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Karolina Novotney is the head of public relations (PR) at Waystar Royco. She is portrayed by Dagmara Domińczyk.


Season 1[]

Karolina informs Logan that Kendall will be announcing Logan's retirement at the gala, which upsets him, as he does not genuinely plan to retire.[1]

Season 2[]

Kendall is whisked away from rehab and told that he must return to New York and appear on television for an interview. Kendall is being asked to revoke the claims made against his father and suspend the takeover attempt. Karolina prepares him for the appearance, giving him the go-to line: "I saw their plan, but my father's were better."[2]

While on the plane to Hungary, Karolina informs Logan that Michelle Pantsil has a source from his inner circle. Later, Karolina updates Logan that Moe had spoke to Michelle Pantsil, prior to passing away just the night before. Logan considers the issue resolved, though Greg is also guilty.[3]

Back in New York, Shiv, uninterested, is shadowing Frank for the day, yet slips away before he can stop her. She is passed by Karolina who brushes into Frank's office, informing him that the cruise ship stories are about to make headlines.[4]

Gerri finds Shiv and brings her into a miniature company meeting, consisting of themselves, Hugo, Cyd, Frank, and Karolina. They discuss the whistleblower from earlier, who refuses $20 million as well and he has every intention of going public with his information. Shiv decides to keep her father out of the loop, letting him enjoy tonight before they inform him tomorrow.[5]

Logan and some other family sit around and watch television, awaiting whose names will be racked across the coals in the cruise line sex scandal. Moe’s name is brought up, as well as Gerri’s and then Tom’s. They all make comments at the TV, while Gerri, Hugo, Karl, Laird, and Karolina watch in the other room and take notes.[6]

Kendall and Greg leave for a press conference back in New York, Jess and Karolina joining them upon arrival. Kendall, in front of the press, begins to explain his role as scapegoat, but suddenly deviates and begins blaming Logan. He states that his father is a "malignant presence, a bully, and a liar" and has been aware of the events for many years but made efforts to cover them up. Additionally, he informs the reports that he has brought documents proving his father's guilt, which Greg seemingly has on hand. The speech shocks the reporters, Karolina, and the rest of the Roy family except for Logan, who bears a faint smile.[7]

Season 3[]

Following his public exposé of his father, a manic Kendall prepares for the company's upcoming shareholder meeting. He attempts to garner support from Greg and Karolina, the latter of which warns Kendall that he has put himself and the rest of the company at risk of major legal action and declines further supporting him. Kendall then verbally forces her out of the vehicle where she is swarmed by reporters.[8]



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