are "sluts" who "shoot capital into their veins." He then meets up with Sandy and Stewy to work on the takeover.[10]

Kendall meets with Stewy inside an old English pub to finalize their discussions about overthrowing Waystar.

While at Tom and Shiv's wedding, Kendall runs into Rava. She politely offers an ear if he ever needs one, but also encourages him to nudge his lawyers along about the divorce. Kendall, who had just snorted some coke in the bathroom, becomes irate. Before he can berate her further, Rava leaves. Kendall then becomes paranoid that Frank and Gerri are gossiping about him, although they were only having an innocent conversation. Kendall quickly excuses himself.

Kendall is informed by Stewy and Sandy that the hostile takeover will now take place tomorrow during the wedding, as it's the perfect time with Logan away. Kendall begs them to reconsider, claiming they don't have enough time to prepare. Though unsaid, he likely doesn't want to ruin his sister's wedding.[11]

At the wedding, Kendall has quarantined himself away with Stewy and his assistant, Jess. The three are printing the final documents regarding the takeover. Unfortunately, Jess isn't sure where they were sent, and everyone quickly starts looking for them. Stewy and Kendall then do some coke.

Stewy insists that Kendall inform his father of the takeover, to which he reluctantly agrees. Logan asks if this is a bear hug, which Kendall confirms. Furious, Logan kicks him out. Logan then subtly migrates all his children into one room after having informed them of Kendall's plan to take over. All three siblings are angry with their brother, and after a couple of minutes, Logan walks in. He confirms that everything is true, then informs them of his battle plan.

After being berated by his siblings, Kendall rejoins his friend Stewy. He asks for more cocaine but Stewy declines as they'll be speaking publicly in two hours. Kendall persists, but this time Stewy says he ran out. Kendall, however, knows he's lying.

Kendall rugs into Greg while both are having a smoke. Greg says he is proud of Kendall and wishes him good luck. He then asks him if he has anything like cocaine on him, but Greg says he doesn't. Greg confesses that Tom had him destroy evidence regarding the cruise line mishaps, but he kept copies of all the major important documents. In return for them, Greg only asks for a better position at work. Kendall agrees.

Kendall runs into Andrew Dodds, the caterer his father fired earlier, outside. They talk about his being fired while sharing a joint, Ken then asking for some "powder." The two then go to a car, where Andrew snorts a line of ketamine. Kendall asks for cocaine instead but Andrew doesn't have any. He claims he knows a guy who does not far away and can take him there, but is too high to drive. Kendall decides to drive. On the drive, Kendall talks about his family's riches and the kid jokes that he should kidnap him. Kendall is distracted trying to work with the stick-shift when Andrew sees a deer ahead of them. He grabs for the wheel, causing the car to swerve and go off the side of the bridge, into a pond. The car immediately sinks but Kendall is able to make it out. He makes multiple attempts to save the kid before giving up. Stunned, he begins walking and once back to his room, realizes he has lost his key and breaks in. He showers off and changes clothes, then returns to the party as if nothing's happened. He makes sure to greet and speak with everyone individually.

The next morning at breakfast, Kendall is called into his father's library to speak about the accident. Kendall pretends to be ignorant regarding the situation, only having just been informed by Greg. Logan reveals that they found Kendall's key card near the site of the accident. Marcia and Logan suggest that maybe the waiter broke into Kendall's room and took the card and he plays along, not saying much and seemingly a bit nervous. Logan then asks for the others to leave, so he can be with Kendall privately. Logan reveals that he knows the truth and Kendall begins to cry, and Logan insists that Kendall drop out of his previous plan and go to rehab. They both know that if anything were to come out, Kendall's career and life would be destroyed. Logan then promises to have everything covered up. Kendall cries in his father's arms, but obliges.[12]

Season 2[]

Just after Tom and Shiv's wedding, Kendall goes to a rehab facility in Iceland to cope with recent events and stress. Kendall is then whisked away and told that he must return to New York and appear on television for an interview. Kendall is being asked to revoke the claims made against his father and suspend the takeover attempt. Karolina prepares him for the appearance, giving him the go-to line: "I saw their plan, but my father's were better."

