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Season 2, Episode 6
Air date September 15, 2019
Written by Susan Soon He Stanton
Directed by Matt Shakman
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Tern Haven




Logan's plans to finalize the purchase of the Pierce family's television stations and papers are threatened by a deal from an unexpected quarter; Tom frets over ATN's new slogan in the wake of news from Greg; Kendall, Shiv, and Roman argue.


Waiting inside the plane

The company's jet is suspended in the air and has been circling for an hour. They, along with many other billionaires are all waiting to land at the same airport. The entire team is waiting to arrive at the world conference in Argestes. Logan demands more information about The Pierce Family settlement and what's taking so long. Kendall agrees to go in and talks down to the other side of the plane, demanding more, better and faster results.

Shiv is still in New York and shadowing Frank for the day. She is uninterested and leaves before he can stop her. She is passed by Karolina who brushes into Frank's office to inform him that the cruise ship stories are about to make headlines.

The Roy Family finally arrives at the conference, and soon meet up with Tom and Gregory. Greg is excited to have possibly touched Bill Gates. Logan is talking to them when he sees Sandy Furness across the room. He uses them as cover to discuss him and their ongoing lawsuit. They are interrupted, as Colin ushers Logan, Gerri, and Ken into another room. They are informed a magazine has been tipped off about the cruise-line scandal and is going to publish it within 36 to 48 hours. They get on a conference call with Shiv, and all begin discussing what to do. Ken says they go at them hard and fast and leads them into thinking they have nothing and threatening to sue. Shiv thinks they should go for a much less aggressive approach and cooperate with the magazine before they bury them. Logan decides to go with Ken’s idea, and the two agreed they need to get the Pierce family contracts all wrapped up sooner rather than later. They also agree they need a white knight, and Gerri suggests Roman, while Logan asks Shiv to fly down.

Problem with the speech

Gregory runs through the rain to find Tom, who'd been enjoying his tour group guide through the waterfalls. Greg informs him that the quote they wanted to use to address public-outcry over the cruise of “we're listening” was no longer a valid option because it turns out in the contracts Waystar Royco actually was listening. They debate on changing it to “we hear you” but think it has the equal amount of illegal shadiness behind it.

Aware the cruise-line story is about to hit the internet, Logan tells his wife Marcia things might get nasty, and she's going to hear some awful things in the media. She reminds him she's with him no matter what, and she knows who he is.

Roman setting up plans

Gerri finds Roman and informs him, he needs to secure a position with Eduard Asgarov because things are happening in the company right now and they are facing uncertainty. Roman reluctantly agrees. That night he finds Eduard in the bathroom after following him in. Eduard agrees to give them money if their media company agrees to quietly propaganda about his home country Azerbaijan and the city of Baku. Roman, again reluctantly agrees. He later asked Gerri how legal that was for him to do, but she isn't too worried about it. Roman also propositions Gerri that they should work together more. Insinuating she is brilliant, but no one pays attention to her, she needs him because he's willing to be the loudmouth rockstar.

Logan wants to sign the Pierce family agreement and asks Rhea Jarrell what's taking so long. She assures him that Nan is flying in for them to have private conversations with. They are both aware of the cruise ship scandal and want to get the deal over and done with. Meanwhile, Kendall makes a quick visit with his old friends Stewy and tells him to distancing himself from Waystar Royco because something big is going to go down.

Shiv shows up that night to find Tom flirting. She informs him more about the situation with the cruise-lines and Tom is worried they are going to scapegoat him. The trail started with Moe who was involved, Bill helped cover things up, and Tom was in charge for the last couple of months. Even having Greg shred documents. Shiv assures him, he will be fine.

When bad news breaks

Nan and Rhea finally arrives and have breakfast with Logan and Ken. They are trying to subtly rush the agreement and even inform the ladies they have papers to sign in the other room, but Nan declines to have breakfast first. Unfortunately, Ken finds out the story has broken, and the two quickly make their exits to do re-con. In a private room, Logan has the article printed and brought to him, while everyone scans it on their phone. The magazine didn't like how they were being treated, claiming the Roys were bullying them and have decided to move the story up. The magazine claims Moe asked dancers for sex in order to keep their contracts renewed for the following year. One girl declined and was fired, and blacklisted from other events. Roman arrives and all the kids disagree on how this looks. They ask Shiv to be on the panel, but she says she's not involved. Gerri also declines thinking it will send a bad message to have a lawyer speaking. They decide on Roman and Ken.

Everyone makes their way across the court, while Logan is informed how many people are canceling on him. Ken tells Jess to hang back when he sees Stewy approaching. He has some harsh words for Ken, but the two both continue walking. Logan sits down to have lunch but vomits while Shiv and Gerri cover for him. A possible combination of the situation along with that altitude sickness he'd been feeling.

Shiv reluctantly meets with Rhea to discuss what's going on with the Pierce family. She admits she wants the deal to go through because it would make for a good paycheque. Rhea also convinces Shiv she'd be good to be on the panel, and Shiv agrees.

Shiv wants in

Not long before presentation Shiv shows up to tell her family she wants in on the panel. Everyone argues and they try to knock Roman off. Gerri shakes her head indicating Roman fight to stay on. Logan eventually decides all three of them will go on the panel together. They are waiting behind curtains while Tom finishing up his speech. Greg is in the audience and claps for his friend.

All three are on stage and Shiv and Kendall dominate the conversation. Roman says very little, all while Logan and Marcia are watching in the audience. Shiv acknowledges that this is very serious while also repeating it happened a long time ago, while Kendall says these accusations are horrible and they will be dealing with them swiftly. Shiv makes a joke about her father being a dinosaur, as times are changing. After the conference, they all get into a fight, where Roman makes another smart-aleck comment only to be struck in the face by his dad. Knocking out a tooth. Ken immediately stands up for his brother, yelling at his father to never do that again.

Breaking away from the deal

They finish off the weekend at a comedy roast special. The comedian sees Logan's family enter, and lays into them about the sexual assault allegations on the cruise-line. Nan Pierce is at the back of the room and immediately leaves. Logan follows her out with Rhea. He asks if everything is all great and if the deal is still good to go. She says it's not and fires Rhea. Nan accuses Rhea of working against her and she no longer wants any part of it. Logan loses his temper and follows her out to her car yelling at her to come back.


Logan Roy: If I find some tech fuck gets landed before us, I'm gonna kill 'em.

Computer Guy: Everyone's spread pretty thin.
Kendall Roy: It's not fucking good enough. You're fucking me here. I'm making good faith fucking assessments to my father, and you're making me look like a hack, and I will not have it. Stop sucking each other off back here, and get fucking on it. You pour the shit I'm = pouring on you on your fucking minions, and you ride them. I don't care. 24 hours, rolling shifts, crack the fuckin' whip. Everything you're doing is fucking bullshit, and I'm very disappointed in you. I swear to God, I will fucking fire you if you keep monkeying around

Tom Wambsgans: Hey, my Sherpa, what's cookin'?
Greg Hirsch: Yeah, just, uh just Might've just touched Bill Gates.
Tom Wambsgans: Ooh.

Gerri Killman: I don't know what the world is gonna look like in 36 hours.

Shiv Roy: But if we took a position of "fuck it"



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