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Gerri Kellman
Gerri Killman.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Gerri Kellman
Title: CEO of Waystar Royco

General Counsel to Waystar Royco

Current Location: New York, New York
United States of America
Husband: Baird Kellman (Deceased)
Interests: Roman Roy
Family: Siobhan Roy (Goddaughter)

2 Unnamed Daughters

Affiliations: Waystar Royco
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4
Status: Alive (Widowed)
Character Information
First appearance: Shit Show at the Fuck Factory
Portrayed by: J. Smith-Cameron

Gerri Kellman serves as General Counsel and interim CEO of Waystar Royco.

Early Life[]

Season 1[]

All while Connor thinks they should sign the papers for their dad, everyone else disagrees. Gerri Kellman declined to be promoted to CEO of Waystar Royco. She later revealed to Kendall Roy that the company was 3 billion dollars in debt. [1] Days later, with the company's stock plunging to dangerous lows, and she informs Ken the bank can take over the company if the stocks fall below 130. Ken immediately calls the bank however his foul mouth gets the best of him, and the bank manager declines. [2]

While at the charity event Gerri gets word that Tom Wambsgans wants to hold a press conference to come clean about the cruise line sex scandal trying to get ahead of the story, but she confirms it's a horrible idea and Tom agrees to scrap it. Tom accuses Gregory of squealing but promises it wasn't him. Tom realizes it must've been Shiv. Only for Greg to talk about it with Gerri later, confirming it was him. [3] During the charity event, Gerri also confess to Tom that she has a sexual relationship with Tom's mother, but it doesn't clarify if is just sarcasm or a fact.

With the Vote Of No Confidence against Logan Roy approaching, Ken and Roman Roy get all their ducks in a row to ensure they have the majority vote and have a meeting with Frank Vernon and Gerri. [4] Later, in an effort to fix Logan's public image, and possible put his plans on hold to buy new network stations, Gerri, Stewy Hosseini and Karolina Novotney convince Logan to take a weekend-long family therapy session at his son, Connor's New Mexico ranch, Austerlitz. Unbeknown to most of The Family, he's arranged to have it double as a publicity stunt. [5]

The Roy Family assembles at in England to prepare for Shiv and Tom’s wedding. Ken asks Frank and Gerri and demands to know what they are talking about. Sensing the hostility, Gerri calmly informs him they were discussing the first time they came to this castle over 30 years ago. Realizing he was being paranoid, Ken quickly excused himself. Later, Shiv meets with Gerri to discuss angling to get Tom, either moved away, or moved up, or from his current position at Waystar Royco to ensure he doesn't take the fall for the cruise cover-up, and shredding documents. [6] The next day at the wedding, Gerri is informed of Kendall and Stewy's intention to overtake the company. Gerri confronts Roman about his failed spaceship launch in Japan. Pretending to be baffled, he is shocked to hear about the explosion. Gerri immediately begins going over any legal ramifications with him. And he confesses that he had the launch moved up so that it would be on his sister's wedding day. She tells him, he is looking at corporate manslaughter if anyone dies. Hours later at the reception, Gerri informs Roman no one has died in Japan. The details are still being sorted out, but it looks like three people were injured. He is off the hook. [7]

Season 2[]

Kendall Roy is flown back to New York early to make a news channel appearance for the world to watch. His go-to line being “I saw their plan that his fathers was better.” Shiv Roy and Tom Wambsgans are on the phone with Roman and Gerri who are in Japan. Both are discussing Ken's interview and trying to determine what others are going to say and if it has any impact on the stock market. Days later, Gerri accompanies the family to the Hamptons to help Logan conduct business over his working vacation. Logan decides to name a successor, they settle on Gerri who will be named the fake successor until of real one is appointed. [8]

While celebrating Ken's daughter's birthday The Roys gather around to listen to Stewy’s TV interview, using the previous talking points Ken knew they would hit. Claiming that Logan is too old, and out of the loop to run his business. Logan agrees to go with Shiv's proposal of immediately firing back at their opponents that day. The next day Ken announces to [[[Lawrence Yee]] that his father and Waystar Royco will be doing a routine check of his new company. Roman feels out of his element and calls Gerri in a panic. [9]

Logan demands to know why no one has found a problem to Sandy Furness. He informs everyone, their company will be taking over media-giant PGM. Gerri thinks it's a bad idea, but doesn't say much. Soon they all leave for their annual hunting trip in Hungary. Over dinner, Logan confronts his staff members, demanding to know who informed Naomi Pierce he wanted to buy her compnay. He first insults Frank, then Karl, before making him, Tom and Greg stand in a corner for not agreeing with his plan. Though he spares Gerri before embarrassing the others, trying to find the mole. Ken discovers it was Roman and Logan is furious. Ken informs his father, no one backs him on the PGM deal. Logan plans to go ahead with it anyways. The next morning at breakfast, Gerri convinces Roman to take the 6-week management course [10]

While at his management course, Roman excuses himself to call Gerri and find out why he's not in the movie spot. She promises to look into it before Roman takes it back and hangs up on her. Logan arrives for the board meeting about the Pierce News merger. They also talk about Mark Ravenhead, wanting to make sure they don't have a Nazi supporter on their hands. While at lunch, Shiv is having a work-related conversation with Gerri but are interrupted by Jess Jordan who whisper something in Gerri's year. Shiv puts the clues together when she hears that Karolina Novotney and Colin are also involved. Gerri admits Ken has been shoplifting, and they are running damage control. That night, Roman calls Gerri to ask if they can make his class assessment into a real ride for the theme parks. Gerri scolds him, for making such a dumb suggestion. Roman beginnings touching himself to her voice. [11]