Kendall then sits down with his father and Karl. Logan wishes to know what information the rival team has and how they plan to use it. Karl excuses himself from the room, allowing them more privacy. Kendall admits that he told Stewy and Sandy of his father's medications and more personal incidences, such as his father peeing on the floor and over-pouring his coffee. Logan excuses his son and tells him he has an office ready for him. Kendall then asks for Jess's whereabouts, being that she usually acquires his drugs for him.

Greg arrives at Kendall's apartment to supply him with some cocaine. Kendall's upset to learn that Greg, instead of Ken's normal dealer, purchased the drug from a stranger in the park.

Logan leaves with Kendall to go from the Hamptons back to New York. They have a meeting with Stewy and Sandy, but Logan abandons the meeting and leaves Kendall in charge. Kendall asks if there's any way the two sides could come together, but they decline. Kendall tells them that his father will bury them and ruin their lives if they do not go through with their plans.[13]

Kendall informs Lawrence that he, alongside his brother, must perform a routine check of Vaulter for their father. In attempt to halt his investigation, Lawrence gives Kendall an overwhelming amount of company material to work through. Kendall and Roman attend a meeting with their father, regarding the results of their routine check of Vaulter. Kendall claims that Vaulter shows potential and he believes they should keep it. Roman, however, offers a contrasting opinion. He cites his discovery of systemic low-productivity, in addition to efforts underway by the workforce to unionize; an action that, in his opinion, would only reinforce the existing negative behaviors exhibited by the employees. Ultimately, Logan commits to Roman’s suggestion, and moves forward with his decision to dissolve Vaulter. Kendall is tasked with shutting it down, and reluctantly complies.

The next morning, Kendall meets with Lawrence and attempts to convince him not to unionize, arguing that it would save his company, although Lawrence denies and Kendall is unsuccessful.

Greg searches for a new apartment and realizes that he will likely be living in a compact studio. He is then invited to an apartment recently purchased by Kendall. He casually informs Greg that the apartment could be his temporarily, under the condition that Greg must host a party there that night. Greg obliges, although the party swiftly escalates. Kendall becomes heavily intoxicated and Greg is unable to sleep due to his bedroom being occupied by Kendall's acquaintances.

Kendall then hires a team to secretly install Wi-Fi blockers at Vaulter. The next morning, he arrives to inform everyone that they have been terminated and the building must be vacant in 15 minutes. Lawrence demands to know why, but Kendall’s response is simply "because my dad told me to." Logan is satisfied with him and involves him in the proxy war, irritating Roman. Later, Kendall makes a quick stop at a bodega, stealing a pack of batteries on his way out, only to immediately toss them in the garbage can outside.[14]

Greg and Kendall meet and Greg appears to give him cocaine, per Kendall's orders. Karolina informs Logan that Michelle Pantsil has a source from his inner circle. Logan first accuses Kendall, who quickly denies it. Kendall and Roman later discuss the book agreement. Kendall confides that he got a call from Pantsil as well, and considered talking.[15]

Kendall arrives early to Waystar and heads up to the roof, seeing that part of the building is under construction. He calls Rhea Jarrell, having gotten her number from mutual family-friend Frank, to introduce himself before their upcoming meeting.

Gerri then admits that Kendall has been shoplifting, and they are running damage control. Kendall enters the room, and Shiv acts differently around her brother. Trying to ignore her, Kendall makes his way down to the parking lot with Jess where they meet Rhea in private. She comments on the protesters out front, before they make their way upstairs to have a private meeting with just the two of them and Logan. She informs them that the Pierce Family is not interested in selling their company to him.

After wandering the building and property, Kendall is eventually ushered into the private safe room with his father and Shiv. Rhea exclaims that she is finding it increasingly difficult to explain why she has to keep canceling appointments and meetings. Ken, Rhea, and Logan then delve into the real reason why PMG won't sell their company. Kendall begins to sweeten the deal with more money before an unofficial deal is made and confirmed.

