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Ewan Roy
Ewan Roy.jpg
Biographical Information
Real Name: Ewan Roy
Title: Ranch Owner
Born: 1937
Originally From: Dundee, Scotland
Current Location: Canada
Parents: Unnamed Father †

Helen Roy
Raised by his Aunt †
Uncle Noah †

Siblings: Logan Roy (Brother)

Rose Roy(Sister)

Family: Gregory Hirsch (Grandson)

Connor Roy (Nephew)
Kendall Roy (Nephew)
Roman Roy (Nephew)
Siobhan Roy (Niece)
Rava Roy (Niece-In-Law)
Iverson Roy (Grandnephew)
Sophie Roy (Grandniece)

Children: Marianne Roy (Daughter)
Affiliations: Waystar Royco

The Roy Family

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 6'7
Status: Alive (Widowed)
Character Information
First appearance: I Went to Market
Portrayed by: James Cromwell

Ewan Roy is the estranged brother of Logan Roy and grandfather of Greg Hirsch, who resides in Canada.

Early Life[]

Ewan Roy is the older brother of Logan Roy, and was born into humble circumstances in Dundee, Scotland, before the Second World War. Ewan and Logan grew up in poverty with their younger sister, Rose. Their widowed mother decided to send them to be raised in Quebec, Canada. There they were raised by Uncle Noah with a print shop and a few advertising billboards, and an aunt with a herd of cattle.

Logan has claimed their Uncle Noah was ill-tempered and viciously abusive. Whether or not this is true has never been commented on or contested by Ewan. If it is true, it's presumable that he would have been abused the same way his brother had been. Their sister Rose died young, and although the exact circumstances of her death aren't confirmed, Ewan has been seen telling Logan that Rose's death was not his fault. Logan blames himself for Rose's death, but Ewan seems to hold no grudge with Logan for what happened to Rose, which seems significant considering he appears to take exception with almost everything else Logan says or does.

Fifty years ago Ewan volunteered for the war and went to Vietnam. He was one of 30,000 Canadians who fought communism in Vietnam. Although Ewan says his reasons for enlisting were patriotic, Logan belittles him, saying he only did it to impress a local girl. Although Logan says Ewan never saw action and was only ever on Kitchen Duty, the war seems to have some effect on Ewan, who is disgusted by Logan's collection of war medals and believes they should be given back to the families of the soldiers.


Ewan is the moral, political, and theological opposite of his brother Logan. He is staunchly anti-capitalist, anti-corporation, and pro-environment. He harbors a deep hatred of Logan's business and political practices, telling his grandson Greg that he believes Logan is "morally bankrupt" and is "more responsible for the death of this planet than any other single human being."

Family seems to be very important to Ewan. For example: Although he despises Logan's moral values, he seems to still show a small sense of loyalty to him purely as a brother. He also is shown giving his grandson Greg multiple opportunities and trying to help him several times, even though he deeply disapproves of Greg working at Waystar Royco. This affection only seems to extend to immediate family members: He seems disgusted by the rest of the Roy family and in particular shows very little affection for Logan's children, his own niece and nephews, referring to them as "a nest of vipers". On Thanksgiving when Kendall asks Ewan if he would be willing to vote against Logan in a Vote of No Confidence, Ewan tells Kendall that his loyalty remains with his brother, even after the two had just had an explosive fight moments earlier. He also makes an effort to show up to the Vote of No Confidence to side with Logan. It may be difficult to understand Ewan's complicated feelings for Logan, whom he defends even after declaring that he may potentially even be "worse than Hitler".

Ewan is difficult to read and may come off as cold. Although he and Logan can be considered equally stubborn, he is more humorless than his brother, rarely smiling or offering kind words. He is steadfast to his morals and values, telling Greg that if he does not stop working for Waystar Royco that he would take away his $250 million dollar inheritance. In Season 3 he does in fact take it away, instead donating it to Greenpeace.

Season 1[]

Ewan was invited from Canada for American Thanksgiving by Marcia Roy. His grandson Greg Hirsch made the long 12-hour journey to pick him up, as he doesn't like to fly. Upon his arrival, they promptly got in the car, where Ewan insists they drive in silence the rest of the way, wanting his grandson to focus on his driving. [1]

Upon arriving at his brother's house, Ewan is kindly greeted by Logan's third wife and children. The two brothers have a cold exchange, but sit down to dinner with each other at a long table all the same. They mainly ignore each other for the rest of dinner.

Before dessert is served, Ewan comes in the room to find Logan explaining his medals to Willa Ferreyra. All bought and paid for. They get into a heated argument, and Logan makes fun of him, insisting he only joined the Vietnam War to impress a girl in their town. Ewan is furious at his brother, who has never served a day in his life. Upon storming out he runs into his grandson Greg and insisted they start the 12-hour journey home right away. Greg had just got back from something and asks if he can eat first. Marcia said she can make arrangements for someone else to drive him, and Ewan agrees. [1]

Greg has dinner with his grandfather, Ewan who is still in town. He tries to get out of eating the very unappetizing food, but his grandfather insists he eats all of it. He also informs Greg he is in town for The Vote of no Confidence. He says he doesn't have any intention of informing his brother beforehand and suggests his grandson stay out of it as well. [2]

Logan's ambushed with the vote but refuses to leave the room. Strong-arming more people to vote with him, instead of his son, Ken. Frank Vernon and a bunch of other people vote against Logan, but everyone else votes for him, including his brother. Logan stays and immediately fires everyone who voted against him, including his son, Ken. [2]

Season 2[]


Ewan found his younger brother Logan outside one of his high-tech print shops. He was accompanied by his grandson Greg Hirsch when confronting his brother. Logan mentioned seeing a bird, and Ewan informed his grandson that Logan always used to lie about the birds he would see. He would write them down in a book and Ewan would cross out the ones he thought were lies. Afterwards, he informed Gregory that if he did not quit Logan's destructive company he would be cut off from his last will and testament. He would give his 250 million cut to Greenpeace.[3]

Despite his dislike of his brother Ewan still showed up at Logan's 50th business anniversary. He once again asked his grandson if he had handed in his resignation, but Gregory insisted he was still trying to work it out in his head.

Before his brother went on stage to reveal his plaque, Ewan confronted him once again about his destructive company that was failing the environment. Logan, in turn said the company was Ewan's meat ticket.[3]


  • Ewan Roy served in the Canadian Armed Forces and fought in the Vietnam War.
  • If Ewan Roy volunteered to join the Vietnam War, and Logan didn't, then they were both probably living in Canada between 1955 – 1963. (The war ended in 1975) As they would have been too young when the war started in 1955, and by 1963, Logan wouldn't have been an ideal candidate at 25 years old. [1]
  • Both Logan Roy and Ewan Roy were British Citizens and then became Canadian citizens.
  • Logan Roy and Ewan Roy are from Dundee, Scotland and left home at 4 and 5. [3]
  • Ewan says his fortune amounts to about $250 million.
  • Ewan threatened to cut Greg out of his will if he did not quit his job at Waystar Royco. [3]
  • Ewan is 6'7 inches tall, making him the same height as Greg.