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Season 2, Episode 3
Air date August 25, 2019
Written by Tony Roche
Directed by Andrij Parekh
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Safe Room


Logan informs his skeptical management team of his plan to make another attempt to acquire Pierce, a rival media company and one of the most respected names in news, and brings back Frank to work on the deal. Convinced the acquisition is a terrible idea, Shiv asks Tom to deliver the message to Logan at a corporate retreat in Hungary. Greg worries his pre-meeting with a Logan biographer puts his standing with the family at risk. Connor’s presidential announcement irritates Logan.


Greg Hirsch has a meeting with a book editor, Michelle Pantsil looking to get information on his uncle, Logan. Though he quickly gets spooked and leaves.

Logan in the board room

Logan Roy has a meeting with his doctor who reminds him to take it easy, Suggesting he sit out the company retreat in Hungary. Logan puts off seeing his dying friend Moe, and goes into a board meeting, demanding to know why no one has found a problem to his solution with Sandy Furness. He then informs everyone, their company will be taking over media-giant PGM. He asks if anyone has issues with getting involved with the Pierce family, even deciding to bring Frank Vernon back on the team for how close he is with Nan Pierce. The few board members that make negative comments about the deal are immediately shut down. Kendall Roy agrees with his father on the issue, while Roman Roy makes fun of him for.

Tabitha and Roman are looking over Connor Roy's presidential campaign video. He wants to get rid of taxes and threatens the government to try and sue him for not paying his. Roman also asks his girlfriend if she can get him in contact with Naomi Pierce. Meanwhile, Logan wants Shiv Roy to go talk to her brother Connor about his campaign for president and trying to eliminate taxes. They have agreements with people in powerful positions about such things.

Greg and Ken meet, and Greg appears to give his boss cocaine. Meanwhile, Shiv asked Tom Wambsgans about her father's deal with PGM. She already approached the company with her father, and both want to know how she knew. Unbeknownst to both, she had been on the phone the entire time with Gerri Killman while her father was talking to the boardroom earlier. Shiv wants Tom to talk to her father about the deal while they are in Hungary, telling him it's a bad idea.

Greg & Ken on the private plane

Everyone is packing their guns for Hungary, ready for the big sporting event. While on the plane, Karolina Novotney informs Logan finds out that Michelle Pantsil has a source from inside his private camp. He demands Sam find out who, after accusing his son Ken, who quickly denies it. Greg finds out that Logan might know it was him, and begins to panic.

Once in Hungary, Frank arrived at the million-dollar house to greet the rest of the company. Ken, Logan and, Frank have a quick meeting to discuss how taking over PGM would work. They are interrupted by Roman and then informed they are about to go hunting, after a quick safety meeting about guns.

Shiv tells her brother Connor not to run for president based off his no-tax campaign. He says he’ll think about it and then asked his sister to come work for him, before leaving for a meeting. Shiv decides to tag along with Willa while she goes out for drinks with her girlfriends. Hoping to convince her, that Connor's idea is bad. While out to drinks Shiv meets a handsome man and decides to bring him back to her place. But not before Connor releases his presidential campaign video.

Greg informs Tom that he talked to Michelle Pantsil. Tom tells him to tell no one, and hope the whole mess blows over. But to be wary of Sam. Meanwhile Ken and Roman also talk about the book-agreement. And Ken confides he got a call and was thinking about talking. Meanwhile Roman’s takes a private call, rather suspiciously.

Tom is read to shoot pigs

Everyone gathers around to shoot pigs that are released before them as they stand up on high towers with their rifles. One of them eventually shoots a pig and they all gather around for a photo before having dinner, with boar as the main course. Before dinner, Jerry and Karl tried to pressure Tom to tell Logan, that PGM is a bad idea. Meanwhile, Logan finds out that someone tipped Pierce's off, and he is furious, demanding to find out who.

Logan looking for their mole

Not long into dinner, Logan confronts all his staff members, demanding to know who informed the Pierce family. He also wants to know who has been talking to the woman trying to sell a book about him. He first insults Frank, demanding to know why he took his job back. Then asks If Karl’s wife knows about all his visits to the whorehouse. Logan makes Karl stand in the corner, followed by Tom and then Greg. Though he spares Gerri. He then berates them and embarrasses them, and has everyone else join in, before making them fight over sausage, the loser would be considered the mole. They are fighting it out physically, Ken discovers it would his brother Roman who was going to talking with Naomi Pierce. Logan is furious and calls him a moron. Ken informs his father, no one backs him on the PGM deal. Logan plans to go ahead with it anyways.

The next morning at breakfast, everyone is still surprised and taken back by the nights before. Except Cyd Peach who takes another gab at Tom. Logan finds out Moe was the one who talked to Michelle Pantsil and passed away the night before. Logan then calls his daughter Shiv to bring her into the company the next day to shadow him, and Gerri convinces Roman to take the 6-week management course. Before arriving back home, Frank informed Logan that Pierce's CEO, Rhea Jarrell, emailed him and is interested in meeting.


Tabitha: So, what, you wanna use Naomi to broker a deal?
Roman Roy: Bingo. And I think it's a good plan. I land the deal, I kill Kendall. I'm crowned the king. Just like in Hamlet…If that happens in Hamlet. I don't care.
Tabitha: Just like Hamlet.

Greg Hirsch: I was gonna ask you about this Sam guy. Do you know him?
Tom Wamsgans: Rat-fucker Sam? Yeah. You know he background-checked me before I started dating Shiv?
Greg Hirsch: So, what's his (stammers) Is he Like, what's his competency? Is he, is he nice?
Tom Wamsgans: Is he nice? You're asking about the moral character of a man named Rat-fucker Sam? He is a fucking piece of fucking shit, is what he is.

Greg Hirsch: We've been through a bit, right? Can I trust you? Yes.
Tom Wamsgans: Of course you can trust me! To a point, yes.

Tom Wamsgans: Okay, so you need to put that in the locker, man, and don't tell anyone. And pray that you can trust me, 'cause you just handed me a valuable piece of capital. Greg! Buddy. Trust no one, eve!

Gerri Killman: Well, I'm afraid that what her friend has suggests that she's met with someone close to you already.
Logan Roy: Who? Ken, is it you?
Kendall Roy: Is it me? Dad. Come on.
Logan Roy: Well, it's just, historically speaking, when I'm betrayed, it's usually you.

Shiv Roy: Connor You know what they do to rich people in jail.
Connor Roy: Yes, they let them out early to mitigate the risk of litigation.

Greg Hirsch: I 'Cause I (stammers) I've had some doubts too.
Logan Roy: Oh? Fucking doubter. Over there!
Greg Hirsch; WBut the rules are that you're spared if you tell the truth, - and I just told you the truth!
Logan Roy: Oh, oh! There are rules?
Greg Hirsch: Right?
Logan Roy: Do you know something, Greg? There are no fucking rules. (whispers) Over there.

Greg Hirsch: Why am I in this?
Tom Wamsgans: How the fuck would I know, Greg? You think I have a rational explanation for this?!

Roman Roy: Kendall took a call from the biographer.
Kendall Roy: We all got a call, Rome.
Roman Roy: Okay, yes, but you See, he seemed like he wanted to actually talk to her.
Kendall Roy: To smoke you out for Dad.
Roman Roy: What? Fuck you.




Recurring Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Saamer Usmani as Chris
  • Patch Darragh as Ray
  • John Rue as Dr. Judith
  • Juliana Canfield as Jess Jordan