The next morning Kendall again finds himself standing on the balcony, as he had during the shooting. Only this time there is glass, 10 feet high, stopping any potential employees from jumping, but especially Kendall.[16]

Kendall and Naomi are sitting close to each other and are mildly flirting, after having briefly touched on their shared drug problems. While everyone else is stargazing, Kendall and Naomi sneak off to do some illegal drugs. They then take some alcohol and hop inside one of the family helicopters. Kendall is playing with some buttons and accidentally starts the helicopter, but quickly turns it off. After a bit more discussion, the two make out. The next morning, Kendall wakes up naked and alone, seemingly having defecated the bed.[17]

Logan demands more, better information about the Pierce family settlement. Kendall agrees to go in and scold them.

They are interrupted as Colin ushers Logan, Gerri, and Kendall into another room. They are informed that a magazine has been tipped off about the cruise-line scandal and plans to publish an exposé within 36 to 48 hours. They get on a conference call with Shiv and begin discussing a course of action. Kendall suggests they go at them hard and fast, threatening legal action. Shiv thinks they should opt for a much less aggressive approach and cooperate with the magazine instead. Logan decides to go with Kendall's idea, and the two agree that all contracts with the Pierce family contracts must be wrapped up soon, rather than later.

Kendall makes a quick visit with his old friend Stewy and tells him to distance himself from Waystar Royco, as something "big" will soon happen.

Nan and Rhea finally arrive and have breakfast with Logan and Kendall. They subtly try to rush the agreement by informing the ladies of papers to be signed in the other room, but Nan persistently pushes it off. Unfortunately, Kendall finds out the story has broken, and the two quickly make their exits to do re-con. The family then debates who will be on the panel regarding the allegations and ultimately decide on Kendall and Roman, Shiv later joining.

Kendall bumps into Stewy, who has some rude words for Kendall.

Later while on stage, Shiv and Kendall dominating the conversation, while Logan and Marcia watch in the audience. Shiv acknowledges that while the allegations should be taken seriously, they also happened a lot time ago. Kendall states that the accusations are horrible and they will be dealing with them swiftly. Shiv then makes a joke about the company having "dinosaur" attitudes and values. After the conference, everyone begins fighting. Shiv is being cornered for her dinosaur comment, everyone agreeing that she was over the line. Roman makes another smart-aleck comment only to be struck in the face by his dad, knocking out a tooth. Kendall immediately stands up for his brother, yelling at his father to never do that again. Roman brushes it off by saying "it's just a tooth."[18]

Kendall sneaks away to the bathroom to talk to Naomi Pierce on the phone. She suggests he send her a dick-pic, to which he awkwardly complies.

Logan and Kendall arrive at the Dodds family home. They are greeted by a single photographer, as well as Andrew's uncle, while his parents wait inside. Logan insists Kendall come in the house with him but allows him to wait outside the room. Logan wraps up matters with the family, apologizing that his political rivals have dragged their son's name through the mud. They confirmed he was always an addict drug user and say they don't place any blame on Logan himself. Logan and Kendal then leave together in silence. Later that night, Kendall returns to drop cash into the mail-slot.

Kendall arrives at his mother's place and confirms that she'll be seeing them again for Christmas. Kendall attempts to open up to his mother about his situation, telling here there's a heavy topic weighing on him. She asks if they can discuss it in the morning over breakfast, and he agrees although a bit disappointed. The next morning, Caroline had woken up even earlier than Kendall and left a note, apologizing she had to leave to run errands. Both her sons are left alone in the house.[19]

Everyone is gathered in upper East New York to watch the opening night of Willa's half-baked play, where Kendall seduces the lead actress, Jennifer. The family has gathered in Dundee, Scotland to celebrate Logan's 50th anniversary. Kendall has Jennifer flown out to Dundee despite Connor's protests, as Willa needs her for her play.

While on a tour of Logan's print building, Kendall tells Rhea that he's just along for the ride rather than genuinely working against her. She tells him she believes when things are over, Logan will give Kendall the company.

Kendall is showing off some artwork to Jennifer, who confronts him that he talks about his father a lot. Ken laughs it off and decides to introduce her to his father. Kendall then takes stage for his speech, yet surprises everyone with a rap, revealing a jersey underneath his dress jacket, arousing enthusiasm from the crowd. Kendall then meets with Jennifer outside of the party, and sends her away for using the word 'awesome' too much while speaking to his father.[20]

Kendall arrives on the family's yacht with Greg and girlfriend Naomi Pierce. Logan later asks Kendall to make Naomi leave, claiming that she enables his drug abuse. Naomi is disappointed that Kendall won't leave with her, but complies.

