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Frank Vernon
Frank Vernon.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Francis "Frank" Vernon
Title: Vice-Chairman of
Waystar Royco

Chief Operating Officer of
Waystar Royco (Former)

Current Location: New York, New York
United States of America
Affiliations: Waystar Royco (Formerly)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Status: Alive (Widowed)
Character Information
First appearance: Celebration
Portrayed by: Peter Friedman

Frank Vernon is Logan Roy’s longtime confidant and Vice-Chairman of Waystar Royco.

Early Life[]

Frank Vernon arrived to give Logan Roy legal advice 30 years ago, and never got out the door. Since that day, he was proud to call him a friend.

Season 1[]

Frank Vernon walks in with Kendall Roy for his final proposal with Lawrence Yee. There is a disagreement and the deal quickly falls apart. Later while trying to salvage the deal, Logan Roy gives Ken papers to sign as part of housekeeping, and they are still on track to announce him as the successor. That night, Logan is greeted by his entire family and introduces Greg Hirsch. Logan calls for a meeting with all his children. After dinner, they have their traditional game of baseball. The game ends and Logan fires Frank to replace him with Roman. Logan insists his four children ride in the helicopter with him, but ends up having a stroke. [1] Ken tries to give both Gerri and Frank the CEO position, however they both decline. [2]

Months later, the Vote Of No Confidence against Logan is approaching, Kendall and Roman must get all their ducks in a row to ensure they have the majority vote and meet with Frank and Gerri. Logan is ambushed with the vote but refuses to leave the room, strong-arming more people to vote with him, instead of his son Ken. Frank and a bunch of other people vote against Logan, but everyone else votes for him, including his son Roman. Logan stays and immediately fires everyone who voted against him. [3]

After being fired, Kendall and Frank meet with two young artists. Angela has an idea for a new app that would find and promote small artists to people with bigger pockets. After realizing Ken is clearly in it to make money, they drop them. Ken calls Frank to spread rumours about them and steals their idea. [4]

The Roy Family assembles at in England for Shiv and Tom’s wedding. Before the big party starts Ken has a walk with Frank to discuss what the Canadians think of him. Frank says it isn't very flattering. Later, Ken sees Frank and Gerri talking and becomes suspicious. Sensing the hostility, Gerri informs him they were discussing the first time they came to this castle over 30 years ago. Realizing he was being paranoid, Ken excuses himself. [5]

Season 2[]

Once in Hungary, Frank arrived at the million-dollar house to greet the rest of Waystar Royco. Kendall, Logan and, Frank have a quick meeting to discuss how taking over PGM would work. Followed by a quick safety meeting about guns. The group goes hunting for boar and soon shoot one for dinner.

Logan looking for their mole

Not long into dinner, Logan confronts his staff members, demanding to know who informed The Pierce Family he wanted to buy them. He also wants to know who talked to the woman trying to sell a book about him. He first insults Frank, demanding to know why he took his job back. Then Karl, before making him stand in the corner, followed by Tom and Greg. Logan then berates them and embarrasses them, and has everyone else join in. Ken discovers it was Roman who was going to take a sit-down with Naomi Pierce. Logan is furious, and Ken informs him, no one backs him on the PGM deal. Logan plans to go ahead with it anyways. The next morning at breakfast, Logan and Frank find out Moe who talked to Michelle Pantsil but passed away the night before. [6]

Kendall makes his first contact with Rhea Jarrell. He calls her on her personal number, he received from their mutual family-friend Frank. [7]

Frank and Nan hug

Logan gathers everyone to announce he's buying Pierce Media. But first, they are going to be spending the weekend with them. The family flies out to meet them, and Frank greets Nan Pierce. She clearly has some disdain about the whole thing and the two laugh about it. That night at dinner The question of who will succeed Logan comes up, and Shiv announces she will be taking over the company. Logan, in a spout of anger quickly shuts-down the conversation. An awkward silence ensues until Nan suggests everyone go for a walk. The next morning at breakfast Logan says the deal is off. The family leaves, but once they land at home, Tthe Pierce family has changed their mind.[8]

Shiv is shadowing Frank for the day. She is uninterested and leaves before he can stop her. Karolina brushes into Frank's office to inform him that the cruise-ship stories are about to make headlines. [9]

While at Logan event party Frank and Gerri call Logan and two of his children away. They show off Sandy and Stewy's smear campaign against them, and they all begin to strategize on what to do. Deciding to send the Roys to London and have meetings with everyone they can to ensure their support. [10]

Frank flies with Logan and his family to Dundee, Scotland. While on the plane they discussed a whistleblower who was looking to expose the cruise-line scandal, and Logan agreed to offer him $5 million, willing to go up to $10. A couple of days later at Logan surprise party, He and a small group collected by Gerri discuss what to do about the whistleblower. As he had immediately declined $20 million, and it would appear he was determined to expose everyone. Shiv made the call to tell her father the next day. [11]

Days later, the team are all taking notes on the breaking news about the Cruice Line Scandle. Later, Rhea joins the party rather late, and after a quick appearance in a feeble attempt to rally the troops, departs again. Frank is with them at court the next day as well. [12]

After a stressfull fe weeks of court, everyone retreats for a clm vacation on the megyacht. Logan randomly tells everyone to enjoy themselves and be ready for dinner. Everyone is slightly on edge at his comment. Frank, Connor and Willa begin to question what he means. Knowing there is a scapegoat, Roman begin stirring the pot. Telling Gerri he thinks Frank will be the one to go, within earshot of Frank. The next day at breakfast Logan announces that someone needs to go and they need a blood sacrifice to give to the wolves. He doesn't say who, but asks for ideas on what to do, promising whoever did volunteer would be taken care of. Everyone tippy-toes about giving up another's name after theirs has been called. Before a real argument starts, Logan breaks it up. Telling everyone it's enough conversation. That night at dinner everyone's gathered around and Logan announces that Ken will be taking the fall and going to prison. [13]