The Roy Family fly to meet the Pierce family. That night at dinner the question of who will succeed Logan comes up, but he declines to answer. Shiv announces she will be taking over the company and her father in a spout of anger quickly shuts-down the conversation. An awkward silence ensues, until Nan Pierce suggests everyone go for a walk. Roman goes to Gerri's room, and have a conversation about the night's events. Though it quickly becomes clear Roman came over to continue their erotic session, for days earlier. At breakfast Roman jokes that he was with Gerri while he masturbated in the other room. Logan says the deal is off. The family leaves, but by the time they are home, Logan gets a phone call, the Pierce family has changed their mind. [12]

The company's jet is suspended in the air, they, along with many other billionaires are all waiting to land at the same airport. The entire team is waiting to arrive at the world conference in Argestes. Logan demands more information about The Pierce Family settlement. They finally arrive, but Colin usher Logan, Gerri, and Ken away to inform them a magazine is going to run the cruise-line scandal within 36 to 48 hours. On a conference call with Shiv they begin discussing plans. Ken wants to go at them hard and fast and leads them into thinking they have nothing, threatening to sue. Logan agrees. They also need to get the Pierce family contracts all wrapped up. They also agree they need a white knight, and Gerri suggests Roman.[13]

The story has broken. The magazine claims Moe asked dancers for sex in order to keep their jobs. Shiv declines to be on the panel, and as does Gerri. They decide on Roman and Ken. Everyone is canceling on Logan and while at lunch he vomits. Shiv and Gerri cover for him. A possible combination of the situation and altitude sickness. Not long before the presentation, Shiv wants in on the panel, everyone argues and they try to knock Roman off. Gerri shakes her head indicating Roman fight to stay on. Logan decides all three will go. After, they finish off the weekend at a comedy roast special. The comedienne sees Logan's family enter, and lays into them about the sexual assault allegations on the cruise-line. Nan Pierce is at the back of the room and immediately leaves. Logan follows her out. [13]

While at Logan social event party Gerri corners Roman to confirm they are still planning on working together on their business relationship. Roman confirms he is still on board. Soon she and Frank call Logan and two of his children away to show off Sandy and Stewy's smear campaign. They decide to send the Roys to London for a meeting with everyone they can, including Logan's first wife Caroline Collingwood who holds 3% of the company. The next day, Caroline, Gerri, and Hugo are all on the phone in New York City talking to Logan and his children in London, England. The papers have picked up a story about Andrew Dodds. claiming that Logan struck the kid which caused him to later fall unconscious into the river, ultimately killing him. They confirm it is just a smear campaign put on by Sandy and Stewy. They all agreed it is a good decision for Logan to meet with the family. They will strategize their own media spin and photographer. They also confirm the family was aware of their son's drug use and it was a drug-related death. [14]

Gerri flies overseas with Logan and his family to Dundee, Scotland. While on the plane they discussed a whistleblower who was looking to expose the cruise-line scandal, and Logan agreed to offer him $5 million willing to go up to $10. Once at the hotel Roman and Gerri talk about their working future together, Roman proposes marriage before taking it back. The family had also planned to meet in fornt of Logan's childhood home, but he only showed up for a few moments before leaving. Before leaving, Gerri stops Shiv about the situation from the plane. Shiv gives permission for them to go up to $20 million against the whistleblower. That night at the party, Gerri finds Shiv during the party and brings her into a miniature company meeting. The group tells Shiv the whistleblower from earlier who still refuses $20 million. It appears he has every intention of going public. Shiv decided to wait and tell her dad tomorrow. Later, Logan makes his way to the stage and announces Rhea as his new successor. Much to the shock and surprise of everyone. [15]

Gerri’s, and 10 others are taking notes on the breaking news about the Cruice Line Scandle. Later, Rhea joins the party rather late, and after a quick appearance in a feeble attempt to rally the troops before leaving. Gerri comes with them to court the next day as well. [16]

After a stressfull few weeks at court, everyone takes a vacation on the yacht. While relaxing, Logan tells them to enjoy themselves and be ready for dinner soon. Everyone begins to question what he means. Knowing there is a scapegoat, Roman begin stirring the pot. Telling Gerri he thinks Frank will be the one to go, within earshot of Frank. The next day at breakfast Logan announces that someone needs to go because they need a blood sacrifice to give to the wolves. He doesn't say who, but asks for ideas on what to do, promising whoever did volunteer would be taken care of. Everyone tippy-toes about giving up another's name after theirs has been called. Someone suggests Gerri, but Logan confirms no one has ever been more important than her. Soon Logan breaks it up. That night at dinner Logan announces Ken will be the one taking the fall and going to prison. [17] A curious fact to know Gerri's inner life and personal interests: the book she is reading in the relax times in the yacht is the novel The lullaby of polish girls, by Dagmara Dominczyk, who is the actress behind Karolina.


  • Declined to be promoted to COO of Waystar Royco [1]
  • Gerri is Shiv's Godmother. [6]
  • Roman Roy and Gerri were in Japan together, visiting the workers from the shuttle explosion, before taking a press conference. [8]
  • Kendall Roy shop lifting is an open scret to Gerri, Logan, Shiv, Jess, and Colin. [11]
  • Got a new haircut [12]