At breakfast the next morning, Logan is taking suggestions for who should be sacrificed following the cruise-line scandals. Several people, including Shiv, agree that Tom is the most viable option, although Kendall adds that he might not be "big enough". Logan then leaves to reflect, before he and Kendall travel to a Greek island in attempt to enlist financial aid from Stewy, who denies them.

After learning that her marriage is in jeopardy, Shiv goes to speak with her father. She does not initially reveal her intentions of speaking to him, but soon begins begging him not to get rid of Tom. Shiv is then asked to choose between her husband and her brother Kendall, and although pained by it, motions for Kendall to speak with their father. Logan informs Kendall that he will be the blood sacrifice. Kendall suggests that he deserves punishment for what happened to Andrew Dodds, which Logan dismisses as a case of "No Real Person Involved", but not this. Kendall, disappointed, asks if he was ever considered for the position of CEO. Logan admits that he wasn't, saying "You're not a killer. You have to be a killer." Kendall kisses Logan on the cheek and the two leave to inform the others of the decision.

The next morning, Kendall and Greg leave for a press conference back in New York, Jess and Karolina joining them upon arrival. Logan watches the conference from the yacht, with Shiv by his side. Kendall, in front of the press, begins to explain his role as scapegoat, but suddenly deviates and begins blaming Logan. He states that his father is a "malignant presence, a bully, and a liar" and has been aware of the events for many years but made efforts to cover them up. Additionally, he informs the reporters that he has brought documents proving his father's guilt, which Greg seemingly has on hand. The speech shocks the reporters, Karolina, and the rest of the Roy family except for Logan, who bears a faint smile.[21]


Rava Roy and children[]

Kendall rava and kids

Kendall, Rava, Sophie, and Iverson dancing (credit)

Kendall and Rava were previously married and have two children, Sophie and Iverson[n 1]; however, sometime before the events of the series begin, Rava and the children become estranged from Kendall due to his substance abuse issues. In the beginning, it is clear that Kendall still loves Rava and wishes to repair their broken relationship, though Rava expresses no interest beyond sexual hookups. Eventually, the two of them begin seeing other people while attempting to co-parent their children. Kendall is a relatively absent father but makes several attempts at speaking to or seeing them, often failing or being denied by Rava. He instead shows his affection through grand, rather indirect gestures. In the midst of his fight for the position of CEO, Kendall claims that his children are the "reason" for everything that he does.

Logan Roy[]


Naomi Pierce[]

Kendall and Naomi, the cousin of Nan Pierce and a board member of PGM, begin a romance in the midst of the Waystar-PGM deal. Initially, the two bonded over their shared family troubles and substance abuse issues. Logan detested this relationship, not only because Kendall was "sleeping with the enemy" but because he believed Naomi enabled his addiction; Naomi, however, insists that Logan is only prohibiting him from being happy. Kendall nonetheless finds a friend in Naomi, looking to her in times of stress, both in his personal life and career. When the Roy siblings decide to pursue a deal with PGM without their father, this relationship, though now broken, proves to be beneficial.

Stewy Hosseini[]

Kenstewy hug gif

Kendall and Stewy sharing a hug (credit)

Main article: Kendall and Stewy

Kendall and Stewy—a private-equity investor and business partner of Sandy Furness, enemy of Waystar Royco—have been close friends since they both attended the Buckley School, a California prep school. They also attended and roomed together at Harvard University, where they partied and did cocaine. They seemingly had a falling out before the events of the series begin, though Stewy quickly agrees to place their odds aside and assist Kendall in betraying his father. Kendall often looks to Stewy for drugs and comfort, while Stewy often chooses money and business opportunities over their friendship; nonetheless, Stewy proves to be one of the few people who truly supports Kendall on his road to CEO.


  • Jeremy Strong has stated that he used the famous Michael Corleone from The Godfather as inspiration when building Kendall's character.[22] Strong has also said that, in regards to Kendall, "To me, the stakes are life and death, I take him as seriously as I take my own life."[23]



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  1. Sophie is seemingly adopted, while it is implied that Iverson is not Kendall's biological child and is instead "half Rava, half some filing cabinet guy."