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Karolina Novotney
Karolina Novotney.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Karolina Novotney
Title: Head of PR for Waystar Royco

Member of Waystar Royco's legal team.

Current Location: New York, New York
United States of America
Affiliations: Waystar Royco
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Shit Show at the Fuck Factory
Portrayed by: Dagmara Dominczyk

Karolina Novotney is the head of PR for Waystar Royco and a member of Waystar Royco's legal team.

Season 1[]

After Logan Roy is hospitalised after a stroke, the family and the company are trying to do damage control. Kendall is sent videos to greenlight, to be run as potential obituaries to be run by the media. When Gerri, Eva, Karl and Karolina arrive they aren't clear on who will be the CEO in Logan's absence, and intend to follow the nomination committee and the board's plan in case of Logan's incapacitation . Gerri informs Kendall that they'll need to confirm a CEO before the markets open next morning. As the siblings discuss the future of the company, Shiv asks Karolina if they can delay the statement until things are clearer. Karolina suggest that they can make a holding statements, and that she would be open to their inputs on how to 'finesse' it. Kendall manages to convince Roman to be acting COO to his acting CEO. The family jointly announces this to the Waystar staff in the 'war room', including Karolina, Gerri and Karl. [1]

Karolina visits Logan's residence as he's getting physical therapy. As he asks for the brief, she reflexively corrects Logan's use of the word 'corporal' instead of 'corporate'; but then quickly shutters when he gives her a dirty look. She tries to quickly move past a news piece on Logan's health, but Logan beckons her to tell him. The piece opines that Kendall Roy giving the speech at the Charity Ball is indicative of Logan's interest in winding down his involvement with the company. This angers Logan, and motivates him to attend the ball.[2]

After the Vote of no confidence debacle that reveals deep fractures in the Roy clan, Logan's and the Roys' reputation in general is tarnished. In an effort to fix their public image, and help buy new network stations, Gerri, Stewy Hosseini and Karolina convince him to take a weekend-long family therapy session at Connor's New Mexico ranch, Austerlitz. Unbeknown to most of The Roy Family, he's arranged to have it double as a publicity stunt. Karolina arrives with Logan to help set up things and work PR while at the ranch. She was also around when their therapist has to be taken to the hospital, after a swimming accident. [3]

The Roy Family assembles at in England for Shiv and Tom’s wedding. Logan has decided to stay back in the United States, but after his team is unable to find a good enough reason for him to not attend his daughter's wedding, he changes his mind and decides to make the journey. Though it would appear, only for the good PR. [4]

Season 2[]

48 hours after Shiv and Tom's wedding Ken is called away from rehab to meet with his father's men and flown back to New York early in order to make a news channel appearance. He is met with Karolina who prepares him. With his go-to line being “I saw their plan that my fathers was better.” [5]

Everyone is at Waystar Royco celebrating Ken's daughter's birthday. The Roys gather around to listen to Stewy’s TV interview, using the previous talking points Ken knew they would hit. Claiming that Logan is too old, and out of the loop to run his business. Logan agrees to go with Shiv's proposal of immediately firing back at their opponents that day. [6]

Logan enters a board meeting demanding to know why no one has found a solution to Sandy Furness. He informs everyone, their company will be taking over media-giant PGM. He asks if anyone has issues with getting involved with Naomi Pierce, even deciding to bring Frank back on the team for how close he is with Naomi. The few board members that make negative comment about the deal are immediately shut down. The company makes for way too hungry for the annual hunting retreat. On the plane ride over she informs Logan that Michelle Pantsil has a source from inside his private camp. He demands Sam find out who, after accusing his son Ken, who quickly denies it. Two days alter at breakfast, Karolina informs Logan, Frank, and Ken that Moe’s was the mole, but passed away the night before. [7]

Shiv is having a work-related conversation with Gerri they are interrupted by Jess Jordan who whisper something in Gerri's year. Shiv puts the clues together when she hears that Karolina and Colin are also involved. Gerri admits Ken has been shoplifting, and they are running damage control. [8]

Karolina brushes into Frank's office to inform him that the cruise-ship stories are about to make headlines. [9]

The team is talking with Logan and his children in London, England. Informing him the papers have picked up a story about Andrew Dodds. Revealing Logan struck the kid which caused him to later fall unconscious into the river, ultimately killing him. They confirm it is just a smear campaign put on by Sandy Furness and Stewy Hosseini. They all agreed it is a good decision for Logan to go meet with the family. They will strategize their own media spin and photographer. [10]

Karolina flew overseas with Logan and his family to Dundee, Scotland. While on the plane they discussed a whistleblower who was looking to expose the cruise-line scandal, and Logan agreed to offer him $5 million willing to go up to $10. A couple of days later Karolina at Logan 50th business anniversary, she was also among the small group collected by Gerri to discuss what to do about the whistleblower. As he had immediately declined $20 million, and it would appear he was determined to expose everyone. Shiv made the call to tell her father the next day. [11]

Karolina and the team are taking notes on the breaking news about the Cruise Line Scandal. Later, Rhea joins the party for a quick appearance in a feeble attempt to rally the troops, but departs again. [12]

Ken changes his mind

Greg and Ken fly back to New York to announce that he will be falling on the sword. Jess Jordan and Karolina meet him and give him last-minute pointers in the bathroom. Ken looks over the crowd, he suddenly decides to change his mind, and throws his father under the bus instead. telling the reporters his dad was Complicit and knew exactly what was going on the entire time this. Ken rips up his speech and leaves, followed up by Jess. [13]