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Karl Muller
Biographical Information
Real Name: Karl Muller
Title: Chief Financial Officer of Waystar Royco
Current Location: New York, New York
United States of America
Affiliations: Waystar Royco

The Roy Family

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Character Information
First appearance: Shit Show at the Fuck Factory
Portrayed by: David Rasche

Karl Muller is Waystar Royco's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and member of the company's legal team.

Season 1[]


Season 2[]

In New York City, Kendall Roy has another sitdown with his father, Logan Roy and Karl. They discuss what there'll rivle team knows and does not know. Ken tells Logan the basics. Realizing he's holding something back, Karl excuses himself from the room, for a more private conversation between family members. [1]

Logan looking for their mole

Not long into dinner, in Hungary during a Work Conference Retreat, Logan confronts all his staff members, demanding to know who informed Naomi Pierce. He also wants to know who has been talking to the woman trying to sell a book about him. He first insults Frank Vernon, demanding to know why he took his job back. Then asks if Karl’s wife knows about all his visits to the whorehouse. Logan makes Karl stand in the corner, followed by Tom Wambsgans and then Greg Hirsch but spares Gerri. Logan berates them and embarrasses them, and has everyone else join in, before making them fight over sausage, the loser would be considered the mole. When they are fighting it out physically, Ken discovers the mole is his brother Roman Roy who was going to take a sit-down with Naomi Pierce. Logan is furious and calls Roman a moron. Ken informs his father, no one backs him on the PGM deal. Logan plans to go ahead with it anyways. [2]

Karl flies overseas with Logan and his family to Dundee, Scotland. While on the plane they discuss a whistleblower who is looking to expose the cruise-line scandal, and Logan agrees to offer him $5 million and is willing to go up to $10 million. A couple of days later Karl is at Logan surprise party for his 50th business anniversary. He is also among the small group collected by Gerri to discuss what to do about the whistleblower. As he has immediately declined $20 million, and it would appear he is determined to expose everyone. Shiv makes the decision to tell her father the next day. [3]

trying to stay calm

Roman, Karl, and Laird find themselves in Turkey, watching the soccer team Roman just bought for his father, days ago. He and Eduard Asgarov are trying to barter deal with each other. After having a rather pleasant conversation up in a hotel suite, they are soon set upon by men with guns. It takes a minute for Rome to realize that they are being held up by terrorists, and are soon ushered downstairs to the lobby with all the other rich guests of the hotel. Eduard appears to be rather calm given the situation, and their entire group is soon re-located to the dining area. Karl admits to having a bit of a panic attack, but given the high-stress situation, everyone is acting rather calm. Throughout this, Roman continues to try to broker a deal with Eduard. it appears they come to an agreement. Not long after this, the men with guns demand to know who are foreigners, after Karl raises his hand, the rest of them follow suit. They are soon led away by the men, after being held for over 24 hours. [4]

bad news

Not long after they've cast off Roman arrives along with Karl and Jamie Laird. Everyone greets him in a lighthearted joking manner, but Roman has been changed by his experience and is not in a laughing mood. The Roy siblings and Tom are able to get in some alone time is a sunbathing chit-chat. After Logan arrives by helicopter, he immediately calls all three of the hostage survivors inside to discuss what business deals they made in Turkey. Despite what Laird thinks, Roman insists that Laird was being shady and that they have no deal. Laird is upset when he is called out by Roman, as well as when no one will take his advice and decides to depart from the trip early as Logan and Ken watch. [5]

Looking for a sacrifice

Everyone is again relaxing around the yacht, puts Logan tells him to enjoy themselves and be ready for dinner soon. Everyone is slightly on edge at his odd comment. Frank, Connor and Willa all begin to question what he means. Knowing there is a scapegoat, Roman begin stirring the pot. Telling Gerri he thinks Frank will be the one to go, within earshot of Frank.

This Is Not For Tears 29.png

The next day at breakfast Logan finally announces that someone needs to go and they need a blood sacrifice to give to the wolves. He doesn't say who, but asks for ideas on what to do, promising whoever did volunteer would be taken care of. Everyone tippy-toes about giving up another's name after theirs has been called. Someone suggests Gerri, the Logan confirms no one has ever been more enjoyable than her. Tom's name is brought up, and Shiv kind of agrees much to his surprise. Everyone begins to slowly talk more and more poorly about each other, and soon O'Connor sacrifices himself, volunteering to do prison time for his father. Logan thanks him, but confirms he isn't a big enough fish. Before a real argument starts, Logan breaks it up. Telling everyone it's enough conversation for now.

That night at dinner everyone's gathered around and Logan announces that can will be the one taking the fall and going to prison. everyone is shocked and surprised, but Ken tells everyone not to worry and that they should all do enjoy themselves for him. the rest of the dinners remains very quiet, Siobhan, Tom and Gregory seems to be the most emotionally affected. [5]